Open source, cross-platform Swift game engine released by STREGAsGate

And it claims to have rendering and many other features cross platform
AND cross platform in Swift is not just macOS,iOS, tvOS, wand watchOS
Its actually Mac, Windows, Linux etc

neat !

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When Xcode can do WIndows as well as macOS, iOS, tvOS and visionOS, THEN I might be interested

Always very good to learn about news and it sounds exciting. But single indie developer. At least 2 supporters on Patreon, but probably difficult to keep up with the following, which are already cross-platform.

or Unity, working already for tvOS

What I find most interesting is that these system/engines ARE now starting to include UI of some sort :slight_smile:

3d rudimentary ui isn’t real ui or in other words: far away from usable ui for business applications. And like jeannot said: one Developer. Something really dangerous to use.

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From what I can tell… Swift requires a differnt tool chain for each platform, making it impoosible to build one code base (sure some code can be shared)… But the only thing those platforms have in common (today) is the syntax and grammar… nothing else

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That would then not be real XPLat programming if you would ask me, for sure. On Mac: unbeatable good. No question. But not made for other platforms.

I thought always the other platforms are using a lket me say similar toolchain. But I forgot rhat in the Apple universe everything is done with XCode (okay, even for compiling Coedanemeone Files you need xcode to compile for MacOS, IOS, WatchOS and TVOS platforms for sure).

So the dream of Xplatform Swift ends up at this point I guess. And again: when I have to write a program only used in Apple universe, swift is my favorite development platform/language/toolchain/ecosystem. But I can’t see it really on other platforms while it is deeply connected to all Apple Stuff behind. All the neat functionality would be not available on Windows / Linux / Unix / Rtos / Android. And that would not help anybody in case of Cross Platform Development.

The other side is: it would be a dream when and if, like you wrote already, Xcode would be available on / for all the other platforms also and therefore Swift would be native usable on this platforms. Right Idea for it. I doubt that Apple will even think one second about it.