WOOHOO! 6 Months suspension … 😂

In a thread about bugs in Xojo I pointed out that many have asked for bug fix only releases, and that Xojo introduces bugs faster than they fix them (with the appropriate data being shown to prove my point).

Post deleted almost immediately.

Send a private message to the original poster (and one other who commented to me in a pm)

6 months suspension.

Now they wouldn’t, would they?

Is it me or are they panicking?

6 months only??? not 2000 years??

You are right. Should I feel offended??? :thinking:

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T’was a well earned suspension albeit long overdue. Try harder next time, maybe you will join the ranks the other martyrs. permanently suspended users.

It wasn’t a thread about bugs though, that thread was about someone asking why the whole list of feedback cases isn’t shown. /shrug

Which was ignored by three different Xojo staff: Dana, Geoff, and Alyssa.

Well, it’s interesting that Geoff won’t reply on the forums.

Screen Shot 2021-11-09 at 4.59.53 PM


As conversations so often do it did diverge from the original narrow question of why Xojo says you can see the 100 top items in Feedback but in reality it is only 20. No one ever did respond to that.

That Markus was suspended for posting observable data is … whatever

Xojo does themselves no favours by reliably reacting in such a predictably repressive manner

The term “self-fulfilling prophecy” seems suitable

Sigh, Xojo the toy company :cry:

Its hard to see a fall like this in realtime…

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It I more than that. Behind the scenes Xojo is selling for new users and not concentrating on existing pro users. That everybody can see. Why? While it is simpler to sell to users which have no deep knowledge and will not reach to the end points of the language. There is a wide range of really interesting decisions if you would looks as pro. If you would look from marketing point you would realize that selling with new features and with ability of programming everything on this planet makes newbies to say wow. It is like this animal:

which was used for Volkswagen making people believe that they can clean the Diesel to 100 percent.

Xojo wants to show that they are the middle of technological way you can go. In truths they aren’t.

There’s gonna be more suspensions and bans after r3 comes out I bet.

I had 5 some days ago. And sometimes I get one who disappears after some hours (or days).

I never know why (most of the time); but I suspect one guy to not liking my answers, so I stopped.


Based on some of the initial reactions in the testers channel, yes :open_mouth:


It’s amazing how Web, iOS, prob Android, are all messed up with API 2.0 and now Desktop is about to be API 2.0’d.

Desktop is the only ‘mostly’ safe space. Or at least for today.

Not for long…

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Markus, is that your first suspension?

I expected they accelerate and start with a day, then a week and later a month…

Well my 1st was 1000 years…

My first was also a bit longer…1000 years