WOOHOO! 6 Months suspension … 😂

the show where everything’s made up and the points don’t matter

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It may not be the first suspension for Markus.
But I don’t know the details.

That’s why Geoff and other xojo staff won’t answer questions in the forums. You have to call them every time you have a problem. I can only guess this is in order to not have anything in print.

4th - with the threat that the next could be permanent. I suspect that after 6 months my transition away from Xojo will be complete so they are actually helping me with that …

Also started with 1000 years.

Does anyone think they come out with a new version soon so they have time to fix the biggest bugs before the holidays in another standard emergency bug fix? Or is it going to be next year …? Doesn’t sound like it is in a releasable state so … :innocent:

Markus, what are using these day??

I’m guessing there will be at least one version before Christmas
Possibly US thanksgiving ???
It just seems plausible with the length of time since 2021r2’s release to now

As for emergency fixex lord knows what folks will find once a new version ships and what response Xojo will have

Haven’t quite made up my mind if I use B4 (basically - HA! - a BASIC wrapper for Java, so easier but less powerful, think Xojo and Swift) or go straight for Java. Currently dabbling with both.

112 days is not uncommon for Xojo - the longest was 260 days until 2020 R1 came out …

That I remember: a Release without Bug Fixes but Renaming of commands, new Web Interface with half of the functionality…

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Since US companies like to go on holiday for the Thanksgiving week. Projects may get pushed out before that.

And then as they wrote in the newsletter, that Android is nearly completion, I would expect we see that in r1 early next year.

:grin: How many times (a year) the last half of a decade have we heard that one


… completion is such a big word … and Xojo is so small … :roll_eyes:

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You know American companies and their minimal viable product.
Like Apple decided to ship 1.0 iPhones without copy & paste.

Interesting, I always though it was three strikes and you’re out. I guess they’ve changed that as they probably needed the ability to instantly fully ban someone. Lucky Markus, you don’t have to hang up your stirring spoon yet :wink:

I guess Xojo thinks iOS is completed too. Muahahahaha.

Edit: Web too!

Well, Markus has now been in stir enough times that <dated_movie_reference> Steve McQueen will play him in the movie </dated_movie_reference> :slight_smile:

Edit: “The Great Escape”, not “Papillon” :slight_smile:

This is really the only thing that really makes me wary about Xojo, and I’ve been around a long time. If folks want to hide from discussions about bugs that’s fine with me. It’s when they want to hide the discussion from me that gets my ire up


Precisely why INN was started

And Xojo is curious about what goes on here (and on the INN Discord Discord link expired - #2 by HalGumbert)

@alyssa has a login here and posted several times
And we know they read - anonymously or otherwise

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To me a Minium Viable Product = Maximum Vexing Product!

Anytime you try to use one for something non-trivial, you run into a lot of roadblocks!!!



Dont they usually rush something to sell it on the black friday?