WOHOO! "New" Xojo Roadmap!

Geoff Perlmann carpetbagging on the livecode forum speaks volumes about the man.
His own forum doesn’t allow a squeak about other tools.


Geoff Perlmann carpetbagging on the livecode forum speaks volumes about the man

…and about their current situation, as no healthy business operator would do this under anything but dire circumstances.

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Honestly, I dont wish them to face the fate they have seen fit to craft for themselves, I would love a redemption, everybody loves a good atonement and recovery … but he just keeps on digging deeper, and deeper.

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The irony is funny


Even @DaveS? Perhaps he has not stated it like that, but when I read some things he writes, I feel it being very close. Just my feeling; I’ll wait for him to answer, if he wants to.

Granted. Focus back at things that worked first. Once the core product gets strong and popular again, then they might think about expanding Xojo capabilities (and worker teams).

It’s still unclear (to me at least) what’s their strategy with that. Is it to harmonise code in the long run?
Then perhaps it’ll be worth the move, one day…

The only things missing in the MBS plugin is an IDE and a compiler. :wink:

I have some projects already running on desktop that I want to port to mobile devices (personal use), thus Android support is something I’m awaiting a lot.
Not all expectations are tied to making money.

Sorry to read that. Have you spotted the reason behind this?

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That’s really all I want. Fix the damn IDE. Make Help Text work right, which it hasn’t since RealStudio.

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Sad. I express my sympathy to you.
Hoping a treatment will become available as soon as possible.

And it’s nice you can still communicate, e.g. on this forum :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you. It’s nice to be part of the community again. I just received a prescription for a new medication today, Maybe it will help, maybe not. I also discussed with him an experimental treatment that could reduce the pain level somewhat, but he may not be able to prescribe the drug. We also need to see what my health insurance will cover. So there’s still a little hope.

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+1 :wink:

Fingers crossed…

Thanks. My first attempt with the new medication was only a mild to moderate success, but that may be partly because of my not being able to get away from a bad trigger — the noise from workmen hammering on my roof. It’s not like there’s many places I could go to get away from the noise for an extended period of time during the pandemic — malls and movie theaters are not great choices now. I’ll try the medication on another day without hammering to see if it works better. Unfortunately, even if it works, I doubt that it will be available to me. My insurance likely won’t cover it since it’s so new, and it costs $100 US per pill.

The US healthcare system is a complete joke. $100 per pill is just ridiculous.


Out of curiosity, which medication is this?
Some off-patent medication sold in the US are vastly overpriced compared to other countries (insulin is a prime example), some are under patent and companies can charge whatever they want and some are genuinely extremely expensive to produce.
Can give u a comparator for prices in the UK, which will largely reflect the price in many other countries - at the end of the day if it’s helpful it may work out cheaper to take a vacation abroad and procure a supply :wink:

Sorry about the slow response. I’m back in MigraineLand.

The medication is Ubrelvy, which is new and under patent. Luckily, I just changed my insurance’s prescription plan to one that will cover it. Just waiting to receive the plan ID number before I can use it. I’ll be seeing my neurologist again in a few weeks and will see if they really let me get the pills.

I don’t know if you’ve had anyone look at your teeth in relation to migraines? My brother had years of constant migraines when he was in his early 20’s. He had his wisdom teeth out, they seemed ok at the time but they cleared up his migraines almost over night.

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Thanks - admittedly not my field but had to look up this drug as had never heard of it. In fact it’s so new it’s not licenced/avaialble in the UK.

Good excuse to read up some new developments in fields unrelated to mine, so thanks! Trials on calcitonin gene related peptides from the last couple of years do look promising - hope you find this helpful!

Teeth cause a lot of problems that I wouldn’t expected. My wife had ear ache for a long time, turned out to be her teeth and not her ear.

jaw/teeth possible issue
lookup tmj

We’ll, I do also have TMJ problems, although it’s not treatable (a study group of dentists discussed my case and concluded that only very invasive jaw surgery would help), its effects can be can be reduced. There’s also at present a big difference between TMJ pain and migraine facial pain in terms of location (possibly because TMJ problems more likely hit the mandibular branch of the trigeminal nerve, while migraines hit the ophthalmic and maxillary branches more), Also, the migraines have many, many more neurological symptoms than pain alone due to the multiple neural pathways they impact. (Sorry, reverting back into neuroscience teacher mode).

But thank you all for your thoughts.