WOHOO! "New" Xojo Roadmap!


Have you seen the updated Xojo roadmap?

Order Item Description
1 iOS Notifications service for Xojo Cloud The ability to easily setup iOS notifications from your Xojo Cloud server.
2 PDF support on iOS The ability to render PDFs in iOS apps.
3 New Desktop controls with API 2 events Availability of desktop controls with improved consistency. Not required to use, just made available.
4 New documentation system Documentation available in an updated, modern format.
5 Android The ability to build native apps that run on Android devices.
6 ARM64 for Linux The ability to build ARM64 apps for Linux.
7 IDE Navigation Changes to the Xojo IDE to make navigating your projects faster, easier and more intuitive.
8 Easy Database Connectivity The ability to quickly connect database tables to your app’s user interface and get data in and out.
9 Interops - iOS Easy access iOS SDK calls.
10 Plugins made in Xojo The ability to write plugins in Xojo for Xojo.

I’m sure Xojo got their priorities … :man_facepalming::exploding_head:

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Well, let’s see.

  1. Nice to have, but you can do that with a php/python script, I think.
  2. PDFKit & CGPDFDocumentMBS classes can do that on iOS as well as our DynaPDF classes. Also you can do this via declares with CoreGraphics APIs already.
  3. I fear we run into another shit storm. I don’t like having all desktop controls prefixed. And I hope they have a menu command to update a selected window to new classes and rename events/methods if needed.
  4. New wiki may be good to better find stuff. I currently prefer the local help as it is easier for me to navigate.
  5. No idea when this will be ready to use. If I remember last update, there is plenty of work to do. But I still hope for an XDC surprise where Geoff can demo it and say available to test today.
  6. We build LinuxARM64 plugins here for about 2 years now. We are ready to try those.
  7. IDE enhancements are very welcome. I still need a fixed back button and working history.
  8. Easy Database Connectivity. We’ll see how great or limited this will be. But automatic class generation for databases like what Bob Keeney had in this classes is nice. I hope to be able to drive it via plugin for our SQL connectivity, too.
  9. That used to be Android, macOS and iOS, now listed as iOS only. Android should be easy as you can easily introspect all the Java classes.
  10. Those should not be called plugin, but library to differentiate. See my blog post about those.

…my first reply to ifnotnil.com.

The presentation of, and the information conveyed by Xojo’s Roadmap does little to inform a developer’s decision to invest further time and/or licence fees into the Xojo Platform.

In fact, as a developer if you observe shifting priorities and surprise inclusions in a roadmap, something is usually amiss.

I took the liberty of representing the roadmap by product stream. It may help others to view the roadmap from a different perspective. My perceptions (rightly or wrongly) are listed in the final column.

Observably, Windows has no priority. Observably, Web 2.0 has achieved perfection.

Kind regards, Andrew


Well, for Web 2 they add new features every release. That is an iterative process with small steps.

I would think the Web 2.0 slowness and memory leaks would get at least a top 10 priority…


Love the “perceived developer priority” in the chart.

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Improved IDE Navigation is a win for all users. Although we won’t see it until it’s mostly already done and lord knows if it’s really an improvement or not. And by the time we see it we won’t be able to change their direction. Maybe the MVP’s can help but I’m not holding my breath.

Database Integration is a win for most business developers. These people will pay money for good features.

Android is a new target that I doubt will attract new developers to Xojo. And we have no idea how long it will be before it’s usable.

New desktop controls with API 2 events. If they do it right and not fck with existing code then good. If not it’ll be a shtstorm. Might be a win for all users if it’s truly new controls and not just all of the existing controls with API 2 naming standards.

ARM64 for Linux: yawn

Interops for iOS: yawn unless you happen to be using Xojo to develop iOS apps. Then it’s a big win.

Plugins made in Xojo: Only important to a few developers.

I am sure that is what at least 80-90% of them will be … and initially fairly buggy.

As you can only do what you could do in Xojo anyway, and with the same performance, why would this be a big deal anyway? Is it because encrypted classes are not secure enough for sale and/or to save a little compile time?


I pushed for “Easy Database Connectivity” with the hope that Xojo could pick up FileMaker developers unhappy with pricing increases at FMI/Claris if Xojo could add db aware controls.

Now I’m embarrassed I tried to get FileMaker peeps interested in Xojo.

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When it was first talked about I thought it might be great to make something like Formatted Text Control as a Xojo plugin rather than a set of a lot of encrypted classes. Packaging becomes easier. End user integration might be easier. But I don’t see this as being a big deal to the overall community.

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Don’t be embarrassed. Xojo has a lot of things to like. It’s unfortunate that it’s run by someone who doesn’t understand what he has and doesn’t understand how to attract new (and paying) developers.


I really look forward to this.
A couple of smaller computers (like RaspberryPi) use (or will use) 64-bit, so supporting that from Xojo is great thing. Especially if Xojo can be one of the first tools in the market to do that.

Also we can use that with AWS as they have ARM servers, which cost less than the Intel ones.

This is the only thing on this list that would get me interested in renewing my license. And, in case people are wondering, the Raspberry PI is not the only ARM Linux box out there. :slight_smile:

Ubuntu Desktop for Rasp-Pi is 64bit only.


We all know at this point that it is based on the opinion of ONLY ONE PERSON who knows what is best and what everyone needs :roll_eyes: so… yea, it will be another change, it will be different but, not sure about an improvement :expressionless:

This was clear, they are the SAME controls, just with different class names and API 2 events. When they finally reverted the changes of the renamig fiasco because that broke lots of existing 3rd party code an caused lots of problems, they said that the solution was to have new Api 2.0 controls

Just look at the documentation for the only API 2.0 control this days:


The new SegmentedButton replaces SegmentedControl. You cannot just change the Super of a SegmentedControl to SegmentedButton, however. You will need to add a SegmentedButton and move your code over to events as appropriate.

I love love this chart. Clicking the heart was insufficient. I would click it several more times. Thanks for the visualization.

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Isn’t it uncommon now for there to be 32-bit versions of Linux? I remember I was going to try to put Linux on an old PC that was 32-bit and there wasn’t much out there…

Ubuntu is my go-to these days.

one client has given up waiting for this so we wrote our own data binding for controls that uses a model much like ADO
its already up & running - read and write

I’m a new and paying developer who loves the product having suffered with FileMaker and their ridiculous pricing strategy for the past 5 years. Xojo has a lot going for it - it’s not perfect but nothing ever really is.

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No one expects perfect
They do expect bugs will get a priority higher than “none”
Features rule the roadmap and most releases - and bugs languish