Who wants to use Java for Development

I am asking my self about this question while I am planning to do a tutorial series. But that makes sense only when there are enough people for the topics otherwise it is wasting of time. So I am asking to get your opinion about Java and changing from Xojo to Java.

I am very interested… especially the one compare Xojo and Java.

I’m undecided where I go next … Java is one of the options …

The same was for me when I was deciding to go to Java with the Device-Software Development. I have a question: are developing more Desktop, mobile or Web?

I am doing mostly desktop for now but want to make it integrate with mobile and web too…


I am interested in seeing how the entire Java ecosystem works compared to Qt, for both desktop and mobile. Not that interested in web.

Hi, I was long time interested in CodenameOne for Mobile as it is coming with a Build service. But I switched at the End to Gluon. I will provide a Tutorial for Gluon Mobile for Android and IOS developed and compiled on MACOS with Gluon Plugin and IntelliJIdea IDE. Hope it will fit your needs together with the Desktop Stuff.

very keen to see where java could fit in, especially mobile/web, but desktop too.

Java Desktop can be done in Java Swing (the simplest way). Just use the IntelliJIdea IDE (Community Edition is for free and allowed for commercial use) and JFormdesigner (50 Bucks per year) and Desktop can be done in an absolute professional way cross platform.

For IOS and Android I prefere GLUON Mobile. it is JavaFX, the Design for both platforms is done with Scenebuilder from Gluon, from Mac you can compile from the same sources to IOS and Android.

Web is a different animal. I am using Cuba Project for Web Applications but it needs much time for coming into it. If done you can write Web Applications even for really big loads without any problem. But, like I said: it needs time to get into.

a question that might be obvious to everyone, but not me, I am about to get an M1 Mac mini, is there anything java that’s able to do native on there yet? and will the tools you talk about, run on there at the moment.

define “native” :slight_smile:
java runs everywhere because the only thing that needs to be “native” is the java runtime
once thats ported everything else that is written in java just works

and there are java runtimes for M1 based mac’s

ok, definition of native, it runs code without needing rosetta, I don’t care very much about ‘native’ controls, that’s not really important, to me at least, BUT I know that’s a different other ball game of conversation.

your answer seems… the answer, thank you.

Azul Openjdk is native. Running a jar File on a native jdk makes the jar running native. That’s why Java is so nice in my eyes.

Although there’s a lot to like about the jvm I’m not keen on Java syntax, I think it’s ugly and verbose. My inclination would be to use JRuby rather than Java directly. Although I haven’t looked into it deeply on the face of it it looks like that would give the option of JRuby for desktop, Ruby-on-Rails for web and RhoMobile for mobile.

Then you can use B4J, all the benefits of java, with the syntax of basic :grinning:

Python is a nice language and evidently it can also run on the JVM.

Linky: https://www.jython.org/

I haven’t tried it but I use python for data science so it’s on my list of potential alternatives. If anyone has tried it, I’d really appreciate feedback (positive or negative).

I use Jython for embedded scripting. Not as programming language for Desktop-, Mobile- or Web Applications. The Goal is that I can use all written application classes for all platforms and that I can use the same Guy for Desktop, IOS, Android and Ambedded with Gluon

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and non of the benefits of Mac sadly, makes it unusable for me

What you mean with benefits of Mac?