Who’s looking forwards to XDC online?

I’m guessing we might see some of Xojo Inc’s sessions go up on YouTube tomorrow. Anyone excited? I’m very curious to see the Web 2.0 demo and I’m crossing my fingers for an iOS API 2.0 preview…

Me. Me. Me. !!!

That’s why I wanted the Web category I mentioned earlier :slight_smile:

Whilst we all moan about Xojo I do wish them well. I’m looking forwards to Web 2.0. I suspect it’ll be no good for animation which would be great for me but hopefully I can use it to make a better custom blogging engine with MarkdownKit.

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I like Xojo, I’m not smart enough to get my head around other languages.

I have a massive project I want to do on web so I’m very excited to see what comes.

To be honest… I might take a look, but “excited”? not really? not even overly interested if truth be told. I’m still disillusioned at the state of things to the point, I check the other forum like once every day or two, where before I was there almost constantly… heck I am (was) the 5th highest poster… but for now, I am putting all my effort into Swift… Xojo and company has a LOT of work to do if they ever expect to see my money again… maybe harsh, but that is the reality

Anxious for Web 2.0 ?
not at all - literally could not care less
not one of my projects has used web anything despite me trying to push at least one client that direction
So I’m not really anxious

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I’m guessing anxious is a typo and you meant excited?

I did a poll in a Facebook group I run. I described an app I have planned and asked who wanted web vs desktop vs mobile.
It was 80%+ in favour of web, over 7000 respondents.

I have a bunch of ideas for web apps that I can’t be bothered to make with PHP but would consider doing with Xojo if 2.0 is an order of magnitude more capable and more responsive than 1.0. It needs to deal with more synchronous clients than 1.0. I forget the current usable limit (it’s server size and power dependent) but a PHP app can handle perhaps hundreds of synchronous users at once on a $5/month server.

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Oh there’s no doubt that web works well for a lot of stuff
Just for ME in my current situation and the kinds of things I’m working on Web is not viable and so I dont give a rat about Web 2.0 :slight_smile:

Since web 2.0 is going to ba all stand alone (I think based on what they said earlier) and Xojo is cooperatively threaded I’m not sure what to expect in terms of how many users it can handle
PHP will probably still handle more concurrent clients

Has anyone at Xojo actually given any kind of date for “XDC online” or any announcements etc ???

Well, seems Christian decided to go ahead, which could indicate coordination is somewhat lacking …

… and I heard from another presenter who seemed unaware of that announcement that he hadn’t heard anything from Xojo.

go figure :slight_smile:

:thinking: How long till they notice something amiss on the official forum? :sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:

I dont think Xojo has actually announced anything
Last I knew was presentations will be put online and available to all
No timeline that I know of

I would have expected a virtual conference to happen on the conference date but you are right - it could be anytime …

this post from geoff is about all I know

no mention of dates for videos or beta releases

I am assuming they’ll be an announcement today (the original beginning of the conference) but who knows. It is curious that Christian went ahead on Monday.

What I heard is that this only applies to Xojo’s presentations — keynote and announcements. It says nothing about the presentations of individual speakers (the ones I heard of have not been contacted by Xojo). Christian did his because they’re basically ads for his plugins so it’s good publicity for him to create them (and clever to “jump the gun”).

I hope I‘m wrong but somehow I don’t think so.