When the lights finally go out at Xojo

There will, imo, be just two people left to lock the door and post the key, one the ceo, the other not even a programmer, unless you consider a passing familiarity with html, programming.

If it will be happened you’ll need an alternative that’s it and there are some.

LMAO !!!
I laughed out loud when I read this

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if those lights are connected by wifi to the internet, and the controller is written in web2, then the chances are the lights will have a random on an off period and may not react to the event tuning them on or off.

I have heard, but I can not say its true, that if you rub an MVP very vigorously with a balloon, they do indeed keep the lights on, but as I said, it is just a rumour.

must need a special converter for MVP to AC :slight_smile:

You need a special Controller for both: MVP->AC and MCU->MVP

yes I have one of those, written in C with MPLAB running in a 16F18856…

The good old Pic…and by the way: MPLab is really nice and beautiful for MCU programming. How you where realizing the voltage regulation because of the 5 V on Pic16 and the 0.0 Volt in the brains?

ICD4 is my ICE, it does any voltage I need and any external voltage if it is set.
I use MPLABX and MPLAB since V1 so I know it pretty well.

I have also seen that netbeans has a gluon package, but I did not get it to work, I want to use the netbeans IDE for cross platform, but I am not very knowledgeable in all the dependencies and many tools needed to get a xojo like experience in java.

obviously by experience I mean something that looks pretty but works, not looks pretty and is a whole heap of shit

I see from the tutorial norm is doing that java is a lot like C, and I love C, so java should be piss easy

Java’s heritage is definitely C/C++ without a lot of the super dangerous stuff :slight_smile:

Those curly brackets are awfully easy not to see or to mess up…

oooh, I do a lot of if() and switch() but not much else, C is super simple in my world of embedded micro, never done OOP in C or MAC/pc stuff.

but this tutorial is most interesting, thorstenwhatsit has made me think that java is not as much of the devil as it has been seen in the past.

moving on from xojo… hard hard hard, but now becoming exciting and more possible than previously though.

and why you use an IDE built for editing code (BBedit does an ok job of stuff like this but VS Code is way better, adds a debugger, break points etc
and its really JUST a “fancier text editor”

Hi, I will do a NetBeans gluon mobile scenebuilder getting ready to work tutorial at the weekend, maybe I can assist a bit with it

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How dare you (Greta not implied), I’m certain that the CEO knows what he is doing, that’s why he is the boss and you are a just a filthy pleb customer. When he wants your opinion, he’ll give it to you.

You just don’t understand the caliber of mind you are up against man, Drummer, Militant Censor, Covert Forum Infiltrator, MVP Organizer and Visionary Technology CEO who built that company into the juggernaut it is today.

They literally support writing code using Amazon services powered artificial intelligence to do the work for you, so a few bugs in the core API are understandable.

If you don’t like curly braces and or semicolons you can use groovy or jython, if depending on a JVM or python (called CPython).

I can not understand that ranting about the brackets and the semicolons. With the Brackets you have clearly defines code blocks. In Netbeans and IntelliJ you get the brackets marked which are together to build one Block. So there is a big Pile of organizyted Coding inside Java IDE.

What I also not understood if the Ranting about JVM and its Install. Build on Java 15 and Spit out Platform dependent executives and that’s it if you do not want to distribute JAR Files to your customers. And if you really want natively compiled use Graalvm native Image. Entirely running without JVM, Code is not recompilable and so on. All in.

I was reading here not many rants and arguments against Geoff Perlman and his Bahavior. But it will never change when all time new users buy. It is a never ending circle. And therefore users are not so important behind the payment. They are interesting before. The calculation goes so:

every year you get for example 1000 new users. For everybody coming is somewhere somebody going and not paying renew. So let’s say you won what you lost. Your Business stocks with all times the same turnaround. The nice part: you will have Business. The bad: no real development of Business.

Let’s make it faster. New shiny features, shiny informations from Development and on the first view a professional quality (on the first view). Now you get 2000 but there are 2000 going. You doubled your Business and your turnaround.

That’s running for ever till the point where it stops. How can it stop? When people ranting about bad quality on the Forum, when to many unreachable Bugs are reported. In that moment there will not come 200o, there will come only 1000. But still 2000 are going.

What to do against? True. Correct. Stop the ranting and the unreachable Bugs with censoring. Here we go

I dont see the point of posts like this.