When not behind the keyboard... hobbies

With the amount of time that I spend behind the keyboard, I do my best to break away from the keyboard and do something different. I was curious what other non-keyboard related hobbies people like to do?

in my case, I like to make coin rings :slight_smile:


Oh, those are nice! Well done.

Coding is one of my hobbies. Others are taking bicycle rides and reading. But my all time favourite: spending time with my nephews.

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When not behind the keyboard I like to do this:


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I’m also a photographer, you can see some of my work on instagram



hanging out with nieces and nephews is always fun! Be sure to take lots of photos / videos to look back on in years to come.

beautiful works of art!

also, your motorcycle photo reminds me of how much I miss riding (Last year had an accident and luckily walked away cleaned). I had plans to buy a new bike this year but waiting for a few more projects to sign before I pull the trigger.

which model are you riding in the photo?

You know what they say about there being only two kind of riders… “the ones who have crashed and the ones who will crash” LOL. I’ve had my share of crashes :slight_smile:

In the photo a BMW K1200R.

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I started riding a few years ago on a Honda CTX700N.

Right now I am deciding between Kawasaki Vulcan S ABS and Z900rs. both are beautiful bikes.

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Adventure type of bikes is what I ride most of the time this days. The track is starting to be a bit too painful.

I really like the Vulcan but for the type of roads we have in my country (Guatemala) an adventure type of bike is much better suited. Let me post a pic of my touring bike.

This is my girlfriend:


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Being 6’2, I found out that when it comes to sports bikes, my legs do not bend right with the controls behind. Standard controls I am ok with, but my legs enjoy forward controls. Most of the riding I do is scenic with no place to be in a hurry. I did have a chance to sit on a Honda vrf 1200x and I was AMAZED on how high up adventure bikes are.

very nice bike! Looks like you are ready for anything the road throws at you. Have you done any overnight / camping trips with her?

I’m 6’2 also and yes, sportbikes are a bit of torture devices, that’s why I like the K1200R for the track, it has a lot more room but of course is not as nible as the smaller/ligher machines but my days of competing are over, now I only go to the track to burn gas and rubber.

My adventure bike when in offroad mode is tall enough that I can bearly touch the ground with the tip of my toes. But once on the move they are very very comfortable plus the long suspension travel makes for a wonderful ride :slight_smile:

By the way, I really like your work. Great pieces of art!

I specially like the 5th from the top.

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oh I bet!

last Nov, I was thinking of the Yamaha MT-09. Luckly I found a dealership willing to let me do a test drive. what I can tell you is that bike is some serious torque! When I did my test ride, I found myself unable to find a good riding position and the mirrors I could not adjust where I can see past my shoulders.

thank you so much!

I started making coin rings almost 2 years ago. What is neat about coin rings is I can pretty much take any ordinary coin and convert it to a ring. When friends / family travel, I often ask them to bring me back currency from countries they are visiting. When they are not traveling, I will order 1 once silver / copper rounds from various minting companies.

A friend of mine owns an MT-09, the 3 cylinder engine is amazing. But I wouldn’t own one even if I could afford it. But I get to ride my friend’s so it’s all good LOL.

I also own an Aprilia Sport City Cube scooter for the city. It’s an older scooter but great for the city traffic.

really depends on the time of year

in the winter I love to ski
this ie me with a few of my Ski Patrol comrades

Some of them thought I was quite nuts doing a many patrol shifts as I did but I REALLY love it !

In the summer when we can get out we go camping with our kids & the grandkids

But, my hobby IS writing code
Its literally a hobby that I get paid for :slight_smile:


Didn’t knew there were senior citizens patrolling the ski slopes LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

I used to spend a couple of weeks a year skiing but I have not done it in a while. No snow around here.

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thank you for sharing norm!

When I lived near Buffalo, NY for a few years, I could remember those winters as everyday being a great day for snowboarding. Given that it has been sometime since I hit the slopes, I am afraid if I ever did go back… I would need to spend a lot of time on the bunny slope :slight_smile: