What are considered stable versions of Xojo

I currently have the following versions I use as stable versions for desktop. I mostly support Windows and a few Linux builds.

  • 2012r2.1 → last RealStudio
  • 2014r2.1 → last Xojo with full support for XP
  • 2017r3 → 64-bit support prior to removing transparency from Windows

But after that, I would like to know what are considered stable version(s) after these ones.

maybe 2019r3.1/2

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It is important to note that Xojo has NOT stable version, each release fixes some bugs and introduce new ones. some features improves, some other break.


2019r1.1 → last before the api 2 fiasco
2019r3.2 → last one with web 1.0

I didnt renew my licence after 2019

I too stopped at 19r1.1, and have zero plans of ever investing again

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2019r3, 2020r2 and 2021r1.1 are okay for macOS desktop.

Thank you. I’ll add 2019r1.1 to my stock. I don’t need M1 support nor care to deal with API2 at the moment. Plus I am not sure where in 2020 I stopped the lic.

Are you sure you stopped it then :wink:

You can always log into your account to find out, or check in Xojo under licenses …

For building macOS apps, the Xojo 2021r1.1 version seems to be quite fine.
Get all the latest fixes the made for Big Sur.

We are using Xojo 2021r1.1 and don’t seem to have any issues. We upgraded plugins at the same time and had to rework some DateTime/Date code but otherewise it seems pretty stable. We have 10 people working with it on various projects. But, we only do desktop and console apps. Zero with web or iOS. We have a little bit of work in Linux but we have mixed feelings with that.

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2021(all) has JSONItem issues that nobody wants to admit.

I currently recommend 2020r2.1 for macOS.

2021r1.1 as long as you avoid certain buggy new features (JSON springs to mind)

I may have found an issue with Folderitem.Launch/Open with 2021.r1.1… At least on Mojave… as they could not reproduce it on BS, but someone else did on Mojave and I see it on 2 different Macs on Mojave with 2021.r1.1…

Works fine on Mojave with 2019R1.1…

I really wish they had introduced the new graphics capabilities before API 2!



Is there anything special/unusual about the index.html file you had for the ARGEN Help that you know of?


I actually had the problem (or similar) on Catalina, not Mojave. I forgot to mention that.

Not that I did. Export from RapidWeaver, pack in CopyFiles script. I’m not sure where it would have gotten the executable flag. The MBS stuff was just to get a certain behavior, I had never had a problem with .Launch before. This just adds to the “reasons not to use 2021” list for me.


in my notes I have 15r24 as the last XP? is that wrong

for me 19r1.1, last before the API stupidity, although I have licence to the end of 2020, not used any after 19r1.1

2017 r3

Last one that did all I needed and was stable enough to get what I needed done.

Anyone doing macOS development, will want to use 2021r1.1 for new app versions to support Apple Silicon.

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Java 15 and at the end of 21 java 17 Lts for Mac development

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2020r2.1 builds for Apple Silicon though?
And it has the benefit of JSONItem not being broken yet.