Totally Off Topic Poll for the week of May 8 - 15, 2021

Can someone change the title to “Totally Off Topic Poll of last week”?

that should be better

I like crunchy, pure, with toasts, I like smooth when with jelly.

Isn’t the toast crunchy?

Yep. Perfect combination? Full crunchy? But crunchy peanut butter seems a more “peanut experience” than its more oily friend to me, that’s why the preference on a sole consumption. On a soft bread I do prefer a thinner layer and to add jelly.

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@Rick.A exactly that is the right wayy to look on it: with a then and fragile slice of bread I prefere the more oily and softer smooth one. With a good Toast I do not need to rely on the oily variant of Peanut Butter

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