Totally Off Topic Poll for the week of May 8 - 15, 2021

  • What kind of peanut butter do you prefer
  • smooth
  • crunchy
  • none

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Why is the question one of the choices?

To see how many people will choose it!

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Looks like two so far.

because the poll creator didnt notice :slight_smile:
now its just funny !

Recursive poll…

The solution: crunchysmooth peanut butter sandwich


Very nice knife work for little pockets of jelly!

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Ate it with orange one

You know, in Germany people prefer something like Nutella, a cream with nuts and chocolate.

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Not me. I love peanut butter

I personally find nutella TOO sweet

good cover !

There are dozens of variants.
I prefer to buy those with 50% nuts instead of 13% like in Nutella, so there is less sugar added.

This is rather popular here in Belgium: Speculoospasta (dutch) or Cookie butter. I think they call these cookies Biscoff in the US/UK.

My wife is also buying the ones with higher amount of nuts. Less sugar and less cacao. I don’t like the Sugar ones I like the American ones just more.

only familiar with the one I see on store shelves here and its too sweet for me

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crunchy ?

I’m so disappointed

Crunchy. The best. I knew it. Yes!