TOF: Xojo, not electron

I’m not so sure this would be such a good idea reading the complains in the tweets these devs have: unfixed bugs and breaking existing code is something Xojo is a champion in. Xojo has the same rigorous fixation on closed software and maybe even a bigger black hole where reported bugs in disappear.

Sam’s intentions are well meant, but the outfall may not be the one they hoped for. On the other hand, people may finally be talking about Xojo and bad advertising is still advertisement…

Electron isn’t always my favourite BUT - it works
I have several Electron app so on my machine I have to use daily and I cant recall the last time one crashed

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My key point was that very few people think about Xojo, so when devs talk about switching away from Apple’s bugginess, Xojo never comes up. Which I think you understood.

The second point is to get Xojo to think about why that is and what they can do to better promote the tool and improve it so that devs switching from other tools can use Xojo to make their apps instead.


Personally, I always find Electron apps bloated and that they do not look native. Therefore I try to avoid them as far as possible. Xojo desktop apps are better than that in most ways to me.

However, if the devs are complaining about either lack of bug fixes, non acknowledgement of bugs, or not delivering on promised features moving to Xojo is not going to resolve any of them issues for them.

Publicity for Xojo may prompt Xojo Inc to think again about how important these issues are and why devs using the platform are so frustrated.

Paul accepted Sam’s challenge.

I fail to see where Swift is NOT a better alternative to Xojo (for both macApps and iOS), sure it won’t do Windows or Android… but that wasn’t the intent of these posts.

What IS missing is the distrinction between Swift and SwiftUI… there are very different concepts. The syntax is different (similar in some places, vastly different in others)… The design concepts are WAY different. I believe SwiftUI was created as a proof of concept to more easily be xPlat (ios vs macos). but there are a lot of things SwiftUI cannot even do that Swift can (google it). One of the major things (for me at least) is SwiftUI cannot create AppleTV apps.


Oh… and here is the LONG code to open a Swift macOS window

let window = NSWindow(contentRect:rect)

of course there is more (just like Xojo failed to mention the property inspector)

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Swift itself is 100% better for macOS and iOS apps. It would be inconceivable to me that Apples native solution would be worse than a third party implementation.

This used to be the case for “Swift cant do this things Objective-C can”

Apple changes that pretty darned fast

In the few years we’ve been waiting for android look where swift has come from and where it is not

Expect SwiftUI to mature rapidly as well
And even if it doesnt Swift can just use the native toolkit on macOS - all of it


swift is just a beautiful (and easy to learn) language. xcode needs some training for UI stuff, deployment etc, as every IDE does (including Xojo). Xojo is easier as it has less functionality. But it is complex enough that a newbie has to get used to it too. But a newbie will probably find more help and tutorials for other IDEs than for Xojo.

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Kudos to @MarkusWinter for your post on TOF.
I was tempted to reply to the thread with some of what happened but it’d just be deleted or my account banned for 1000 years…

My first post about Pros not being Xojo’s target group anymore was actually removed as “misinformation” - I guess it is difficult to keep track of what has been said when you keep revising history … :roll_eyes:

Wasn’t that one of Bob’s old blog posts ?
About how Geoff said Bob and others like him weren’t Xojo’s target market or something ?

They are aware they’ve said it more than once right? :joy: :exploding_head:

Past statements made by any member of Xojo, Inc… have a lifespan of 3.2 seconds… after that they can and will deny that any such statment was ever made, even if said statement is documented via a forum posting


Yup, I had blog post on this. When he said that to me I knew, right then, I was closing down my Xojo consulting business.

I feel blessed to have found a very good company to work for that a) appreciates my Xojo abilities and b) is retraining me in a language that is ascending (Go) so if I ever have to find another gig I’m marketable.


This is so important. I’m really glad that you found this - Geoff and Xojo Inc are heading in a really ‘interesting’ direction driving so many pros away!

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Well, Dana is calling that misinformation.

Ditto Alyssa about my article that was sourced from and quoted Xojo’s own press releases and forum statistics.

So ironically it is actually Dana and Alyssa spreading misinformation (either now or in their press releases):

Makes it all feel very “Russian” … :cold_face:

Same old, same old …

The BEST way to correct “misinformation” is NOT to censor it, but to refute it with “facts” and let the reader decide with to believe.

Poster : 2+2=4
Xojo : this is misinformation as 2+2=5

Well, in all fairness, if you can get one of the 2s pregnant … :flushed: