TOF: Including function names

That thread was locked then “cleaned up”… I saw it briefly before the cleaning and don’t recall anything all that terrible but then again I just skimmed it…

I was going to post this on the TOF:

I saw the thread briefly before it was cleaned up, but it’s not obvious to me which guideline or guidelines were violated. Could you please specify which ones they were?

But then I thought it might get me into “trouble” there… I hate having to feel that way… It all feels so different from pre Xojo days… (I really liked the NUG and beta mailing lists back then!)

Anyway does anyone here have a realistic idea what guidelines they think were violated? I really don’t recall the content very well.


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Have you seen the ridiiculous guidelines?

-Ask yourself if your reply adds to the discussion. If it doesn’t, give it some more thought before posting…
You are violating this if they think that you dint thought before posting??

-Make sure your replies provide constructive feedback and support to allow for an inclusive community.
If your feedback is not constructive for xojo you are violating this…

-To keep things productive, please avoid derailing a discussion altogether.
the clasic end line, this topic is derailed and its going to be closed.

-Avoid offensive or abusive language and hate speech
Any negative thing about xojo could be taken as hate speech

-Conversations and comments can be edited, deleted or locked at the discretion of the moderators and administrators in the forum…
And you deser no explanation other than "it violates the guidelines"

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Have to admit that I saw the thread but I have no clear idea what guideline it violated
There was some suggestion of there being posts that had misinformation in them but I’ll be damned if I can tell what
There was a post by Matt Combatti about a tool he had that analyzed strings present in exe’s (something that is trivial to do with he strings unix command on linux & macOS)
But thats about it

There are several posts I can see that are missing from before :man_shrugging:

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I can tell you! and layout pretty much the entire post right here verbatim because it was me and I am proud to have finally spoken out after being silenced by Xojo for many years. Flood gates open now. :slight_smile:

There was no actual violation - Xojo just didn’t like the truth being aired to the public. And worse - I’ve been the one to get the brunt throughout the years, so why Xojo is embarrassed that I was sharing the truth beats me - oh wait, because it was the truth but made them look bad. Truth is truth whether it makes you look bad or not. You want a happy ending - live a better story, is what I always say. Humorously - if you search the forums for some of the topics below, the old “bash forums” are still posted. So how Alyssa can call it a lie or spreading misinformation, when it’s clear as day in text - in your own forum (plus I save messages and conversations from Xojo directly). I have no shame in what I do and admit what I do - and don’t really care what anyone thinks about me honestly. 100 years from now - they’ll all be dead and dust, and not one person will remember them.

Tim Pharnel posted how some people in the Xojo community had an issue with my “Hack my App” app - mind you - that was maybe 10 years ago? Long story short - I elaborated that I had created an app that allowed developers to pass their software thru the application and it would tell them if there was any insecure data they might want to ‘clean-up’ before deploying their app. Long ago it was decided the app was not good for the public as dabblers could theoretically steal plugin serials and sorts from apps that had been distributed, where developers didn’t follow Christian’s advice, and ‘encrypt’/obfuscate the plugin serial. You know - like you’re supposed to. In reality, developers need to take accountability if they screw up, and not blame the tool developers for their inadequacies. I then went on to elaborate the other issues Xojo has had…

  1. Xojo didn’t like when I released iOS builder back in like 2009 - Geoff personally called me directly and very politely basically threatened me with a lawsuit for ‘competition’ against Xojo as they were still working on iOS…but I managed to have a fully working compiler (made with Xojo mind you). Honestly - it was the most pleasant threat I’ve ever had. :slight_smile: I pulled the software down to humor Xojo. (Mind you - DaveS was at the exact same time working on a compiler for iOS that used swift - but Xojo didn’t say a word to him. I have no problems with DaveS - so don’t get that twisted - DaveS has always been great! - just pointed out the a discrimination issue also). Shortly after releasing iOS, Xojo changed their tune - and allowed development tools to be created with Xojo. How ironic!

  2. Xojo didn’t like when I released XTeTiC (formerly SimScript) and again there was an issue. XTeTiC allows a developer to code once and the code worked between desktop and web editions - WITH NO FURTHER MODIFICATION. You can even update an entire Xojo application in a mere few kilobytes vs MBs - over the net - and without even restarting the application! In short - some big companies and many users started tossing all sorts of backlash at Xojo by email (I gave them Geoff’s email), and their decision was over-turned. XTeTiC is still in use…

  3. Console Magic - Did you know that the difference between a console app and a desktop app (besides $300 at Xojo) - is a one-liner string that gets bound to the EXE? Xojo said users would circumvent the console licensing if I allowed the tool to be used. (Even funnier - I’ve re-written the tool in 3 different programming languages apart from Xojo… can’t use Xojo - we’ll just use another language - still works with Xojo :rofl: ) But the point of the tool wasn’t to circumvent anything - it allowed for applications to run as either desktop, console or both - depending upon if they were invoked from the command line or double-clicked. Let’s see a Xojo app do that on it’s own! They don’t…

  4. Our Xojo Blockchain! - We had planned on releasing the code to the public and even demonstrated a working blockchain and miner. Long story short - developers complained there was a crypto miner in the demo app. Absolutely! That’s the whole point - a working proof of concept blockchain and miner. The entire reason it was developed was because the MVPs said “it couldn’t be done.” Shows how much they know? Can their code really be trusted if they don’t know what is and isn’t actually possible? The best part of this entire issue - since it was a proof of concept, and not even a public blockchain - I don’t know how on earth the miner itself caused such a ruckus - it mined worthless ‘tokens’ :joy: Needless to say, people were rude and I took a page out of the good book itself… “Cast not pearls before swine…” and I kept the code to myself. Just a month later I sold it to a number of truly interested parties and made 3 times my yearly salary in just a few months. We’ve coded for 3 other major blockchains since. I wanted to share the blockchain code with the community to get them into real money making sectors - calculator apps don’t sell :rofl: You have to follow the money, if you want to make the money…

There was more - but that’s the gist - I have no shame and nothing to hide; unlike Xojo on the other-hand as you can clearly see.

My Thoughts on it all -

I’m always willing to help anyone - but I don’t tolerate abuse or being talked down to by anyone. It’s ok though. lol Xojo might have banned me for a year from the forum - but I left a few easter eggs for them that will randomly start popping out of the wood-works and get people to see the true nature of the beast -or- at least start questioning them. Good luck finding them :wink: No malware or anything malicious like that - just pure plain simple truth that will just suddenly appear. Meanwhile, a whole sleuth of developers are asking for refunds since I will no longer be supporting them and have let them know all about Xojo as of today.

On a positive note - we weren’t going to release BabelFish Studio as not to cause any ‘competition’ with Xojo and wait for them to release Android, but we have no reason not to release it now. And per their EULA, we can legally! BabelFish Studio compiles for all the same platforms as Xojo (even REAL NATIVE WINDOWS APPs - not that subsystem Windows API crap Xojo uses) - and even already compiles for Android. Xojo’s Android is in complete disarray - the debugger doesn’t work and it’s very limited after a whole 7 years of development. Best yet - I’ve included over 100 base controls and over 300 plugins to use native device/system features and hardware. Even better, the underlying framework is entirely text-based so the community or anyone can modify it, and not ever have to wait on anyone for a fix. The absolutely most bestest part - I’m going to give it away for FREE. Stay tuned - I’m expediting the hell out of this release.

OMG I can’t believe I forgot to mention the following in the post before it got banned yesterday - it was important too and I’ve kept my mouth shut for 5 years! People need to know the truth…

  1. Greg O’Lone personally sent me a message to remove a class I shared with the community in 2017 - not even violating anything - it just allowed webapps to be search-engine crawable, so apps could actually have a web present (xojo web apps aren’t crawable by any search engines). He asked me to take it down 'because we’re working on something like this to be released soon and I don’t want to cause developer’s confusion" and I agreed, took it down…and 5 years later - still nothing. Xojo web apps are still not indexable. :rofl: So Xojo stifles development themselves.

But in the end of it all - I asked Xojo for a full refund and we’re removing Xojo 100% from the curriculum across the entire state! “Say no to Xojo.” - Lets hope they make it this quarter :slight_smile: The board was unhappy to review the forum, not even my post - to see how Xojo the company treats people. The board has now decided Xojo would be detrimental to the students’ well-being. Lets put that in marketing! “State board of education deems Xojo detrimental to student’s well-being and dropped it from the curriculum.” Back to Visual Studio we go - and it’s cross-platform too without all the added Xojo headaches. :slight_smile:

Norman - Sorry you ever had to put up with Xojo! They should have a PTSD hotline in place for all the developers that end up leaving.

lol - I’m actually embarassed to tell people I’m a Xojo expert at this point 20 years in. Should’ve known better - you can’t polish a turd - Xojo isn’t going to get any better, any time soon. Fixes and bugs in Xojo is like playing the potato game - 1 potato, 2 potato, 3 potato, 4 - 5 potato, 6 potato, 7 potatos & even more.

Still want to believe Alyssa’s “don’t spread lies or false information” post after she removed mine completely? - start investigating some of the topics above in the Xojo forum - you’ll quickly see they’re all there just as I said (1-4 - #5 won’t appear because I cannot get into the forums to grab Greg’s message to share here since being blocked lol). After a little research, you’ll realize Xojo is the one lying and should ask yourself - what else are they lying about?

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Those were the days! I still have all the original emails from the original NUG archived :slight_smile:

The new norm - getting banned for stating facts and providing sequences of events :rofl:

… and that’s why I expected the average Xojo license price to be much closer to $100 than $300. School purchases with a big discount. Anything else would not have made any sense.

Sad to hear you joined the club, but it was only a matter of time …

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I wonder is xojo is going to call them trolls as they do with every one who is not in line with their vision :thinking:

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This project has been in the works for a few years, and as I have finally gotten a viable Framework constructed I have begun writing my own IDE to pull all the pieces together.

Recently I actually created a Xojo2Swift project, that would take a Xojo XML project and convert it to Swift. The GUI parts work perfectly, the translation of Xojo/Basic to Swift is about 80% accurate.

But so as to divorce myself 100% from Xojo, is where my IDE comes in.

Here is a work-in-progress screenshot (note icons will be replaced later to avoid the wrath of Xojo)

note : should’nt have hi-jacked this topic I guess …sorry


I presume it’s this:

Interesting. The license “lasts for 365 days” … and then? Is it a perpetual license, or a subscription?

That looks freaking amazing Dave! Awesome work!!! Truly!

The current mechanism under the hood allows for licensing every 365 days with re-enrollment. The original plan was to have split licensing with a paid option. But the desire really isn’t to become a ‘for-profit’ tool, rather… A useful tool available to all… So I’ve been working to rip-out the licensing parts to leave a completely open with ‘no-strings-attached’ tool. Users Don’t even have to create an account (unless you want to subscribe to newsletters or progress emails). :slight_smile:

**sites not quite available or been updated. We had to unlock the generic privacy policy so Google would allow the demo apps to be posted to Google Playstore. Users don’t want videos of demos… They want to put them in their own hands :slight_smile:

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I noted the designer portion was not yet implemented. I’ll be more than glad to donate the XDSAdvancedCanvas for the designer portion. Can also supply a working IDEDesigner implementation… Or you can always ask me if you have a question :slight_smile: Figure it might help speed your designer development up. Give me a day or two to package it up. Might be useful in other areas also… Great for rapid custom control development. Glad to see you’ve been doing well!

Thanks for the offer… Designer not “Implemented”… but it is fully designed, and resides at the moment is a proof of concept app,

Besides, I would assume you XDS control is an Xojo control? What I am doing is 100% Swift, with an eye towards folding iOS and tvOS apps into this project as well


Ah. Yes, the canvas control is Xojo based. :slight_smile: if you ever do need anything just let me know. Have a huge library of controls and classes I’ve developed over the years for Xojo. Grew very familiar with objective-c over the years, but really haven’t had much of a chance to learn or use Swift. I probably should :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing your work though! I’m always grateful to see the varying creativity among developers. The world lacks creativity lately… Demanding everyone march to the beat of the same drum… Turning everyone into cookie-cutter drones. Creativity leads to advancement. :raised_hands:

Thanks again for the offer… .but the main purpose of this project is to be able to erase Xojo from all of my systems, and say “FU” to Geoff and company, while still being able to use an easy to use drag-n-drop development system. When complete this will be able to accept code in Swift AND/OR “BASIC” using an updated version of the Morpho project I posted a few years ago now.

And by not using any parts of Xojo, and not giving a damn about how they do things internally, they can get as pissed off as they want… and I won’t have to care :smiley:


Maybe. But the banning is happened without a real evidence. And that makes it a bit hard to accept for a few. I was asking why I am banned and if you would read that you would realize that I was difinitely NOT violating the forum rules before they changed them a bit. That is a behavior nobody can accept. And on top of that they exclude from tester what means they exclude you from contract rights. But never mind. Protecting Xojo from that isn’t the right way. The bans are hitting the ones which are speaking out the truths. And that males it complex. If nobody would lie in that game it would be much nicer.

Is BabelFish this ?

Seems like the site isnt quite “done”
Whats a “Blockchain Edition” ?

Hi Norman. That’s where everything’s being assembled. Since it’s going to be a free product to the public, the sites still being revised. Over the weekend I got the license/registration ripped from the IDE. So I’m about a week away from public initial release. :slight_smile: The Blockchain and web versions were originally to be used for PWA, WebApps, and Dapps (decentralized Blockchain applications) and comes with a few libraries to interact with Horizon, Ethereum, and Pi Network out-of-the-box. Since there will only be one edition (containing all features), the Blockchain/web/and native app features will all be one version. No need to separate them since it’ll be a free product. I’ve been using the software for the last 6 years to develop apps, now trying to make a public release. (Been contemplating public release for 2 years, which is why the licensing/registration was originally added).

**Normally the site would be hidden until complete, but Google Play requires consistent uptime for a site with access to a privacy policy, otherwise they pull Play Store apps. I posted demo apps made with the studio to play Store, that will also be available for people to play with (included source to demos with the studio).

Hi Mathew, When are you going to publish the application. Looking forward to test the software.