This thread is embarrassing

chr(13) on WINDOWS IS A CARRIAGE RETURN (ie return to position 0 on the same line )
if you run code like

Print"foobar" + ChrB(13)+"123"


on windows what you see is 123bar

99.9% sure this is whats he seeing since

  1. A code check for Left(3) = “MSH” passes.
  2. Print(InBoundFileText) to the console truncates the MSH segment
  3. the code check for MSH passes.

and depending on how he looks at the DB in sqlite he may have the same over print situation so its there but “hidden” by the over print

EDIT : someone there should suggest trying

Print( ReplaceLineEndings(InBoundFileText, EndofLine) )

EDIT II : YAY someone suggested it !

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This should be in documentation or a handbook on how to use Xojo. Just another Xojo low code situation…


I have something better… Xojo should lower its expectation about its customers :slight_smile:

I figured the issue was the CHR(13) in a terminal window on Windows pretty much when I first read that thread

Esp give his description that his parsing code was fine but he could not see anything

I worked on some things for clients and when I went back nearly 5 hours later no one had suggested that

Why I eventually posted here (since I cant post there)
He’d have had it solved 5 hours earlier but …

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I consider this Xojo, Inc’s problem. They chose to block one of their best resources from the forum they call “customer support” because they can’t handle truthful descriptions of their flaws.


gee thanks

and :man_shrugging:

Maybe the MVP’s should handle that sort of stuff :joy:

But there is a plugin for everything!! :slight_smile:

that’s very true, but exactly one reason why I have never understood the need for promoting stuff. Especially as Xojo “en nature (w/o MBS)” is pretty … useless … Can’t imagine that many (serious) users don’t use a few of his plugins.

That’s not the direction I was going, not the direction I want to go, nor anything I want Christian to even mistake I’m talking about so I’ve deleted my posts. I too try to make a business and promote my products.

My issue is with objectively bad code from people who are labeled as the most valuable professionals.

It is also coupled to the Xojo-cosing itself. Outdated Language with super old concepts.

Well if you need Xplatform a lot of his stuff is not that.

I am (or was) at best a “citizen developer”, but there is only one of his plugins I absolutely needed and that was ChartDirector as what was available open source was not enough for my needs…

That said I do use the Einhugur plugin set a lot more, as his plugins are Xplatform and have filled a number of my needs that Xojo itself does not.


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I second that, Einhugur was always my Priority and top notch. Without Einhugur I would already had moved earlier, as w/o all controls looked dated on windows and he doesn’t really promote much beyond his own thread. Plus he has fair prices and excellent support.

I used DynaPdf (as I had a paying customer), Easy to replace in Go, Java, Rust …

And Curl and Regex stuff if I remember correctly. Not a big fan of his documentation. Learned mostly from the examples, which didn’t work all but you got at least an idea.

But anyways, I remember that I was literally shocked as a Realbasic customer that I apparently needed plugins and that no one seemed to be bothered by this fact.

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When I had my first contact with Xojo I realized that I will need for the customer project a hand full of plugins. First thing I have done was buying many of them and analyzing how to write a Plugin. Further I wrote the needed Stuffs as Plugin and after that I never needed to pay one Buck for their Plugin Software.

But People are not all programmers with knowledge in C, C++ and Java for writing Plugins. And so there are many people paying for the Plugins. Every year a new billing. The Chart was something I really needed. That wasn’t that hard to build. But again: somebody unable to program c++ would not get that Job done.

In my eyes the ecosystem isn’t complete enough and, by the way, too expensive. Except Einhugur the others are really expensive and often based on open Source C++ libs. That was for me the main reason for diy.

I know that it cannot be compared with Java, C++ and similar languages. But as far as I can see it is what it is: a programming language not adult Language defined in their advertisement as professional Language.

And yes, still: I really like the Idea behind, design, develop, compile, deploy to all platforms from one platform only.

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Not sure that its outdated concept as much as it is that the language has remained largely stagnant and not moved forward.
Although the CEO might dis agree and say but the language has evolved - no adding or renaming things in a framework is not “language”

I mean things like generics. async await. Etc
Things that actually take say the compiler guy to implement

But …

Bjorn makes great efforts to make sure his stuff IS x-platform

I appreciate that

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I am not even interested to think about that what the CEO may say, believe or think about that. I say what I see and what I get. I am describing the actual situation.

A Language like Xojo without threading IS OUTDATED. And that is not the only point.

It is okay while it makes it less complex. And for many developers that is really important.

But for complex stuffs sometimes it can drive you mad.

I’ve never expected that the tool supplied by a vendor has everything I could ever possibly need

The VB world was that way
BUT there it wasnt that you needed plugins to do things that the built in stuff has bugs in
You added in things (Crystal reports, Flex grid, etc)
I dont begrudge MBS or Einhugur that way
But there are lots of things that VB & MS did well - like promoting their third parties - that Xojo could learn from

water under the bridge at this point I guess

Without a doubt :slight_smile:

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Well, Microsoft understood that 3rd party developers needed to have a safe and secure system that made those developers money. There is nothing in Xojo that stops people from sharing plugins and their license codes. You could not (easily) do that in the VB6 so if you had 8 developers you sure as hell had to have 8 licenses for whatever you purchased. And then you’d need a license for your build machine and you kept them up to date every year. My last VB6 job I think we spent $1500/year/developer for reporting, grids, fancy controls, and various libraries.

The Xojo store is a joke. Plugins are a joke. Neither really help a 3rd party developer protect their wares from being stolen/misused. I think this is why the Xojo 3rd party market is so damn small and never grown.

Maybe that changes with the new Xojo Libraries but I highly doubt it. I’m sure it’s not even on their radar to help protect publishers and make them extra secure so only 1 user can use a license. They’d have to have some hook into their own licensing system and I doubt they have the manpower and will to do it.

Oh absolutely agree that MS made serious efforts to make sure that VB was stable as heck despite its limitations
And that third parties didnt get screwed over

It made for a robust third party market
Grape City and several other vendors really cut their teeth in a big way in VB and grew as it grew
Another is Crystal Reports which I think every VB copy had a demo/lite version installed in
We used the heck out of that in the office I worked in
Like you we spent a small fortune on VB licenses, add on licenses, etc
And, in the 4 years I was there the company made a middle to large sized fortune and was then acquired

EDIT : I think MS knew the focusing on “developers” - not citizen developers - would push their tools. And yeah eventually citizen devs would come to use it and learn coding as well
But that WASNT their primary focus
It was on a stable, growing, vibrant tool and market
The rest came with it and was gravy