The Xojo store is on sale!

Keep up, Thorsten - it was a joke, but with the support for plug-ins on iOS in the latest versions and the MBS plug-ins available on iOS it lifts Xojo for iOS to a whole new level.

One can only wonder where Xojo for iOS would be if they had added plug-in support early on …

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I don’t think this is a typical time of year for sales for them… Maybe they are short on cash?

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I have seen a couple of sales a year since I found Xojo 3+ years ago, Black Friday and a spring or summer sale. Sometimes around Pi day (03/14) but not always.

I mainly stick around around to listen to your unhinged posts. Web 2 is more than functional - not perfect and still missing a few promised deliverables but having written multiple web services, sold them to multiple customers and with a pipeline of future developments and enhancements I’m more than satisfied.

IOS had a huge release recently - plugin capability is a huge step forward.

Star Wars day isnt that unusual

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Im pretty sure that they do this sale each may, half way to black friday.

My last PRO licence is 2018r3, last Desktop 2019r2. And I’m tempted to buy something just to get the 2019r3 for my web proyects :sweat_smile: And that is only for the IDE improvements, Web 1.0 didnt change a lot that last year of its existence.

But, still not worth the money any new purchase :slightly_frowning_face:, same as allways, some shiny new thing, lots of new bugs that will not be fixed without lots of new ones in the next release.

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Well, they did it before.

Last year it was also early May.
See my blog post from last year: Xojo Sale

I don’t think it is while they need Money, I think it is while they need like every company Money and want to generate a bit more for the first six Month of the year. But What do I know about Business.

I can crash it with just one messagebox(), “feature” that Xojo is aware of, but they reported that such “feature” is known, it won’t be fixed soon because of it. :thinking: :laughing:

Really? I need a button and a messagebox. You are the better xojo programmer.

Ok, if we go to this level of detail, I can crash Web2 with a messagebox() in the action event of a button.

I mainly stick around around to listen to your unhinged posts.

…and to shamelessly and incessantly promote Xojo, and consistently absolve the company of any responsibilities for the numerous and valid complaints of the users posting here. ALL your posts I have seen thus-far follow an exclusive advocacy pattern, They are not technical or critical in nature, not demonstrating experience with front-line work and the associated struggle with Xojo’s broken bits during said work.

I’m more than satisfied.

You are in the wrong neighborhood.

pipeline of future developments and enhancements

Still using all the muscles except the one that matters? WE (the actual users who pay for Xojo to use it professionally) do not put NEW FEATURES, PIPELINES for FUTURE DEVELOPMENTS (i.E. Xojo Inc. endless feature focused qualitative decline, and management’s quest for moar marketing buzz) over having a solid foundation to stand on. THE solid functionality of the core API and the rapid addressing of showstopping bugs are of PRIME INTEREST to the customer who uses this API to generate revenue. As stated clearly in the following quotes…

But, still not worth the money any new purchase :slightly_frowning_face:, same as allways, some shiny new thing, lots of new bugs that will not be fixed without lots of new ones in the next release.

Jack of all trades is a master of none. I don’t expect Xojo to be a good tool for mobile OS

If only Xojo IDE worked better on Linux

I have trashed money buying the PRO license as the extras never got stable enough, and I never was able to create something to put on production as the tool was always considered alpha, not beta, after one year of “bug fixes”

Pointed bugs where ignored

Every year they should launch at least one stable

With Web 2.0 in a non production state, it’s really crazy to use in real life.

I want Web 2.0 in a mature state. I’d want bug fixes like memory leaks and bugs like the current json fixed quickly with frequent status updates from Xojo.

Desktop was not becoming better: it is not more reliable and it lost the rest of consistency with the last changes

IOS is a functional joke.

I will not renew any license cause my professional Software is not Xojo Software anymore or it is in rewrite.

Xojo can’t be trusted to ship production level code anymore. That made Xojo and third party value drop into the crapper. It sucks, but Xojo won’t address the problem.

If somebody had simply listened to the wishes (pleas and begging) of his professional customers, he would be swimming in liquid cash right now.

As for investing a pro licence in that ecosystem, with the trajectory it has taken, you would be better off to invest the entire licence fee amount in some random shit-coin to see better returns.

Many have moved on due to Xojo’s lack of stabilty and ongoing bug problems.

Goddamn you dont listen to others (again, noticing a pattern emerging here), Xojo customers want stability and fixes to showstoppers, not endless marketing hype and half-assed attempts at unnecessary features that drain development resources from vital bug fixes and performance tuning.

If Xojo does not get off its ego and start addressing the mountain of showstoppers, and begin a return to quality focus, they will die with a whimper, they are no longer the only game in town and the free market has a feature of eliminating waste, incompetence, fraud, abuse, half-assery, garbage products and piss-poor performance. The die is cast, Xojo cleans up its act and focuses on quality desktop results for its core API (what it was actually good at) or is pulled under by its founder’s quest for adding never-ending shinny gizmos and trinkets.

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Wasn’t this the forum where EVERYONE could express themselves?

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Wasn’t this the forum where EVERYONE could express themselves?

I did not say to keep quiet… only that he should not expect a sympathetic audience for the company line here.

I made a large refactored release of a software other day. And 3 DOT RELEASES after, in just ONE WEEK. Every dot release was due to some bug report affecting one or another user, targeting stability. The first 3 releases were optional, the last one, considered stable after one week of reports and fixes, was marked as mandatory, so people running any of those previous 3 releases were asked to upgrade to the last one. I NEED a stable and satisfied user base, so I pursue stability more than new features. New features comes AFTER stabilization. Once I give them new features, I crush the bugs ASAP and push them to the next stable version they paid for, FOR FREE. Again, stability is great FOR THEM, but FOR ME it’s better.


Actually, to be fair, when Xojo introduced the Rapid Release Model I had predicted that it would become a constant beta quality product - but the same developers that are now so upset were also the ones wanting new features faster and wanted the Rapid Release Model. Human Greed at its finest, so let’s not absolve the developers completely. With limited resources you can’t have everything, something had to give - so if you get features faster, then they HAVE to be of lower quality.

It certainly wasnt the intention as initially presented.
It was supposed to be rapid release of high quality code & fixes.
Which IS possible - other companies do that all the time somehow.

That it HAS turned into perpetual beta is obvious in hindsight

It’s possible IF you have the resources - which Xojo didn’t - so it was obvious back then too. Which is why something had to give, and that is quality and stability. I remember my discussion with Bob, and even he wanted the features faster and thought it can be done. But it is not possible to do more work in order to release features faster without additional resources.


The sale is half way through.

If anyone here has the need for a Xojo or add-on license for the current versions, please use the sale to get a license.

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Yawn. I’ll continue making money while you whinge like adolescents. For the majority of the Xojo user base the last year has seen considerable numbers of changes and enhancements. When I refer to pipeline of development I am talking about MY products - not Xojo.

Carry on being negative - no development platform is perfect. They ALL have bugs and workarounds.

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