The Xojo store is on sale!

Xojo Inc. just announced a sale for their web shop:

Get 20% off all Xojo licenses Today through Friday!

Plus take 20% everything in the Addons Store!

This sale includes a few MBS Plugin licenses in the add-on section of the Xojo store. If you like to order directly from us, we may offer the same discount for those new licenses.

Since you are all here on this forum, because you love and use Xojo, please use this chance to renew or get a new license.

I wouldn’t go that far… :grin:

Many have moved on due to Xojo’s lack of stabilty and ongoing bug problems. We are just here on this forum for some old legacy Xojo apps we haven’t found the time to convert yet and finding alternatives. Plans for buying a new Xojo license in the near future are almost non existing.


Well, if you like to deliver a Mac app with Apple Silicon support, you may want to have a current 2021r1.1 version, so you can build it.

*Nothing against you Christian, you should know we all (well at least I do) love your MBS products and service to be clear.

If somebody had simply listened to the wishes (pleas and begging) of his professional customers, he would be swimming in liquid cash right now.

As for investing a pro licence in that ecosystem, with the trajectory it has taken, you would be better off to invest the entire licence fee amount in some random shit-coin to see better returns.


I try to help where I can.


And that’s why you are respected by many.


Personally I think with the population of users on THIS forum, it is unnecessary (and perhaps inappropriate) to push Xojo and/or Xojo related products. The proper place and proper audience is located on and uses that other forum.

While there may be people that are on both, there is no need to duplicate product promotions such as this.

And yes, I know there is a mute feature, and I take full advantage of it :slight_smile:

Or you can (as many of us have) move to a more stable and well supported product, of which there are a few

Xojo can’t be trusted to ship production level code anymore. That made Xojo and third party value drop into the crapper. It sucks, but Xojo won’t address the problem.


I posted it here just in case someone likes to take the offer and renew their license.


Thank you Christian.


Just extended my licences. 20% off not to be sneezed at.

Just extended my licences. 20% off not to be sneezed at.

Post receipt, details removed.

and NOT the merchant account one, but the customer copy… lol

That is why people moving away from xojo. Many to Java, many to Mac Only Xcode, Swift and so on. It is not a dream to see how it is falling apart.

The professional users have to see and find out if xojo is still fulfilling their needs. If not, they may look for their own alternative fitting their needs.

Many developers are not interested in moving. They still wait for Android, they wait for really working and production ready IOS and a productions ready Web. When Xojo fits with all its Bugs, errors and non reliability fits the needs of somebody he will stay and also the ones which are believing that other tools will make even more problems while they have to handle JVM, while they have to install more than one tool and so on. All of them will stay with xojo and they should pay to xojo. Otherwise, when and if a product has not enough followers which are paying, xojo could die.

While I still believe to the Idea behind Xojo I will not renew any license cause my professional Software is not Xojo Software anymore or it is in rewrite. The last few which are written individually for NGO can be updated with my xojo license and if there is trouble I will rewrite them in Java Swing or Java FX or, if I have a happy day, I will rewrite them with B4J. No problem.

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Why? I don’t have to prove anything to you. I’ll carry on developing solutions for my customers in the meantime.

This forum is a joke.

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Why? I don’t have to prove anything to you. I’ll carry on developing solutions for my customers in the meantime.

This forum is a joke.

Not fooling anybody bro…

If you believe that this forum is a Joke: don’t visit except you want to enjoy a joke. And if you in the meantime buils your solutions be aware of this facts:

  • Web 2.0 hasn’t the functionality of Web 1.0 and can not be used to rebuils all functions of Web 1.0 apps
  • Desktop was not becoming better: it is not more reliable and it lost the rest of consistency with the last changes
  • IOS is a functional joke. And if you really program with it successful IOS Apps, I would really like to see them to learn, how to program high end with xojo. If not, don’t worry
  • Within revoking all the user problems it will not become a better Software
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I’d seriously consider Xojo again if some of Thorsten’s items are addressed.

I want Web 2.0 in a mature state. I’d want bug fixes like memory leaks and bugs like the current json fixed quickly with frequent status updates from Xojo.

With Web 2.0 in a non production state, it’s really crazy to use in real life.

I bought a new one downgraded. I have trashed money buying the PRO license as the extras never got stable enough, and I never was able to create something to put on production as the tool was always considered alpha, not beta, after one year of “bug fixes”. Pointed bugs were ignored saying “We found that this bug already existed before the current version” so it won’t be fixed due to it (pet bug? :thinking:). :joy:
I still want Xojo have enough money to pursue some stable releases, or they will die if they can’t.
Xojo need to have 2 channels, stable and “edge”. Every year they should launch at least one stable, better 2, but one at least. Such channel will be an “edge” version cut, no new features until the next stable. Every bug found will be fixed. Fixes will be forwarded to the edge channel too, but edge will receive new features. Edge will be what Xojo is today, something unstable. People can download any of those releases, stable or edge. LibreOffice does kind of that, they call their stable channel “LTS” and the edge as “current”.


Jack of all trades is a master of none. I don’t expect Xojo to be a good tool for mobile OS, Flutter is nicer in this area, although I created only one small app, maybe there will be problems when I dig deeper. I don’t expect to create a popular web app or REST API service with high traffic, there are better tools for that (Golang anyone? very interesting lang). But I still have faith in Xojo as a tool to create a desktop app. I don’t like the Java Swing or js+Electron concept. I tried Golang + Fyne, but it’s too simple at the current state. If only Xojo IDE worked better on Linux…

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