The USA‘s slide into Fascism …

Trump just signed a decree (again - rule by decree seems to become the norm) telling Twitter not to moderate (eg him by fact checking), and at the same time removed protection for law suites against social sites for content posted by users.

How willy-nilly can you get?

Want to get rich? Post some vile stuff, then sue the social site for “publishing” it.


Fortunately he doesnt actually have the power to do that unilaterally :slight_smile:

:shushing_face: but Trump doesn’t know that …

I am not sure which is more PATHETIC…

or the people who continually drink his Kool-aid

I’m just waiting for his attempt to decree that all his minions wear Brown Shirts
(Google it if you don’t get the reference)

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It will probably be Trump branded shirts - in gold :slight_smile:

Nonsense. The EO is evidence of his gross incompetence, not that the US has a king.

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the United States of America has an egotistical, mysogintic , infantile a*hole who THINKS he is a “King” not the “Joker” he really is…


… and it’ the same colour too!



Not orange enough

No comb over though :slight_smile:

He doesn’t even look, act, or sound like president, let alone a king.

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Not like a “good” king, I grant you that - but not all kings are good … :scream:

Mel Brook’s video here -I’ts good to be the king- (not posted to keep the forum G rated)

Not like any kind of king. The president doesn’t have the sort of authority he’s pretending to have. It’s just political theater with no substance.

Has anybody told him …? :wink:

I believe Andrew Cuomo did. Did he listen/understood? Don’t think so.

shhhhh you’ll spoil the entertainment

And in a typical “one rule for plebs, no such rules for the KING”:

So the KING doesn’t want to be moderated or even fact-checked, but happily censors others … how predictable.


he is cartman from southpark.

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Archie Bunker lives !