The state of Xojo in 2020

Purged after 5 minutes…

[Fair enough]

Are they huffing their own brand over there or is it just a Ponzi scheme with no intention to ever improve their product and reputation? So much goes into damage control and reality distortion its truly unprecedented.



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Thanks! and Thanks for whoever put this forum up, you must be getting a lot of traffic.

I think I finally understand why the absolute denial and refusal to acknowledge the state of the product and that changes need to be made for it to survive.

If the problems are acknowledged, then they will be compelled to actually fix them.

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Its so disheartening how far it has fallen, it should have been an industry standard, offered in school and preinstalled with every new OS release by now.

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Please delete the picture.
It’s insulting to several groups.

Otherwise @Garry or @npalardy maybe?

Rarely do I agree with Christian… but yes I do believe that picture is inappropriate

Done. my point was made.

I have removed it as per the recommendation. Xojo clock is ticking regardless and if hurt feelings are not enough to spur action on the clean up then, hurt feelings will be all that remains of Xojo and the time investment many have put into it.

Nothing in that image was inaccurate from where I sit.

I also think that the picture was innapropiate.
But then again, I cannot stop laughing because it is so funny. Thankfully I made a copy of it :wink:

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I assume you are J.Park? If so, I agree 100% with everything you posted on “that other forum”… And while nothing may have been inaccurate in the picture… it tended to portray certain ethic groups in a manner that was insulting (my opinion)

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That was certainly not my intention, the Russians involved with the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster are universally accepted as the heroes of Europe and all mankind. If anybody took it as anything other then a pop culture reference, I am unironically sorry.

No worries :slight_smile: And welcome to our little group…

I’m the founding member of the “1000 year club” :slight_smile:
and Norman is also a charter member… and not sure, but I think Markus is the 3rd.

(we have all been banned from “that other forum” for 1000 years) :smiley:

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apparently @doj is in that club as well
not sure if its a thousand year ban though

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its been steadily rising
User registrations are up nearly 50% over the past 3 weeks


my ban is not forever as far as I know, well not on their part.

I was informed of a ban with a date I am allowed back.
as if the permission of that group of people controlling the forum are of any import to me.

I need not be banned forever to never wish to go back to be treated as a child and fed bullshit. that is just demeaning.

pointless from my point of view to visit that forum as I have infinitely more interesting things that might take my eye everywhere else.

Mark (doj)

Can you post it back? :rofl:

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That’s a shame for the product, all the big names I have seen for years are all listed here. I was wondering for a long time where they went.

Thanks again to those who spearheaded this initiative.

Dave and Norman’s ban are not forever either, they can post again in 1,000 years :slight_smile:

And you are right, there is almost no reason to visit that forum as of late.

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Hector… I have it marked on my calendar, complete with an alarm to remind me that at that time I will be able to rejoin the polite and (oh wait who am I trying to fool?) LOL!!!

And as Mark said

Having fun writing an app for AppleTV to play 56 variations of Solitaire (believe it or not they are very few Solitaire games … and only ONE other that supports more than ONE game (Klondike or Freecell)

  • My diplomatic and sanitized version.

Just you in my opinion. You come across as overly aggressive

You are absolutely right, I will continue with the logical and diplomatic approach for only as long as it has a chance at being effective.

At some point talking to the brick walls in an echo chamber has got to give way to alternative methods at seeking remedy.

Demanding that I focus exclusively on my personal cases is an effort to straw man, when any dispassionate observer, many disgruntled customers, and virtually all independent reviewers clearly state that each release has been getting progressively more unstable, not delivering as advertised and removing previous functionality; is a time tested tactic of deflection. Eventually, you will get it, if you are intellectually honest. I apologize, but getting entrenched and vested interests to do whats right for all concerned is rarely clean and without fireworks.

Perhaps this is more civilized and logical:

Bottom line and like it or not, we are going to have a major and exclusive bugsweep if this product is to continue to be commercially viable and keep its reputation intact by bringing the product up to the standards that, they sold to us and that we all paid for