The New Xojo 2024 is now FREE

Xojo is making changes and maybe finally kind of listening. Saving in text mode on Lite was a good move.

But making Xojo Free for Linux apps free maybe is not the best move. Now that every windows has the WSL a few clicks away… Free Xojo apps for windows too :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


  • It is the Lite version so No database servers
  • Obviously, it has the linux look and feel
  • Linux is not the best example to be offered for free, some controls dont even work.

If they really want to improve sales:

  • They could add Databases to the Lite version, even if linux is not free and even with the $150 price tag
  • A new tier that includes 2 targets (Desktop+Web, Desktop+Mobile or mobile+web)
  • The current release model is not really atractive, they can lower prices in general to cover for the low quality.

Im using Xojo 2019 and after 5 years, the new 2024r2 release FINALLY has 2 features that make me consider to upgrade… But even so, It feels like a scam to pay for a PRO when mobile is not going to be used.


Like people MIGHT want to work on open source projects on something OTHER than Linux ?
It probably has more to do with sales on Linux are so tiny that one is easy to give away as its wont seriously harm their bottom line but people will hail it as the second coming or something

Use MBS and do NOT use the classes that derive from Database etc and you can access any DB server

Well there is that

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Considering the cost of the MBS plugins, you might as well just pony up for a Desktop Bozo licence.

Well, but you’ll still be paying for the MBS plugins. Xojo Is missing so much functionality without MBS…


But MBS SQL is NOT part of the “complete” MBS plugins. it is sold separately for 149 USD

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The SQL plugin is 149 which would still be cheaper than the desktop license by $150

What Ivan said just above :point_up_2:

Yes, but if I was developing open source software, I’d try my very best to avoid any third-party plugins or libraries, especially those that were not free.

Just my take.


In this case is java, go, c# and much more for free available. Netbeans comes up with drag and drop ui designer for windows, Linux and macros. So why be xojo??

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But that wasnt my point :slight_smile:

IF I had to guess this is an effort to NOT give up much revenue from paid linux IDE’s and earn a bunch of YAY ! kinds of reactions

Adding version control to Lite still means you can only make desktop apps so its not a great jump forward there

They’re getting kudos for not changing much it seems

Baby steps

Too little too late for many here


Yep. Miami XDC was my breaking point.

FileMaker and Geoff taught me closed source platforms are very risky.


That was the beginning of my end too. What year was that? 2019? Time has no meaning since the pandemic.

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Yep 2019
The same one where Geoff stated Xojo was adequately staffed when the y found out I was no longer there
Or so I’m told as I wasnt there and was in the Bahamas instead :slight_smile:

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I wonder if these recent offerings by Xojo are an indication of how well the company is doing.

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It sure would seem that way to me from out here based on what I can see publicly

Things I’ve been told privately simply confirm & reinforce that belief

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The 2024r1 update surprised me positively.

At the time I used Xojo the IDE on Linux was a miserable experience, everything being slow and laggy. Has that been fixed?

I haven’t tested, but from what I read it depends on the Linux you are using. Some are better than others.