Testing for android, Worst deal ever?

“As Android is a new platform and a special pre-release, a current license is needed to participate. You can build for Android using a Xojo Pro or Xojo iOS (soon to become Xojo Mobile) license.”

So, we have to pay a PRO licence for the privilege of working for Xojo as Beta testers :rofl:

Considering that the first test program I run in 2021r3 crashed the IDE (2021r3 First (bad) impression on Windows - General - Xojo Programming Forum) seems that the quality is worst each release. Xojo needs to invest more to convice people to test their software, maybe even compensate those who still participate, NOT charging them for the unpaid work.

(I posted about this with a real suggestion tone in the other forum and lasted like 30 seconds) :rofl:

Welcome to the Xojo QA Department… not that they will listen to your suggestions… but Welcome none the less :slight_smile:

I think you can sign up to be tester without a Pro license, if you ask kindly.

And you may get a Mobile (formerly iOS) license in the current sale to benefit from the discount.

To quote Alyssa:

The plan is when Xojo Android is released it will be included in Xojo Pro and all Xojo iOS licenses. Xojo iOS will become Xojo Mobile and there will be no price increase. To recap: Xojo Pro, as always, will include support for all platforms for $699, no change in price. Xojo iOS will become Xojo Mobile and will support iOS and Android for $299, with no change in price.

You can apparently join the Android testers if you have a current iOS license.
Do you have one?

Testing must surely include the ability to build deployable apps.
They don’t let you do that on any platform without a current license.

Not true. I’ve access with my Lite license.

Not true. I’ve access with my Lite license.

The lite license does not build for iOS

Jup, but you’ll be able to test upcoming versions. And Mobile testing can be also done with the emulators.

Do we need to set Anthony back on Geoff? :wink: Moooaaarrr testers!

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I have a valid license but I am not allowed to while I am banned from Forums.

You need the valid license and you need to be allowed from xojos administration. So I have a pays license and I’m not allowed

Not much point being in testers if you can’t talk about it on the testers forum?

Most people will see that a PRO licence is needed in the BANNER of the forum and donth bother asking…

Not at all, my last PRO licence expired in 2018 and since Web 1 was killed, quality in web2 is not usable for me and Xojo not having iOS on windows (I have made iOS apps in windows for the last 5 years with B4i, so, yes it can be done) there is nothing worth the money for another “pro” licence since then.

The point is that I can’t test even for own uses

They claim to already have about 700+
However you can judge how many are active
I suspect its a fraction of that

Yeah the difference between SILENCED and SUSPENDED I explained once before but they are listening

Seems false advertising to say any one can then boot you out

When I was in the testers channel participants in the forum were not near 10% of that. Then Xojo kicked a lot of us for not having a current licence :rofl:

Does feedback work if you dont have one?
If not, how do you report bugs officially?

But Norman and others like me have valid licenses and are not getting that what they promised and what is part of the contract. They break that what they promise when I do the contracting.

Well, Norman has probably forum access through a client, so he can test Android.

Yes, feedback works to report bugs even without a licence but only for public releases.