Testing for android, Worst deal ever?

It is breaking the contract through Xojo, inc. The contract is: Buy Pro and you can test pre releases.

I should, in theory, have access under my account since I have a Pro+ license assigned to me
But I don’t

I once wrote Dana and suggested they use the SILENCE mode of Discourse

I never got a reply from Dana so I forward the same question to Geoff

Silence would permit license holders to login and access the portions of the forums they are permitted to access according to their license. They would NOT be allowed to post or start new threads. In practice it would be much like suspension.

That was rejected

I DO have an alternative

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Exactly that’s the Point. And even if Monkeybread thinks, believes and means that we have still Access over Customer Accounts I have to say: we haven’t. And from somebody I know that even that way they closed.

Given that access to the pre-releases is supposed to be part of your license that is simply wrong, unprofessional and childish IMO… And likely legally actionable on your part - though I know (and they do too) that it’s not practical (nor worth the bother) for you to pursue.

The thing is you would likely be submitting better bug reports on the betas than most users , so they really are shooting themselves in the foot IMO with disregarding the silencing option…

To me it all smacks of vindictiveness.

That Dana did not even reply at all to a current Pro+ customer inquiry- no matter the customer, is a strong indication of that. It was unprofessional at the least.



Oh for me it’s worth to pursue. I have a good Lawyer in Dallas, he already wrote that he will do that. Let’s have fun

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That is a fairly ridiculous reply. Breaking the law is ok as long as you can circumvent what they are doing? Unbelievable.

A clear statement that this is unacceptable would have been nice.

Pacta sunt servanda.

Id quomodo sit

Ut semper fuit.

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Mortuum flagellas :wink:

Not really. Pure not fulfilling the contract between the company and the customer

Yes, really. The futility of berating someone who feels no remorse.

Don’t ask me, ask Xojo Inc.
I dislike Norman being kicked out of the forums and asked several times to change that.


It is not only Norman. There are a few more.