Talk about Xojo Desktop IDE glitches , speed , bugs

since many people are ranting about some bugs not fixed, I’ve asked this before in other thread, with no reply, so list here the most important bugs, not the IDE glitches.

you could tell me just look the feedback app, but there is so many little bugs and wishlist., hard to find. Only show stopper ones that cannot be worked around.

So what are your most IMPORTANT bugs in Xojo desktop version :

Xojo desktop is probably the MOST reliable version
And the version on MacOS probably the best of the three targets

My personal pet peeves are
59427 64 bit debugger just wanders off into the ozone sometimes
59520 debugger skips break points

It makes debugging so nearly impossible

59241 on Windows a floating window created by code in a window set with a sheet frame doesnt activate

Performance in Mysql Database use is around 12% of the performance of Java with the same server and the same computer it is running on.

Performance in String concatenation is around 32% of the Java performance with the same Job on the same computer.

Math has many Bugs which are described in endless descriptions in feedback.

Fileread is around 8% of the performance of Java: not usable for bigger amounts of data.

File write: the same as read.

and many many many others. If you want to know them all: read the feedbacks. It is less complex for everybody here if you would start with this literature before. You will find a big amount of them. And please: don’t believe when they wrote: solution. In most cases there is still non.

Beside the performance: Linux IDE behaves completely nuts after a few hours and needs restart, when you have many elements on one Screen it starts to be slow (with Scenebuilder for JavaFX or JFromdesigner I haven’t effects like this so I could it as IDE error).

This are only favorites. If you would have asked for Web…Android…(Ahh, yes: there is no Android)…IOS…(Ah yes, there is no native Java IOS…uuppps there is: Gluon can use native if I want to). So…though.

The hard part with trying to read feedback is that you cant get a list of open bugs by just anyone
Searching isnt great
This makes it hard to see bugs other people have reported

Hard but not impossible.

i don’t understand, 12% slower ? or java = 100, then xojo speed is 12-32% ? i’m not a fanboy or anything, i’m asking question. i have no religion, i use golang too for ex its nice.

Then Go Lang

I think he means this
I recall trying to help him deal with the speed issue in Xojo + mysql and it was a fraction of Java’s speed accessing the same data in the same database

not the point, i work to build projects, by any mean necessary
we use gloang to make servers. to make postgresql apis in json
xojo desktop clients for editing/ viewing.
these apis will be public
you want to make a java client too ? :slight_smile:

Sorry but I am building Software Projects with my Company, the Stueker Group, for medical devices, Data Transfer Systems, CNC-machines and more. We use C++, C, Java, JavaFX. We connect to Mysql, Access, HSql, Postgresql, Oracle DB, IBM DB1 and much more. We don’t need to connect to something not really used in the market. Our goal is that we fit the industry needs.

this thread is gone totally OT, might start again a real one to list only


My most important bug is this one:


57894 - Bug “57268 - Inspector odd behaviour” is back

OS: OS X 10.13.6

Xojo: Xojo 2019r2

Steps: I wanted to change the size of one of my windows and got the behaviour of the “jumping inspector” back. It must be related to the project. When I copy the affected window into a new project then the jumping doesn’t occur.

Editing anything is a window is like a slap in the face. Every darn time I edit something. 2 years later the bug still haven’t been fixed. It looks so unprofessional.

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This one also slaps me on a regular basis, but Xojo is unable to reproduce it… So I thought it was just me. Kinda happy it happens to others also, I’m not that crazy.

The bug IS reproducible. It happens when a window is external. Not many users do external items so Xojo doesn’t care.

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Im going to be honest here and say that there is not a single bug that is a showstopper for me.

I understand that there are some maths things that are known.
Sockets cause people some trouble.
The things that get me are that drawing images scaled is much slower since 2015.
Most people don’t do as many bitmap draws in a tight loop as I do, so the cumulative effect is a big issue for me, while trivial to Xojo and everyone else.
Like many of the ‘bugs’ listed here, its more ‘I wish it was better’, and complaints about the IDE/debugger.

Slow <> bug
No Android <> bug
Poor debugger <> bug

Linux IDE behaves completely nuts after a few hours = bug
debugger skips = bug

API2 = change for the sake of change

My personal take is that I will live with bugs in the IDE and debugger as long as what comes out the other end works the way I code it.
Are my own products bug free?
No. Never will be.


All my Apps are using sockets. A never ending nightmare. All my apps using intensively maths.

i’m using lots of sockets too, and i’m keeping track of socket stuff
tho using more curlMBS, should solve some problems no ?

No. Not. Not at all. And by the way: is it really needed to use MBS Plugs for everything while the Language is not able to do what it promises to do and to be able to do??? Wow.

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Here is my curated list of IDE issues taken from my big list I posted in the other thread, “only show stopper ones that cannot be worked around” is a relative term as almost everything is “worked around” by restarting the IDE, so some of these cause me to stop what I’m doing, some cause me concern and some cause me to just sigh deeply at time wasted when reloading a project because of irreparable damage to code:

46671 ctrl shift end issues
49189 Slow debugging lengthy data sets in variable viewer of IDE
51123 Switching between Structures doesn’t refresh structure size after using toggling Show 64 bit sizes
51209 Moving IDE code editor to start of line doesn’t show if start of line is behind line numbers
51227 Closing last project also closes IDE Script and the Cancel does nothing to stop it closing
51229 Shift+Enter on a SELECT inside upper portion of IF that has an ELSE adds an END IF not an END SELECT
51418 Unable to scroll to end of debug variable hex view in the IDE
51419 Unable to scroll to top of debug variable hex view in the IDE when adjusting the size of the pane
51471 Autocomplete on a module shows all sub modules at every level
51479 Extra line added when copy and pasting from and to a textarea
51649 Slow typing speed in IDE
51705 Text selection is removed if mouse clicked twice at the same location or again inside the selection all while holding shift
51758 Controls in the IDE aren’t showing with the same background colour as when the project is run
51877 Checkbox and radiobutton text changes position and size when project is run
52483 When the IDE throws an error the message doesn’t show on top of other windows
54030 Double clicking then dragging code doesn’t work if there are parenthesis at the end of the line
54144 DoShellCommand fails if path contains non-ascii character
55240 Moving cursor over a line with a single character causes cursor position to move inwards
55398 Shift+Enter on a nested If with code reformatting causes code corruption
55584 Separate projects with the same app name fail to debug run with no user feedback
55589 Unable to run desktop project after running web project
55628 system.debuglog in windows not always showing useful output
55727 Size of structure which refers to another structure does not update properly
55925 Unable to set breakpoint with keyboard shortcut during debug
56249 Unable to double click a window to add an event or jump to code after deleting a method
56381 Lots of file access for every key press in the IDE
56548 Deleting a control leaves access to it via another tab
57239 Some controls aren’t picking up their correct background color in the ide
57631 Deprecated classes in autocomplete don’t show their replacement
57704 Hover over error bug icon not always showing error
58264 Deleting a control while in code view leaves you in code view
58357 Button order is incorrect on Save As message box
58545 CTRL+F Find removed/missing from in-built LR?
58603 Super return of nested inline if expand in incorrect order
58681 Trying to use debug UTF32 crashes the IDE
58754 In built language reference opens a page on with personal information in the URL
59039 IDE hitting the file system on every keypress in code window
59040 IDE hitting the file system on mouse move in code window
63423 Code corruption when using code reformatting, split lines and undo
63424 Issues when splitting lines when using a code reformatting script
63425 Selecting multiple items with a different value in inspector sometimes causes the entry to vanish
63426 Double click window to add events stops working after first time
63558 Canvas reverts to transparent in IDE
63634 Pasting into a controls property doesn’t always store the value
63810 Debugging a structure containing WString causes crash
63974 Able to resize control when locked
64036 Switching views in IDE causes memory usage to increase, possible memory leak
64246 Code entry slows for every workspace you have open showing a window
64298 Restart button is clickable during upgrade download on Mac, closes IDE
65295 WString and CString don’t change size in the IDE when changing architecture
65337 Attributes don’t update on undo/redo
65387 Reformat code script still runs even after it has been deleted
65412 Multiple selected controls with differing lock status confuses IDE
65416 Drag select fails if you have a locked control selected
65540 Inbuilt language reference no longer opens with focus in the search field
65678 App unexpectedly exits in 32bit but not 64bit
65691 Layout vanishes from tab, unable to view window layout in that tab using navigator
66324 Renaming a control set causes issues in the navigator

seriously, I don’t understand your rationality about the tools you use, and your development process, if you are to critic about Xojo, why do you care if they make android or not ?

Plus you stated earlier you tried professionnaly to use xojo web. so you had issues with desktop you are a masochist, you kept debugging web 1.0 ? :slight_smile:

the problem is not web 1.0, but the fact you even considered that you could use it at scale from the start. it’s a bad tech choice sorry.

and personally, in the last survey we had couple months ago, I replied that i don’t plan to use ios nor android, ever, and they should fix bugs rather than making new platform. ok maybe for web and Pi, ios and android market are overcrowded with tools, who have lots of funding like ionic.

doesn’t mean we can’t use desktop version to make app, and we do.