SwiftUI for Web development

Holy Cow…

Seems like the only targets left that you can’t build with SwiftUI is Windows, Linux and Pi!

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That’s interesting! Thanks for finding that Sam.

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‘Static site generator’ means that it will not be like an app with database connection? In other words, this will not replace PHP or other, correct?

At the moment, I don’t know Paul’s long term goals for this project, especially as this is a side project. Paul runs a well known Swift & SwiftUI tutorial site, 100 days of Swift and 100 days of SwiftUI.

SwiftUI for Android is also run by indie developers, I’d like to see these projects support by Apple, along with Windows. But I won’t hold my breath.

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Yes correct.

There are many such static site generators like Astro, Hugo, etc.

One more just got added.

Actually Swift is very slow in adding support for other platforms.

There are other compilers and tools that offered either commercially or for free and that target almost all the platforms.

One such free offering is Silver.

Swift is an APPLE product, and APPLE has little if any incentive to support Android, WIndows etc.


Naturally I know that.

But still to be more relevant & gain traction Swift has to add support for Windows & Android.

But what I am trying to say is that why stick to Swift when there are other alternatives available which are more matured and better.

Generally one reason is ignorance about existence of such a better alternative. Which I feel is very common in Mac only users. (Please note I am not trying to insult anyone here it just an observation based on users I have interacted with.)

Take for example the all powerful and fun to use Pinegrow Web Editor.

It is a fantastic web editor which was originally a Mac only tool, but could not garner much users so they had to release Windows and Linux editions.

Because I’m a Mac developer first, and web developer, because I have to be. SwiftUI and HTML are both markup languages of sorts, so it makes sense to be able to use one language for both systems.

But isn’t SwiftUI still lacking proper rich support for even - in-walled-garden MacOS desktop apps or has something changed?

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Swift does support Windows

Yes I know but Silver supported all the popular platforms way before Swift did.

Not open source and on a quick look I couldn’t see what verion of Swift it is.

@dwarfland probably could tell you since I believe he’s the co-founder of REMObjects

Yes smells commercial advertising. CoolAid 2.0 I would like to say. What ever. People like that kind of stuffs. I believe that advertisement is not the best thing on this platform but…I haven’t to decide. On the other side: I took a look on it and for me it is not something I would like to use. Much too heavy in use and too less modern technologies. It is an old concept for an IDE missing so many modern approaches for Software Development. I feel better using IntelliJIdea, Rider and Co for development. Even Netbeans makes for me more sense. Or vscode.

I hope that we will have more clear rules for advertisement like show an advertisement badge when doing it so everybody can see what it is. Reading all this threads I can only come to this conclusion.

Advertising ?

I could sure use the revenue if there was any

Do you mean the mentions of specific products like Pinegrow in SwiftUI for Web development - #8 by YogiYang ?

I wouldn’t call that advertising - more pointing out a product that also had to grow to include Mac Windows & Linux in support of the point he was making

I dont see anything wrong with that

That said I would frown on anyone posting just to flog some particular product and not contributing in any other way
And I hope members would flag those as “spam” posts which I’d say they are

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I am not against advertisement of products. marked as advertisement would be okay for me cause I would not read then and that’s it. But if you don’t see it as advertisement: okay. No problem. I don’t have to read it at all.

The other side is: we need new development tools cause Xojo is none anymore. Not that you can not write Software with it. It has a too leaky functionality and always the risk that the vendor decides: oh, today I am renaming msgbox() to messagebox() and tomorrow…haaaa…tomorrow I am renaming it back to msgbox() and next week I start API95.5 and it is named alertbox().

Speaking about this problem I still get that people ignored it and still based their projects on Xojo. But with much, much work they did not wanted to do.

I have NO clue what ad you mean ???

People working in the Swift steering group are acutely aware of that. There is more to come, but it will take time to mature.



I meant that I am not against advertisement. In General. Not a special one.