Stop writing Xojo Forum in here!

lol, that is what some people must be thinking right now in another site!

It is interesting to see how the censorship and bans in the other forum caused that some users of this site, who really want to help Xojo Users, write “Xojo Forum” in their posts to help those Xojo Users.

It is funny to see how that censorship caused a rise in posts addressed to the Xojo Forum, making this site No. 7 in google, when you search for “Xojo Forum”.

Well, thanks to the censorship, now more and more xojo users will find this site.


Not sure what you point is?
I read about two questions that were asked… and I had the answers…
Should the people that posed those questions be denied a reasonable answer, because the CEO of Xojo, Inc is an arrogant, egotical person? I think not…

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Ivan, I think you are not saying what you mean, but I’m pretty sure I don’t understand what you are saying … :wink:

I just wanted to write Xojo Forum a little more. Maybe also should add “Xojo Blog” :upside_down_face:

There was not really a point, bur, if you want one, maybe you can say that: “arrogant and egotical” desitions tend to backfire?

So basically if Xojo hadn’t banned people from their Xojo forums then those users coming from the other Xojo forum wouldn’t need to ask others here to post answers for users on the other Xojo forum on the other Xojo forum, with the unintended consequence that mentioning Xojo forum here drives IfNotNil up in the search rankings if someone searches for “Xojo forum” :wink:

Got it.


well this forum is fubared

“Body is not a complete sentence” [infinite loop]

I feel sad for him, reading these opinions. Regardless of having strong thoughts, he looks polite (not much arrogant) to me and it’s already a good quality; I agree I’m sometimes naive, but…

I also think he rarely changes his mind, even when he might be the only one thinking a way, but is that bad?
If he was always (or even often) changing his mind because someone said otherwise, Xojo would be not trustable at all.

I’m not trying to say he’s right (nor wrong) here, just trying to understand the point of view of rude criticisms toward him, because I feel sad for him (perhaps because I don’t know him much…).

I’m also not saying suspended accounts are legitimate nor users who have suspended accounts (be it temporary or not) have made mistakes or not, but how is this related to him directly?

Stick around, his true nature will become apparent soon enough.

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And here is (my opinion) a post that supports my view…
That thread should never have needed to happen in the first place, and the responses from the MVP clearly show the overall attitude expressed by the company

Why are some Threads closed sooner than others?

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Yes, I saw that thread, too.
For me, this is the person who closed a thread which is to blame.

Who does/did it at the direction of the manangment of Xojo, who created those draconian policy statements in the first place… Mainly because they are “scared” that negative critisim is bad (its not if taken properly), they are scared if other competing products are mentioned (its not, as it “SHOULD” show the strengths of Xojo in comparison, or show where Xojo could improve)… But they, like TRUMP cannot bear any environment that is not 100% :rainbow: :rainbow: :sunny: :sunny:

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How a company responds to criticism is very informative

Some choose to deny it exists or expunge it from places they can in various ways

Some just ignore it hoping/expecting it will subside but dont do anything to lessen it

Others respond to it in constructive ways and learn from it and improve their product based on those critiques.
MacWorld, AppleInsider, Daring Fireball and a host of other mac sites run opinion columns and they often have critiques of Apple products and Apple seems to listen. It’s not unusual to see Apple correct or update devices & software that fixes the things pointed out by these critiques.


As for Apple… Their forum, since Mac OS became OS X, is known to be a user-to-user forum where Apple won’t ever answer. It reminds me of the ancien Ludi where one group/person makes decisions, doesn’t undertake them, and lets users do battles themselves in front of the decision maker…
Between Xojo and Apple, I still prefer Xojo’s behaviour… Not to say it’s ideal either.

This is a site where people can talk about XOJO, ask questions and help each other, all withouth the censorship of the “oficial” forum. And unlike there, in here we can say some ugly trhuths about xojo and also discuss other tools. :wink:

Fun fact, this post is now number 5 on google when searching for “Xojo forum” and in a good place when searching for “Xojo Blog”

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Xojo Forum
Xojo Forum
Xojo Forum
Xojo Forum
Xojo Forum :stuck_out_tongue:


Xojo Forum?
Xojo Forum?
Xojo Forum?
Xojo Forum?
Xojo Forum ?

Heres a Forum
Theres a Forum
Everywhere a Xojo Forum

99 Xojo Forums on the net
Take one down
Mix it around
Numeric overflow exception !

EDIT : Duck Duck Go results have us listed #8 (first page of results)

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Old MacDonald had a forum x o j o, erm, xojo forum
gimee and x
gimme an o
gimme a j
gimme an o
What have you got?
Xojo forum!

Google has it at #3 for me when I search Xojo Forum.

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What the hell… XOJO FORUM!
Oh was I not supposed to say Xojo forum? Or is it OK to say Xojo Forum?

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