Sorry for being rude and not civil enough

Two of my posts where flagged wihin a few days. One because I answered in a nice wise in klingonic translated Text to. user. Really in nice words. And no, this was not even off topic in that situation. But okay, it is flagged and hidden.

With the other post I reacted on a Plugin vendor which wanted to sell his Plugin and showed also an example how it will work when used. But the example Sourcecode nobody could see. So I was a little bit upset because I had that user once before in a let me say not so nice discussion. What happened? Post was flagged by Staff for

  • being rude
  • being not civil.

So I want to apologize that I always say what I think and never try to lie around or even speak behind back of people. That I can’t do that is a symptom of that what other people may name Asperger. I name it my biggest luck. What ever, as I could see and realize: comments in a so clear and open wise are not wanted on this Platform.

Since it is not the first time I realize: I am possibly wrong here. While there are a few people I do not want to loose contact: write me a PM here in this forum or on Discord, I will re-contact you of coarse.

Thanks for reading. Bye.



Different, outspoken, straightforward, honest?





Matter of opinion. Snowflakes say YES, Men say NOT A SNOWFLAKE’S CHANCE IN HELL.


Unfortunately, there are always misunderstandings and cultural challenges with niche languages :wink: , including Klingon. It would be nice if the United Federation of Planets could clarify the matter promptly.

An apology is honorable, and that should settle the problem, if there ever was one.


An apology is honorable, indeed. Working with exotic (fringe) languages can have it’s appeal. Though it would be kind to provide a translation to standard English at the same place for the better experience of readers.

I wrote Varandor, I don’t even now me!

That’s it. I edited the post to make that more clear. Thank you for this hint.

Thank you for apologising @thorstenstueker.

This forum is supposed to be a civil place to discuss things not permitted on the Xojo forums not a place for rudeness.

@MarkusWinter. Your comments about snowflakes are rude and unwelcome. I am getting pretty sick and tired of your obnoxious rude attitude. This is your final warning. If I get any more flagged posts about your tone and language I will ban you from the forum.


Dear Thorstenstueker,

I want to apologize for flagging your two posts. When I read it and fed them to Google Translate, It was partly translated in such a way that it sounded abusive to me.

Now reading your apology, I realise that I made a terrible mistake and interpreted your message wrong. Therefore the flagging of your posts was my wrong, not yours!

I think we all learned a very important message that we can write in any language we want but provide an English translation, so every misunderstanding is prevented.

@Garry please can you unflag the posts of Thorstenstueker because the flagging was based on a misunderstanding. Thank you.

I dont really se what was rude with my post either, as far as I know, just some gibberish in klingon. Oh well.



Anyway it could be the end of INN if the first one gets banned, everyone should be aware of that. That has always been my understanding of INN, at least to this day, and one of the unique “selling” points of INN. Everything else would just be grist for the mill in Austin.

That doesn’t mean that I don’t understand the problem, because some posts (wherever on the internet) annoy me, even in the censorship-optimized TOF. But as long as people don’t post anything illegal and just “yell”, then the scrollbar is my dear partner. We should all know that feeding the troll is of little use.

We could also show mercy. Not everyone is always in a good mood, some have health issues that get on their nerves, or are not entirely sober when posting. Some have multiple identities (physically and virtually), etc. It’s all on the bad internet.

I believe it’s better to send a private message to the one who’s annoying and give them my opinion than to flag them. If something really upsets me, I always have the time for chatting with that person, or I just block that user.


This is a civil place. This means that no one is at liberty to insult others.

If someone wants to insult me, I am expecting that being done in plain and clear English, not veiled in slang words.

Terms of Service:

Content Standards

  1. You may not submit content to the forum that is illegal, offensive, or otherwise harmful to others. This includes content that is harassing, inappropriate, or abusive.

Of course, but then the same standards should apply to everyone. It hasn’t been 14 days since I had to be called a “dude” and a fa$ci$t, but there was no fuss.

I don’t care and it’s not worth wasting my life on it. But if the standards are nailed down here, then I think we can soon celebrate reuniting with TOF. In Austin, the champagne corks are probably already popping. Probably better to move on.

If you do not take issue when insulted is your business. I do.

Just out of interest:
Do you have legal responsibility for a forum?

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what do you mean by “legal responsitblty”?

Bur you’d have to move without me Jeannot. I am not allowed to be there. That is also one of the parts of it: People which are banned should get their Xojo home here. And I agree with you, it could be very dangerous to ban one and not the other one. I remember when you where called fascist. And in that case nothing happened. Also that I remember. We had that situation and we where ignoring that troll and that’s it. I remember, yes.

This means running a forum and being legally responsible, civil and penal, for what is going on in that forum. Means: if things go bad, you sit in court, you pay the fine.

Yeah, in the US that isn’t a thing, unless you allow and support terrorist activity… And 1st amendment rights DO NOT APPLY… the owner can delete/censor anything they want to without legal recourse

so why did no one moderate the aggression against me? Just out of curiosity,

I thought no censorship was the big differentiator to TOF, but I was potentially wrong. Illegal stuff should get deleted of course, such legal necessities apply to all forums, and of course for TOF and INN.

But again that depends in which country the forum is maintained and running. Of course Germany could ban the forum as such, if it is content wise illegal and against German laws. However, we know how effective this works in reality.

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so why did no one moderate the aggression against me? Just out of curiosity,

Did you flag it?

Why should I? :slight_smile: - I don’t waste my lifetime on such things.

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