Scirra Construct 3 (C3), a new way of game development

It’s kind of silly for a developer to say only open source software should be used or marketed. I will gladly pay for a good software and support the developer.

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It’s kindly silly to use a closed source software forked from open source cause of licensing issues in the iopen source variant. But that is not my business, it is your business. When using open Source I am buying Support. That’s the model. And I guess it should not be brolen until now. Even Int4lliJ CE for example is for free to use. They love it to have customers. Many people have not enough money. No problem they sell it for sure. But they even say: if you have no money it can be a way to use CE also for commercial projects. So what? The model is always the same. But people like you are promoting only the closed source and are not speaking about open source. IntelliJ does that. Oracle too. Gluon too. Even Microsoft does that and still converts projects to open source. In my opinion you should at least also speak about the open source variant.

As a developer for closed source Software I have no problem with this model. I am in many open Source projects activ as a developer and as a maintainer. For free and no monay. Guess what? I am spending much code for our technologies also to open source. At the moment we are converting our entropy generator for entrophical key generation to open Source. Parts of it we can not cause it is not allowed for us by customers (gouvernment). This parts we rewrite even for open Source so we have a clean codebase.

I can’t get why this behavior should damage my business. It was not the last twenty years. It was not even in public domain business. It was not in the beginning of Linux instead of Unix. So it will not for the next 20 years. And guess what. After that period there will not be any development anymore. Cause I will stop one day developing and retire. I hope with 80 but I guess earlier.

Your Idea of OpenSource is the wrong one. Spend support for the open Source. People are paying for that. JavaFX for example. i have customers paying for knowledge. And that’s the business.

Shows also why I am fanboy for Java. Cause it is open Source and it is a state of the art technology. And I can write state of the art software with it. If I want to I can write with Java even mobile Software without one Buck to pay. Embedded. Desktop. Even Web Software. For open Source projects you can even use JPro.One for Web Development with JavaFX.

I can’t understand this Idea you have. Of coarse I am spending much code and knowloedge for the open Source. And yes, my customers will still buy Development Services. That’s the way of business.

When you write a completely closed Source Software it is different. The software will be sold closed Source and the Software is always closed source. But forking from open source should always mention the open source.

No, you get the voluntary based support but the bug you reported may get fixed or may not be fixed. When you really pay for support, you can expect the bug to get fixed in reasonable time.

And that’s it. You got it. But it’s much more. That’s the model


I am in no way advertising Construct 3 and I can assure you, I do not receive any benefits in return. Construct 3 is a very powerful game development environment and you can high quality games with it.

You are correct, C3 is not completely free. When you register the free version you can have 50 events. When you paid a subscription (like me), there are no limits on what you can do.

This blog post is about Construct 3, not Gdevelop. If you wish to discuss Gdevelop, then please open a new thread. I am not going into which is best, Gdevelop or Construct 3 because it is mainly personal preference. If you are using Gdevelop, and are satisfied, by all means be creative with it.

I am using Construct 3 and I am satisfied with it. I use it for our 4-year boy to help him counting, recognizing letters and simple games. Its events and behaviour system is quiet unique in the programming world, and believe it will be the future programming.

Since a few years, we can use JavaScript for sections that require more complex coding. A few upgrades ago we got TypeScript added. With every update, Construct 3 gets more powerfull. Mostly, there are 2 updates a month. The team behind Construct is very active.

Take a look at the example browser. Try out a few examples and look how the teams behind it, do it! Then challenge on of them in writing the same game in Java. Lets see who is winning being the first delivering a high quality game.

I know you are a very experienced and excellent Java developer, however, you will loose the challenge. Thats it! Construct is written and developed with game developers in mind, Java is a general development language created with just that in mind.

Comparing Java with Construct 3, and even comparing Gdevelop with Construct 3 is as comparing apples with bananas. They are both serving another type of game developer. However, with Java, Gedevelop and Construct 3, you can create beautiful games. It is more about the person behind the tool than the tool itself.

I hope you understand by now that this is in no way advertising for Construct 3. I just share blog posts about my favourite game development tool. Nothing more, nothing less.

The Scirra team behind Construct 3, never contacted me, or thanked me for maintaining this thread. In September 2023, I just asked permission to Laura Donaghy, communication manager at Scirra if I could share the blog posts on the Scirra website. As long I respect the agreements, I can do this without any problems. I even do not know if they check this thread (they know of its existence).

This blog was created to discuss the Construct 3 environment, not a kinda software A vs software B. I am also not flooding the forum with threads about Construct 3, I keep everything clean in one thread.

I am grateful that Norman let me do this and I will not abuse his forum. I am sure by now, he knows me well enough to know that I will not harm anybody. When he tells me to stop, I will respect his decision without any hard feelings.

I hope you see that my reasons behind this thread are geniune and honest. Every software has its place in the software universe!


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That is the right spirit! It is the quality of the software itself and the value for money which is important. If the software is open source or not, is the least important factor.


It is not what I meant. I meant that the Open Source package should also be mentioned. not the commercial version only. Not more. Not less. He does not mention it. And yes, it is Advertisement. If you get something or not. It feels like it. For me. But what ever, do, what you want.

Thank you for your reply and opinion which I value.

Gdevelop and Construct are from different developers. Personally, I know about the existence of Gdevelop but never used it. I just watched a video Construct vs Gdevelop. I have to tell you, in my opinion, the user interface of Construct is much clearer and better structured than Gdevelop.

There was no double jump available in Gdevelop and creating a character seemed problematic in Gdevelop.

But I have to warn here, the video is the view of one person. To get a more objective opinion, I need to watch more overviews from other people.

Here is a Construct vs Gdevelop thread in the Scirra forum:

Construct vs Gdevelop

Both Gdevelop and Construct have their place for sure in the game development industry. Like I said above, it is just personal preference.

I am comfortable in Construct, somebody else in Gdevelop, so everybody happy.

Again, this is not intended to be advertising. Just showing what you can do with Construct 3.


Sounds like solution. TKS. Good explanation why not using the other one. I can understand that. Good success.

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Hello Everybody,

Today, I want to share a new blog post from Ashley, founder and programmer of Scirra Construct3. The blog is about the new feature “HTML Layers” which became available in version 379 on 24 February 2024.

For those who are interested, here is the link (with permission of Scirra):
Better HTML integration with HTML layers

If you want to tryout Construct 3 yourself, click on the following link:
Try Construct 3

Thank you all for reading my posting and I wish you much fun with Construct 3.

Until next time.


Hi Everyone,

Today, I want to share a blog post about TypeScript in Construct 3. Since November C3 support TypeScript besides of JavaScript. TypeScript add “static” types to JavaScript which let you write cleaner code.

Click on the next link to view the TypeScript blog post (with permission of Scirra):

Construct support TypeScript

Through the years, Construct 3 (C3) became a very powerful game development platform. If you think about creating games, make sure to give C3 a serious try. You will be surprised about what C3 can do for you. If you wish, you can try C3 by clicking the next link:

Try Construct 3

Thank you so much for reading this blog.

Until next time.