Scirra Construct 3 (C3), a new way of game development

I read the INN forum almost daily and find the discussion interesting. There are a lot of knowledgeable members here with a lot of experience. There are many discussions of “low” code here and what it is exactly. But in all those “low” code discussions, I miss one strong contender: Scirra Construct 3 or shortened C3. In my essay below, I try to give you an alternative insight into “no” code development.

C3 is a 2D game development application running in your browser. It is a very powerful environment based on events and behaviours. In most games, you can program without a single line of code, just using those events and behaviours.

The learning curve is fast, and there are enough tutorials, both video and text, to get you up and running fast. The programming method is very refreshing and innovative. Personally, I have a much closer bond with the game and its characters in this visual environment.

Before a few years, Construct developers could only develop their games with those events and behaviours. However, a few years ago, Scirra (the developer behind Construct) added JavaScript to the C3 toolbox. If you wish, you can use JavaScript code and integrate it flawlessly within the C3 behaviour and events system.

This is a powerful feature because you can use the best of both worlds. Besides JavaScript, you can also have functions in C3 itself. Simple and easy.

To give you an understanding of how programming in C3 works, I give you here a screen-capture of an event sheet (ignore the left and right panes, only the middle one is important):

At the top of the event sheet, you include other event sheets which are used over your whole game. Then you define your global variables which are used over the whole game. It’s very important to be very considerate here because, like global variables in Xojo, they can bring you in trouble before you know it.

Then you have the group “Initialise” (for clarity, you group as much as you can):

Let’s explain a little:
Look at the left part, which is the condition:
“Initialise” is the group to which the events belong.
Then below that, you have the line “System On start of layout”
We use the “System” object to tell C3 to execute the action on the right every time the layout starts.
Now let’s examine the actions on the right belonging to this event:
Every time the layout starts, those four actions will be carried out.
The first line, “Functions Call FadeIn”, will call the function “FadeIn” inside the “Function” group.
In the following line, the “System” object will set the global variable “bln_g_FullScreen” to “True”. The same for the next two lines but then for other global variables.

These were the “System” objects. However, we can also add events to sprites (prefix spr_) objects. Let’s take a look at the following section, which controls the input of the player:

On the left side, we test the “Keyboard” object to see which key is pressed. On the right, we call the corresponding function, which carries out the action. The application can easily adapt to the wishes of the user.
And to conclude the explanation of event sheets, let’s take a look at the declaration of functions:

Here we define the functions we use in other sections of the event sheets. If you want to make a function “Global” to be used over the whole application, you put it in another event sheet and include that event sheet at the beginning. Simple like that.

Let us take a look at the layout of another game:

In this game, the player has to click a carrot in sequence to finish the game successfully. In the screen capture above, you see the development environment on the left, the properties pane, in the middle, the game design area; and on the left, the Project pane.

Everything inside the Project pane is logically ordered. To make it more clear, here is another screen capture of the Project and Layers pane:

Everything is organized. Like in a drawing application, you can have an unlimited amount of layers, which you can order the way you want.
Now, we take a look at the “Properties” pane for the “spr_Bunny” sprite object:

The important properties are marked with a green rectangle. Especially look at the “Behaviours” which define how objects behave. Let’s take a closer look at the Bunny behaviours:

In the left dialog, you can see the behaviours added to the Bunny object and also can add new behaviour. When you click on “Add new behaviour”, you can select a new behaviour out of the extensive dialog on the right.
Now let’s conclude the C3 tour with a view of the “Animation” editor:

At the bottom are nine animation frames (the blinking animation is out of view). Frame 0 to 7, let the bunny tap its feet when idle. Frame number 8 enables the bunny to blink occasionally when it is idle, waiting for the user. In the “Animation” pane top-right, you select which animation you want to modify. In the “Animation Properties” pane, you change the properties for the animation.
The “Point of Origin” in the middle is essential when placing the Bunny in the game. The “Collision” not used in this game aims to detect collisions with other objects.

C3 is an exciting and powerful game development environment that is almost completely visual. Within a few hours, you are creating your first game. Everything is very intuitive. Also, C3 handles screen sizes, and you can change the viewport in a snap.

When you want to take a closer look at C3 or want to try out C3 with a free version limited to 25 events and 2 layers, you can take a look at the Scirra website:

If you want more, you need to buy a subscription, which is 21.51 USD for personal and 78.42 USD for a business licence for one year. Both are billed annually. For what you receive, both are very affordable.

If you want to create 2D or simple 3D games, Scirra Construct 3 is what you need. It is very stable, doesn’t crash the system and is reliable. It surely is not bug-ridden like Xojo. Also, there are several monthly updates, and bugs are fixed immediately.

Also, their customer care is excellent, which is a must for subscription-based applications. When you have no Internet, you can still use C3 if you log in within seven days.

When you are on the Scirra website, you can also check their very active forums. If your question is urgent and you have a subscription, you can email them.

I hope you find this conversation useful and exciting. I am happy to know your thoughts about Scirra Construct 3.

Have a great day!



Thanks for this. I’m not into game development but post-retirement who knows. This looks like it’s about what I’d want … a nice, stable abstraction that handles the gnarly stuff so I can just have fun.

Thank you for your reply.
You are correct; C3 indeed abstracts you from the boring stuff. You can fully concentrate on the game mechanics, plot and characters when you create your game.

If you need to go further, you can easily use and integrate JavaScript for the functionality you want to provide but cannot accomplish with the event-behaviour system.

They have an example browser at the startup of C3. You can take a look at what is already accomplished. You will be surprised what is possible!

The dev team is also easily accessible and listens to remarks, feedback and bug reporting coming from their user base.

I hope you will find C3 an excellent game development platform like myself. You can work on your game when you have 30 or 60 minutes free. You easily take up where you left.


Hi all,

Because of the Ludlum Dare game jam, C3 is free to use until Monday 2 October 2023.

Anybody interested can try out all the features and functionality of Construct 3! This is your chance, if you are interested, to try out Construct 3 game development or maybe compete in the game jam and WIN!

Hi everyone,

Another week has passed since the Ludum Dare game jam. At this moment, the results are not yet known, at least not to me. Maybe a game made with Construct 3 (C3) won. Let’s hope so!

Traditional programmers stand very conservative and sceptical towards alternative programming like C3. Nevertheless, this will be the future, and we better embrace it.

You do not have to take my word for it. Therefore, I want to give you a link here to a game development company that successfully creates games with C3. Here is the link (with permission of Scirra):

Developer diaries: Alfie Wilkinson

I hope you enjoy reading, and when you are interested in game development, hopefully, it gives you ideas.

If you are interested, here is the link to Construct 3, free edition:

Construct 3 Game Development Free Edition
(I am using Google Chrome because I find it a little better than FireFox and Edge)

Enjoy creating games with C3!

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There are many great game programming tools available today that make it easy to start game development but I still think basic knowledge about traditional game development is a necessary skill.

Can you do all kinds of games with C3? How easy it would be to create a game like Asteroids?

Hi Jalih,

Thank you for your reply. A game like Asteroids can be created without any problems with C3. You will find an Asteroid game when you type “Asteroids” into the search field in the example browser. Regretfully, the free version is too limited to run this game. However, you can view the event sheet and level.

You can create many games with C3, like platformers, mazes, RPGs, puzzles, board games, etc. To give you a better idea about what is possible, take a look at the Scirra Arcade at the following link:
Scirra Arcade

Here, you can try out many games and see what is possible. Don’t forget the example browser. In the example browser, those games are made to show you how things can be done in C3.

As with everything, especially when you start developing games, you need to learn the basic principles about game development. Besides that, you need to learn your game development tool. C3 is easy to learn. There are a lot of tutorials and videos. Also, the team behind C3 is very helpful. There is also a forum where you can post questions.

Here is the link to access the C3 development environment:
Start Construct 3 - Let’s go!!!

I hope this helps, and I welcome you inside the C3 community.

I wish you much game development pleasure with C3.


Hi everyone,

It is already a few days since my last reply about the Developer Diaries of Construct 3. I do not have much time now, but I want to share another diary with you of Riv Hester who is a pixel artist, animator and game developer.

Here is the link (with permission of Scirra):
Scirra Developer Diaries - Riv Hester

Please, write your comments here or on the Scirra blog.

Enjoy, and until next time!

Hello All,

Another week has passed since my last post here on the If Not Nill forum. Today, there is a new blog post in the “Developer Diaries” series.

This time, it is C3 game developer Luke Webster’s turn to present his new game, “Bilkins Folly”. This is an adventure game where the hero is stranded on an island. This is an exciting game, and it shows clearly what is possible in C3.

I bought the game this afternoon and have many hours of adventure behind me. The graphics are excellent, with a great storyline. For those interested, you can buy the game at Steam.

So, let’s start at the beginning with the exciting blog post. Enjoy! Here is the link (with permission of Scirra):
Developer diaries: Luke Webster

C3 is an excellent and powerful game development platform. The developer dairies of this week clearly show that C3 can match Unity, GameMaker, Godot, and other game engines in its field.

If you are interested, there is a free edition of C3 which can be used at the following link:
Launch Construct 3 free edition

Until next time!


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Hello Jalih,

Inside the example browser, I found a demo of an asteroid-type movement. Here is a screen-capture with the events (4 in total) in the middle:

If you base your game on this template and you structure your game, you can finish this game in the free edition of C3.

Game programming is more about creativity, innovation, and being more brilliant than the player.

You can find this template in the Example Browser by searching for:
Custom movement (‘Asteroids’ style).

Until next time!

C3 is a paid fork of the free opensource Gdevelop???

Looks the same

Hi Ivan,

Thank you for your reply and question.

Construct 3 and Gdevelop are two separate development platforms. They are not connected—just competitors in the same arena.

There is a thread which compares C3 with Gdevelop on the Scirra forum:
Gdevelop vs Construct 3

Construct 3 subscription model is cheaper than Gdevelop.

Have a great day!


Hi everyone,

I was very busy the past two weeks. Therefore, I could not share another “Developer Diaries” blog post with this community.

Today, I want to share a new blog post about developer Darya Noghani, who developed the “Small Saga” RPG game. This game will be released on 16 November and available for PC and Mac.

Here is the link to read the blog (with permission of Scirra):
Developer diaries Darya Norghani

When you are interested in this game, take a look at the “Small Saga” website.

This clearly shows the real power of Construct 3 in rapid game development. It also shows the power of truly inspired and motivated people, for which “the sky is the limit!”

I am working on a small tutorial about creating a maze game in C3. I will publish it here in the second half of December. To take a closer look at how things are done in C3.

Enjoy reading, and post your comments here.

Kind Regards,


Hi all,

I want to publish a link on handling screen scaling in C3 today. On this subject, C3 does a marvellous job!

Here is the link (with permission of Scirra):
Scirra Construct 3 - Display Scaling

I hope you enjoy the reading, and don’t forget: you can always tryout Construct 3 at this link:
Scirra Construct 3 Free trial

Have an excellent (C3) day!

Kind Regards,


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Hi All,

It is a month ago since my last post, so I have some catching up to do. This time I want to share a Construct 3 blog post about Dapper Dog Digital games. This is the team behind Metroidvania, and BioGun.

You can read the blog here (with permission of Scirra):
Dapper Dog Digital Games

Enjoy the blog post. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in thread.

You can try out Construct 3 at the following link:
Try Out Construct 3 for Free

I wish you all much game development fun with Construct 3! Until next time!

Kind Regards,


Hello Everyone,

We are nearing the end of the year 2023 very fast. It is a custom of Scirra to review the past year around Christmas, so this year is no different.

As a user of the Scirra Construct 3 Game development tool, I can only congratulate the whole Scirra team with their accomplishments. And they were truly major.

Throughout 2023 they made 56 releases, which is more than one a week. We received the new feature of custom events, CSV, Cryptography, Flow Chart, TypeScript and many more.

Construct 3 is a really very powerfull game development environment. Look at the examples at the Construct 3 start page, and you will find out how amazing this tool is.

Please, do take a look at the following link:
Start Construct 3 / Example Browser
Here you can take a look at what is possible with C3 or how things are done. The link is even better, because you can start Construct 3 right away and start experimenting.

You can read the blog post of Ashley, one of the creators of C3 here:
Blogpost: Construct in 2023: Year in review

If you are thinking about creating your own games, Scirra Construct 3 is definatelly for you.

At the end of the year, I want to thank you as the reader for your interest in my postings. I really do appreciate that.

I also want to make clear, that my postings here are completely voluntary and with permission of Scirra. I do not receive any benefit from Scirra for my posting here.

I thank Laura Donaghy, community manager at Scirra, for the permission to post the blog posts here.
I also want to thank Norman Palardi, moderator of this forum, for allowing me to post about Scirra here. I am sure doing the same at TOF will result in ban.

Thank you all for reading, and I wish you all much game development fun with C3!

Kind Regards,



Hi everyone,

We are in the middle of January and it is time for a new blog post. In this post I want to share a blog post about introducing Construct’s 3 new WEBGPU renderer. A great improvement over OpenGL. So let’s share that blog post together with the If Not Nill community.

Here is the link (with permission of Scirra):
Read blogpost “Introducing WEBGPU”

If you wish you can try out Construct 3 here:
Launch Construct 3 Free Trial

I wish you much game development fun with Construct 3!

Until next time


Hi All,

Another month is passed since my last post here, and we are already halfway February. Time for another Construct 3 blog post.

Today, a new blog was posted with Mike Sole, the lead developer behind the game “Nuke them All”. This is a real-time strategy game, completely created in Construct 3. It will come in 2024 to Steam.

Here is the link to read the interesting blog post (with permission of Scirra):

Scirra Construct 3 Developer Diaries: Mike Sole

I hope you enjoy this interesting read. Last Tuesday a new stable update (r379) was released for Construct 3. There are some interesting additions like a “Flowchart Control”, a HTML layer and much more. If you want to try out Construct 3, click the following link:

Try out the latest stable version (r379) of Construct 3

Construct 3 is an excellent game engine with a lot of features. The developers are very active in updating an bring ut new releases. For gaming, it is so much better than Xojo!

Thank you for reading my reply.

I wish you all the best, and until next time.

Kind Regards,



Hello everybody,

Time flies and it is already more than a month ago since my last post. Scirra Construct 3 (C3) is flourishing and gets more powerful with every release.

For this month I choose the blog post “Design UI’s with HTML and CSS in Construct.” This blog explain how easy it is with C3 to design user interfaces or UI elements.

You can view the blog here (with permission of Scirra):
Design UI’s with HTML and CSS in Construct

Enjoy this blog and if you want to try it out, you can click the following link to test it with the free edition:
Start Construct 3 - Free Edition

Thank you for reading this blog and have a nice day.

Kind Regards,


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The best is an arcade Game 443 playing but it is not running on any of our platforms. Congratulations. But seriously: GDEVELOP is the one which you should speak about. Paid forks are seriously damaging the open source model. And hereby: I don’t like that kind of advertising you do. I am also not doing any adverstisement for paid tols and even if I recommend one (JFormdesigner for Java Swing) I am recommending in the same moment always Netbeans form Designer. So please: try to.