Replacement for Xojo as it relates to windows development

A half truth definitely
And this is a regression in capability - not being able to compile any kind of usable macOS app on Windows or Linux
Had Apple never abandoned 32 bit it wouldn’t be such a big deal
But this has been a “we know this is coming” for such a long time its not funny
Its one of the motivators for Xojo having a 64 bit compiler at all

It’s a shame they haven’t done more about it
And right about now we circle back to “no compiler engineer” issues

I like your sense of humour Markus. I did miss it.

Oh. Dear. Me. :man_facepalming:

From Xojo: Cross-Platform Development Tool

This means it is cross-platform, so you can build for any platform from any platform. We like to make things easy.

So not marketing but a lie.

@npalardy, I had not fully considered the changes in cross-compiling until you mentioned that this restricts debugging Mac builds from a Windows system. My biggest application is designed for two screens, so in certain circumstances I need the remote debugger so the debugger doesn’t get in the way of the window interaction. With only one Mac, I’m stuck if I need to remotely debug something that is Mac-specific.

So, marketing hype/lies about cross-compiling aside, this is a significant degradation of capability that I have relied upon in the past, potentially one that increases my cost of development.

The code’s not even cross platform with Old Framework, New Framework, and API 2.0. Plus all the differences in Controls.

Investing in C# for Windows might be a good idea, as it looks like we’ll be able to target more platforms “soon”: :slightly_smiling_face:

Ooohhh I wondered when one of the “big guys” would do this
Interestingly they say

The native features of each platform and UI control are within reach in a simple, cross-platform API for you to deliver no-compromise user experiences while sharing even more code than before.

will be interesting to see if we still write code to make forms or where this goes

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If one is developing solely for a Microsoft Windows environment, it is worth looking at Clarion Professional for Windows. By adding Clarion Handy Tools, one can then develop interactive web based client- server applications.
I moved from that environment to Xojo because I wanted a multi-platform environment.

Ha! I too came from Clarion to Xojo for the cross-platform capabilities, but also because I switched from Windows to Mac and wanted something native to develop in.

That was back in the early 2000s when Clarion was owned by TopSpeed (actually started with Clarion before TopSpeed). I still miss their Data Dictionary and form/window auto-regeneration system. Been slowly building something similar in Xojo.

Will it be drag/drop IDE. That’s the big hurdle they were never able to jump with Xamarin…

Yeah Xamarin on the mac was what I would all s “shit show”
You had to edit your forms in Xcode them import them into Xamarin and write C# code
Thats nuts

So far I havent seen much more than the blog post but I cannot imagine MS would be ok with a retrograde movement back to writing all code to do layout

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I moved to OSX after a long period of WINDOZE finally put me to sleep. I too I miss their Data Dictionary and form/window auto-regeneration system. Can I help with your project to reproduce this?

I might take you up on that when I get back to working on it. So far I can select some or all tables in a db and generate a data dictionary table, which I then go through and set the various control types and some behaviors. Then I can generate basic CRUD forms from that (Window or ContainerControl). I even modified the form generator to work with Web controls when I created a heavy data entry web app for a client a while back.

Next major task is reading the existing project files to extract and preserve any code before re-generating a form, then restoring the code.

well theres a handy dandy diff engine available online now all in Xojo :stuck_out_tongue:
that might be useful for this

That’s right! I’ll have to keep that in mind. :grinning:

Huh? What did I miss?

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My response to that would be quite rude.

I always laughed when MS talked about multi-platform a if several different flavours of Windows counted as “multi-platform” :slight_smile:
They have seemingly come around on this and egt the mutli-platform means “all major desktop, server & and mobile os”
So it will be fun to see what their tool set evolves into

I think for them its an existential thing because while desktop Windows is still a big player its less so in mobile & not nearly as dominant in servers as it once was
So they have a vested interest in making a move to multi-platform to remain dominant

Yeah, but they have a reputation for “embrace, modify, extinguish by making the original incompatible with MS stuff”