Programming hang outs?

Paul does his hang outs which are social get togethers to keep us all from getting cabin fever :slight_smile:

Wondering if there’s interesting in a “hands on” kind of session as “how to’s” ?
And whether we could gather a list of subjects to cover and schedule sessions ?

Thoughts ?

I’m interested

Interesting. How would you see that working - Zoom or something similar?

My only issue is I am currently doing remote radiology reporting 5 days a week whilst also schooling my kids so fitting it in could be a challenge personally. Happy to help facilitate anyway I can.

A remote version of the get-togethers we had planned?

I do several of those with others regarding Pro Audio, so some programming ones would be great!
Most people are using Zoom unless they have the big bucks for GoToWebinar… (Usually company sponsored ones)

Something like Zoom
And if we can record things and put them online that’d be awesome to !

Something like that
Or more “structured” as in "Today we’re going to cover how to … " like a short seminar


Yes, that was what I was hoping.

How frequent are you/we thinking of doing them? There could be real interest in this. It’s a shame we can’t get penetrance into the official Xojo Inc forum as I think something like this would be really beneficial.

Not sure … would really rely on having different presenters I think
I mean once a month would be an awesome start but once a week would be kick ass

As for getting noticed on the main forums IF folks hear theres this thing they’ll come
That I have no doubt about


I would love to join something like this…

OK so maybe we should start suggesting topics ?

Something we could reasonably cover in a half hour or so


Instances in ES6

Whats ES 6 ?

A recent version of JavaScript

oh EcmaScript !!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok. Still learning the terminology! :wink:

  1. Build automation and IDE scripting.
  2. Performance (e.g: unrolling loops, in lining methods, profiling, dictionaries vs arrays)
  3. Localisation. How to do (e.g constants, etc)
  4. Building for the macOS App Store

I can see I could do 3 of those topics

Lots more topic suggestions would be good

@npalardy I’m guessing the "building for the macOS App Store is the one you haven’t much experience with? Perhaps @samRowlands could help?

That and the javscript one

Sam sure could help out on the building for the app store
Not sure how we’d arrange that one as he’s in Taiwan(?) so time zones become a real obstacle