Plugin wishes?

as this forum has a different group of developers compared to the Xojo forum, maybe there are different ideas for things to be added to MBS Plugins?

While we can’t change compiler, the IDE or the framework with our plugins, we do sometimes produce alternative classes to work around bugs or add additional features.

So let me know if you have an idea for what we could do via plugin, that would help you in your daily routine or in some projects?

curious… why do you think this forum has a “different group of developers”?
My opinion is this forum is the developers that Xojo has alienated for one reason or another

I’m sure alienation is one aspect
I’ve been suspended from the main forums so I post here

This group also can discuss things here that are not permitted on Xojo’s site
Like discussions of Swift, other Basics, and other tools entirely

I do see a difference between what gets posted here and in the xojo forum. Disregard my off topic posts (I’ve been known to be a thread hijacker by nature), but I do see a higher level of expertise here and possibly a different kind of needs/wants than those of most of the participants in the xojo forum.

This forum is a different place than the official Xojo forum with other topics, other rules and other people.

So if someone here may have a plugin wish, where I could help, I would like to hear it.

I think @Garry posted on the Meta topic about INN that there are very few rules - deliberately
But respect and civil discourse IS expected

Hi Christian. You’re always welcome here.

I don’t have any specific plugin needs myself at the moment that aren’t met by the current MBS plugin (which I highly recommend to anyone reading this) but feel free to ask the others here.

The only one I had was either GDI+ or D2D as we’ve been discussing off lists
its just so darned hard to make use of either of those via declares OR COM in Xojo

Do you have a WebSocket object?
Your website shows WebSocketHelperMBS being deprecated but no link to the referenced WebSocketMBS…

Dunno if this helps but there is this one
Like so many things some swear by them - others swear at them :stuck_out_tongue:

We looked in the web socket stuff. But that can be done in pure Xojo, so no plugin needed.

Isn’t that true of everything?

There are things you cannot do in Xojo
And ones you cant do well

Might be true in many cases in others not so much. And even if some things can be done using pure Xojo I personally adhere to the idea of 1. reuse; 2. Reuse; 3. Reuse. If someone has written a plugin that saves me hours of work and the price is right I’m all for purchasing a plugin and saving time.

How about a plug-in for

[and I really hope that is not a seriously stupid suggestion because I have no idea what I’m talking about here]


That actually looks like a nice idea - generic API backed by platform specific drawing

I wholeheartedly second a new hardware-backed canvas control @MonkeybreadSoftware. There’s no chance Xojo Inc will do it…

Well, sadly Xojo conference didn’t happen and that discussion with Geoff did not happen.

It may only be worth to do it, if we could be sure, Xojo Inc. would not do their own, promote ours and assist quickly if we have problems with their APIs.

And currently I am not happy that they do a PDF class, while we already have a plugin solution.

Ask them?

You have the Cadillac of PDF Solutions. Anyone who needs that would not undoubtably be satisfied with whatever they release.

That said, for Xojo to remind a viable product, in this day and age, particularly for the hobbyist and “citizen developer” market, it needs things like basic PDF support built in.


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