Other tools

What other tools have people tried ?
I’ve looked at Lazarus, Delphi, and now am peeking at one from RemObjects called “Fire”
Bob’s also looked at some of these

Delphi only runs on Windows :frowning: And after speaking with 3 different engineers at Embarcadero I understand why. Delphi is written using Delphi BUT there are multiple frameworks you can use and the one Delphi is written in is not cross-platform :frowning: And the compiler apparently relies on MS compiler toolchain so its not portable.

Lazarus I’ve had no luck with - others have
I got an additional bit of info about it today that I might give a try
Not sure how I feel about using such a tool - but if it lived up to its claims I might
It certainly seems to be one of the closest to Xojo in its IDE etc (others seem to think IDE is “text editor”)

The RemObjects stuff I literally just downloaded

The RemObjects IDE is also mostly a text editor

If you want to create a macOS project you still need Xcode to edit the XIB files - which would seem to imply that for certain aspects of the work you must work on a Mac (or possibly Windows or Linux)

I played with Python quite a bit but I’ve not been able to find a reliable cross platform UI framework to link to. The most promising candidate was Toga bits it’s super rough around the edges on Windows.

I also think B4J/B4X from Anywhere Software is a pretty good Xojo alternative. It was good enough to tempt Alain Bailleul away from Xojo. His Xojo/REALBasic code was great. Incidentally, there’s an FTP dump of his previous RB good that mostly still works here.

I think bob did a reasonable job of trying out products that claimed to be x-platform IDE’s. And not just project managers/text editors like I’m finding Fire is

They are few & far between

Which is what drives me nuts about Xojo - they actually have a niche and do a good job but just dont have the will(?) to pursue things in a way they deliver EXCELLENCE on any of the targets

If all they focused on was delivering an excellent implementation on Mac/WIndows/Linux & skipped new baubles like Pi, Web, iOS, Android they might have a chance but with such a small team its hard to see how they can do a great job across 7 or 8 targets that all evolve rapidly.

FWIW I agree with you about Python (and there are others like Go, Rust, Mono and Xamarin) that all make claims about being x-platform but the reality is way different

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Couldn’t have said it better @npalardy. I do wonder why Geoff doesn’t just invest in a few more engineers and buckle down on quality. The product is excellent and there is a decent sized niche for it. One would hope he would recoup his investment as the product improved in quality because the idea of the all-in-one-IDE is so appealing.

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It all comes down to $$$$$$$$$$

I tried Fire too, with the free Swift language support, and while I like the editor and the speed of its autocomplete, I am pretty lost with Xcode as Interface editor.
The option to add Mercury as a Visual Basic compatible language sounds promising, but I wonder how xplatform development would be possible without an IE that does the native translations.