One day ago, you missed Xojo’s DBKit announcement

Millions of VB users were looking a tool with that. Really a shame that xojo could not deliver what VB had more than 2 decades ago.

only for me for information: for what is it good for? I never used that stuffs for Database. It is simple to write Database code and it is even more simple to write the needed code around for the UI and you get what you want to have and not what the Company wants you to have as a behavior. So please tell me what would be soooo good on this???

It is WAY simpler to just drag the UI in place and having a full working CRUD with a few clicks and ZERO code.

And since most of DB apps are just for CRUD, having this control was a great solution for MILLIONS of devs.

Well, MILLIONS wanted that behavior, plain CRUD. Why bother writing code for something that the “Company” provided out of the box.

It also had the full code option and a mix of using code to fine tune the controls behavior.

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I can understand that but I would never buy a black box. Couldn’t you build controls like that by self? I mean for JavaFX I have that kind of controls builded by self for Standard stuffs I need.

You should be coding on assembler then :rofl:

I mean, I’m not surprised. Geoff is NOT a developer. And by developer I mean someone that’s done a gajillion CRUD applications for dozens of clients. This is his simple interpretation of what the ‘average’ (i.e. newbie) Xojo developers wants and needs. Of course he’s wrong.


I see. But in java or c++ I am working with open source Software.

Why bothering beginners with the concept of prepared statements and safe programming?

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Someone has to tell the emperor that the has no cloths…


In order to teach them GOOD/SAFE habits before they fall down a rabbit hole

We have been, but seems Geoff likes to be naked and clueless


Didnt API2 use them under the hood?

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I doubt it, in order to do so it would have to parse the entered SQL statement and create a new sequence.

sql="INSERT INTO myTABLE VALUES('abc',123,'xyz')"

would have to be internally converted to


Most likely API2 does execute it as a prepared statement, but with no arguments and therefore does not change the code, and does not benefit from a “proper” prepared statement

NOTE : above syntax is for demonstration purposes, and may not represent the true syntax required

Still no reply from anyone about that persons issues with DBKit. Ooooof.

Maybe Xojo devs need a new tool to eliminate some bugs?

It’s a 8th programming language conversion from B4J demo code and written from scratch in about 15 minutes…