One day ago, you missed Xojo’s DBKit announcement

And it is available…

What do you think of it ?

I think Vapor/Fluent…

Database K.I.T.T.?

Getting close to JPA :slight_smile:

Sounds kind of like Steve Jobs 3D-printed a protective case for a mobile … probably just as useful

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I’ve created

Oh lord …

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Sounds like it relies heavily on Data Binding. which in my opinion was a bad idea in the 80’s


I’d use Active Record

And its not hard to extend it to have data bound controls

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EOF, NeXT’s old enterprise framework, did this well - VERY well
But few have ever followed their model

EOF + WebObjects was a truly astounding pair of tools to build with given what else there was at the time

Correct, if done well it is perfect, like JPA for instance, Spring Boot Data - half-heartedly it’s more or less nonsense. But that’s just the new way of Xojo, professionals aren’t the target group anymore and basically we probably never were.

That was on our list of things to do before I decided to leave the community. We most likely would not have used it in a client project. I’ve also never been a big fan of bound controls so who knows if I would have ever pulled the trigger.

Given that it’s now open source and not a single change to the repo in 2 years I doubt it’ll ever happen. And just shows how little the overall Xojo community cares.

Assuming that those 337 viewers sare Xojo users … ‘17 likes’ is nothing. 9 on TOF (one third Xojo employees / MVP) …

324 views were people that wanted a laugh

“I’ve created …” is already a good laugh w/o clicking the link … :slight_smile: - more work for the technical writer, brilliant.

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happy to have data grip reading this

Is this what they did for one of the old roadmap item??

Easy Database Connectivity: The ability to quickly connect database tables to your app’s user interface and get data in and out.


How does Xojo’s DBKit scale?

from hero to zero.

Better than I thought, I believed until today from here to nowhere… :slight_smile:

Essentially, I would like to encourage a bit more caution. To the best of my knowledge, DBKit is an innovative tool created by a senior executive community member, but it is not distributed by the corporation. DBKit necessitates Xojo 2023r2, but the kit is not provided by Xojo. Credit should be given where it is deserved, in this instance to a devoted software documenter, who could one day become the next MVP.