One day ago, you missed Xojo’s DBKit announcement

Holy shit!

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Soon, the title of the original post can be changed to “2 days ago” here in Europe, ensuring that this thread maintains its wealth of knowledge :slight_smile:

However, GP’s contribution to TOF doesn’t receive any comments either, even though the comment function is open. Open source is simply a challenging business.

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Its a stinking (poorly disguised) sales pitch.

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It’s a stinking sales pitch.

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Download our latest Xojo release and you will find my piece of excellence in the example folder … :clown_face: :man_facepalming:

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For 99,- Dollar I can buy in my favorite London Pub 160 Pints of beer. And I would make a bet that the 160 Pints are better invested

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I bet your favorite London Pub is NOT located in London (UK) but in Prague or Romania …

No, not at all, in mouse quarter in London. It is cheap and has let me say hard people as visitors. But they are nice and you can stay there.

I am never in Romania and never in Prague for a Beer. Never.

Tell me you’re not a Mac developer, without telling me.

“Here I’m going to copy the database into the Resources folder” :man_facepalming:

Unless I am mistaken, Xojo refuses to add “Read-only” support for databases, which is what makes this suggestion and practice bad as it violates code signing rules. Even if you follow it up, we should copy this to the user folder to edit (but doesn’t explain the best practice for doing this).

IMHO, adding Read-only support is far more useful than yet another way of interacting with a database.

You are right, the best way of mistaking also for Java Apps when delivering not read only within the package. That’s often a problem. Therefore I am installing the embedded Database at first start in the Userhome in a hidden Directory for my App. Why should somebody do that different? Yes, while he is Xojo Developer.

details, just details! :slight_smile:

Oh you really missed something… it’s really worth!

I didn’t missed something what I could get there cause I got it in Budweis :slight_smile:

I think they did a while back as SQLite made this work (they didnt used to which is why the Documentation was copied to app support)

I figured the SQLite library MUST support it, so it is a case of not exposing the ability and not giving a damn if customers ask for it.

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I think you and I can take advantage of it
Xojo has which is why from … gawd one of the versions, the sqlite DB that held the language ref no longer go copied to App Support
So I dont think you or I need to do anything special to use it

At least not that I am aware we need to do anything special

Care to explain ?
Where do you read something that leads you to tell that ?

BTW: my question was about the coding of the project, far away from nearly everything I can read above.

The writeup doesn’t make me want to look closer. It makes vague claims about making DB connection “easier”. I never found anything hard about them to begin with, but it’d be nice if the existing DB drivers worked well and bug free. I had to buy MB to get Xojo working with Sql Server on Windows, and still had to resort to ODBC … by contrast on MacOS there were no insurmountable problems dealing with Postgres using the provided driver, but there WERE problems.

Dave is right, it seems to be an attempt at data binding, and like him, I never met a data binding mechanism I could love anyway.


Does Xojo provide a decently conceived and implemented ORM?

Not that I am aware of