Oh No! Not another shiny!

I was skimming the issue tracker and saw this feature request to support the new headset.


The fellow means well, but doesn’t know what he’s asking. Full disclosure: I have no skin in the game regarding Android. But I would sure prefer that the adequate staff concentrate on bugs after getting Android out the door–not start chasing yet another target.

No WatchOS or TVOS either!

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Not going to happen. Period. They are stretched so thin now that it’s not funny.


Indeed. My point was simply that we shouldn’t give them any ideas. :slight_smile:


I’m pretty certain Geoff watched the keynote and probably thought that to himself

There seems to be a lack of clarity about that language you must use to develop for it
Some have suggested it MUST be Swift but I cant see that being quite true
Apple DOES say that SwiftUI is “the best for it” but so far nothing to indicate it MUST be a swift app

IF Swift is a requirement that might kill off Xojo apps for it
I COULD however see it being a specific framework thats required and maybe Xojo cant support it

But yeah they need yet more targets to chase like they need a hole in the head


I just found a second for a down vote.

beyond the fact the Xojo can barely (not?) support its selected platforms. There is NO way they have the technology or insight to take on “Vision Pro”. The entire paradigm is different that ANY platform they are currently attempting.

And I will bet dollars to doughnuts that due to SDK restrictions, the ObjC and/or Swift will be the only acceptable programmaing environments.

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Surprised no one has asked for watchOS or tvOS support yet :stuck_out_tongue:

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the paradighm for those two platforms is probably even more problematic … I haven’t done any watchOS apps, but tvOS and the “focus engine” is a royal PITA

I can hear it now
Sure it might be tough but it’d be SO COOL ! Xojo for watchOS !

One of those is yours truly :slight_smile:

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makes you wonder if they’ll consider the downvotes as well as the up votes?

Oh hey look this looks neat and its got 2 upvotes ! We should do it since we can see people WANT it !

uh but its got many down votes too ?

Yeah but it has several up votes so YAY ! Lets do that !

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The millions of non-existent Xojo users make any statistician queasy trying to even remotely understand any green statistic from the last 20 years.

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Do it based on your gut feeling
Who needs facts & such ?


And here they go.

So they can now say they ‘support’ Vision Pro when in reality they’ve done nothing special to support it. If anything, they got lucky.

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Yes sir. But they will have a further platform

Initially it sounded like there would be some specific development needed in Swift, and only Swift, to do much with the Vision Pro
This sure makes it seem like thats not the case

I would assume as long as the code is compiled against an appropriate SDK that it would run in Vision Pro… But that is not to say that anything will. As I’m willing to bet that like tvOS, arOS (or whatever) will have certain limitations (for example tvOS doesn’t support browsers or Sqlite, though I assume Vision pro does). But as long as “helloworld.app” runs, then Xojo can claim a win