Oh No! Not another shiny!

“[…] their recently announced mixed reality […]”

“Mixed reality?” Sounds to me like a natural fit for Xojo.

We will see what is running from Xojo on this product. Until now we do know nothing. Nothing at all

The Apple Vision Pro might become a success one day (likely) or completely fail (always an option). But no one will need Xojo to boost the success of the Vision. It is and will remain completely irrelevant. It is comparable to “hey, windows11 can run my DOS App from 1993”.

Unlike the Inc., I had the opportunity here at the Apple Research Center in Munich to catch a glimpse of Apple engineers’ first attempts with the Apple Vision Pro interacting with the latest Xojo Release. Quite impressive and promising, if you ask me.

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they said “mixed” not “distorted”


According to Apple’s documentation

In the visionOS simulator, developers can preview apps and interactions on Vision Pro. This includes running existing iPad and iPhone apps as well as projects that target the visionOS SDK

running an iOS app in visionOS without modification is not a Xojo feature but something Apple has built into visionOS.
It does not mean that apps for visionOS can be built in Xojo.

The Xojo blog post seemingly tries to convey that visionOS-ready apps can be built in Xojo, which is misleading.


From what research I did when it was first announced, it seems like running iPad apps on xrOS is possible, in the same vein that it’s possible to run iPhone apps on an iPad or on a Mac. It “works”, but the experience is sub par without additional work.

There are some standards an iPad app needs to adopt to provide a more immersive Ski Mask experience, which to be highly honest, I doubt that Xojo will adopt those, because that’s been their MO for some time now (MVP).

As for actual XR experiences, I 100% doubt that this will ever happen with a Xojo made application. It requires Xojo to invest and I mean more than the basic fundamentals, and this is something that they’ve demonstrated over the last half decade that they’re not willing to do so.

So while the statement is technically true, it’s not the whole truth and that once again will lead to frustrated customers and more negativity. Good Job.

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“Create new apps using SwiftUI to take full advantage of the spectrum of immersion available in visionOS. If you have an existing iPad or iPhone app, add the visionOS destination to your app’s target to gain access to the standard system appearance, and add platform-specific features to create a compelling experience.”

Suggests to me that Swift and SwiftUI might be the only way to get certain OS components to work in a xrOS app. Again giving a lesser experience to those who don’t use Apple’s tools.

Edit: On the flip side, it appears there’s very little Xojo can do, so at least they’re not going to be able allocate their thinly stretched resources to making a new target.


I know, just another “bug” :slight_smile: - they are saying a lot … mixed, distorted, marketing lies.

You mean, they can’t break the success of the Vision? That’s good news, imagine what might happen if the million of Xojo devs will develop poor quality apps for the Vision Pro. :man_facepalming:

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People have funny ideas while waiting for Android.

First: they are not waiting for Android while they do not use Android. I hat to read once that it is not affordable while the most people using IOS Devices and not Android. Only in Africa there the people are using it while it is cheaper.

Ah. Yes, in europe we have 60% Android in 2023 and less than 40% ios like you can see on the statista side I was providing the link below. But never mind. I was looking for the same in US and there it is a bit different, you can say it is half Android half IOS. So even there still not all using IOS.

The entire point is that people in the xojo world are fixating themself on Apple products. While the IDE is working best for Desktop, Command Line and Web on Apple or while the IDE is working for IOS only on Apple possibly?

And so Xojo was realizing that half of the phones are not programmable with Xojo. That’s why Android is needed.

And Vision is NOW and at the MOMENT on purpose supporting IOS programs made for IOS Devices and not for Vision OS. But that will end. So it is not so that you even can say that Xojo IS supporting the Devices (please check on the Device and not in the Simulator). That is the same XPLAT stuff they tell all the people.

Analyzing that Xojo is coming up with a growing amount of platforms. But looking closer on the capabilities IOS Support is rudimentary compared with Swift or even Delphi and also compared with CodenameOne and with JavaFX mobile from Gluon.

So can somebody explain to me one thing: why they build all platforms only half and not full? What is their point in building IOS rudimentary and upcoming Android also? What will come then? The Support for VisionOS with also one year of work? And that in the knowledge that only a few people using that?

Only fun facts: CodenameOne Apps are also working in the simulator, JavaFX Gluon Apps are also working in the Vision Simulator. Do they also have Vision Support now? Of course not. And also the IOS Software will not be supported for decades but deprecated in production what Apple also definitely defines as their way for the OS (the OS has a native Support and not a simulation support for another OSSes).

At the end: another Smoke candle lighted and beside a foghorn is blown so everybody can register: we support the platform. Marketing? Hmm. In my eyes Marketing has not the Job to send the customers into a nightmare. It is their style. And they need to fulfill. Resulting in not fixing all the bugs. Ridiculous situation and ridiculous behavior. I am so happy not to develop with that platform. But I am shocked about their way of acting in the market.

While the Linux Platform is still not really working for example. The 2023 Release let’s the IDE crash with big projects really fast (Ubuntu Linux) and it is impossible to work in that case. Only way: IDE on Mac. Ah. No. I want my Linux. Because I love my Linux environment. And it’s independence. I don’t like companies like Apple. At the end of the day it is not healthy to rely only on one vendor.

So I also have to say: Oh no, not another shiny. But I could make a bet: they say ohhh yeeeah another shiny platform where Xojo could should will has to work on and so they can say: Mobile platforms: IOS, IpadOS, Vision OS, Android. Yippeeeeyey jiha