.NET 6 Deep Dive

I think Xojo should be very worried. The hot reload feature alone is a great feature. The demo shows doing live code changes to Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows with one project file/code base. And the web apps are interesting too. .NET 6 will be released in November.

I think this is a game changer. Why would a business use Xojo?

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I’ve been watching & anticipating C# with MAUI for a while
Its been a gleam in MS eyes for some time

And now its coming into being

It certainly begs the question you asked
Community is free - which already has previews
VS is pretty damned good
If they chunk it all out with VS Mac well …

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Since I was changing to JavaFX I was able to write directly WebApps with WebSwing and Desktop for all platforms and Mobile for IOS and Android and ALL from the same Codebase. All I wanted I got.

As some of you know, my background is .NET, and I’ve been dreaming of a REAL x-platform version of it since, well, forever. I eventually gave up waiting and bought a copy of Xojo in 2019 because I needed to do X-Plat and it’s still the easiest way to do so.

Only now has MS started to take it seriously. BUT…

VS for Mac should not even be called Visual Studio. It bears absolutely no resemblance to the amazing machine that is Visual Studio for Windows. I’d go as far as to say VS for Windows is the best IDE there is. Visual Studio for Mac? Barely an IDE. VS Code is a much better choice for Mac. And yes, Hot Reload is something all IDEs should have. Especially important if they don’t have a visual designer.

SO… They have to figure out how to write Visual Studio in Xamarin/Maui. It’s the only sensible thing to do and what they should have a team doing nothing but this 24/7.

Anyway, I keep trying each build of Maui, and its sadly a complete mess at the moment. Maybe they’ll be able to pull it together, but I fear even Visual Studio 2022 will STILL not be feature-parity X-Plat.

One thing I’ll say about Xojo, they did pay some attention to Apple. Other X-Plats? Not so much.

I was full of hope but again: Java is the only possibility to write visual cross platform apps: there is no visual in sisal studio for msc and no visual studio for Linux. At least for java you have the three big ones: IntelliJ, NetBeans and eclipse running on all os platforms and with gluon mobile even iOS and android. I have no idea why it is such a big thing for Microsoft except I ask my self: do they seriously want to implement vs on macOS? Seems like no.

I moved all the Xojo android comments to a new thread of its own

My fingers are crossed. Watching the video…

ooohhh ,NET upgrade assistant !

cross platform native UI and Web UI

tons of stuff !

excepting a macOS IDE … hell I might suck it up and actually work on Windows !

funny all the presenters are grey beards :slight_smile:

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Not good for xojo: all they promise but working version

Able to get any of it working yet?
Still a hot mess on my machine, especially MacOS.

I work in the c# .net world every day, and I would not touch Maui for at least a year after it is released, at least for production

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Well, it took Xojo web 1 about a year to become usable. Web 2 has been over a year. iOS has taken years to get major updates and Android is 5 years. API 2 took a while to settle down too (a little less sure on the timeframe since I don’t use API 2). .NET Maui aggressive and won’t be perfect out of the gate but in a year let’s compare it to Xojo and see where they’re at.


Yes, agree, in the middle of next year, then it will have settled a bit, and more users have adapted it, making it easier to get help etc.

Xojo got no chance then, and it must hurt them knowing that :open_mouth:

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What’s even worse is the lack of empathy to devs. They aren’t apologizing or saying how things will get better.

Instead they push folks away by banning folks along with deleting posts and threads.

I mentioned this a sec ago in the other thread… Xojo doesn’t even have a web pages to help folks learn about workarounds.

Xojo has an opportunity but is blowing it.

yes, and soon they will feel the consequences of that I beleive. They will be run over by a bulldozer :cry:

Well, it is not the same, microsoft has many previews and allways says that it is not intended to be used for production. Xojo releases in an alpha state claiming that is a final product but it is not usable. :upside_down_face:

Web 2 has a lot of design flaws that could be avoided with some preview in the early design. The very basic controls like the table is not fully working and uploader corrupts the files. It still has a long way to have release quality :expressionless:

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I’ve started a project but havent got much further than that
Spending too many hours working with not enough time to explore alternatives even when I think I’m going to need something

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Just look at the RoadMap. It will be feature complete with Preview 6, then another preview and a RC with only Bug Fixes.

Again MS has the resources (engineers,$, etc) to throw t this to make it work as well as they plan
And it has been moving along quite rapidly

Whether they exact dates I dont know
The dates are still vague like “this fall”
But I have less doubt they’ll be where they say when they say than I do about others

from https://devblogs.microsoft.com/dotnet/introducing-net-5/

What is nice is they committed to LTS versions every second year (even numbered years)

I havent been an MS tool user in a long long time but this could seriously change that