Michael Tsai just posted about Xojo

Michael Tsai, a prominent Mac development blogger has just posted an article about Moving on From Xojo using excerpts from Bob’s blog, Alain’s blog and my own blog.

I don’t think there’s any going back for any of us.



I almost feel left out now :frowning:

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Well you know what to do about it :slight_smile:

Geoff drove Xojo down the toilet.

Just think about the losses. Not Xojo’s losses, but all the time, effort, and money we all put into Xojo. All gone…

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you asked him to write a bout it ? you are going on a HATE trip on destroying xojo?
feels like it

I doubt anyone asked Michael to write about it

They’re doing the job without any additional help

Which many here have lamented
But they have been rebuffed trying to help enough times to know that they dont want it regardless
So some have moved - to go, swift, java, or other products

I dont think anyone has said they hate Xojo

What they HAVE said they hate is the lack of focus on things that, to them, matter

Like bug fixing, stability & performance & Xojo instead making such odd changes as abandoning Web 1 without any support whatsoever, API 2 and then renaming controls

All of those have simply indicated to existing users (the vast majority of what you find on this forum) that LONG TERM users are NOT of any value or concern to Xojo

THATS the lament
Coulda been
Shoulda been
Woulda been

but aint ever going to happen


No one needs to make a trip to destroy xojo.
The CEO is really good at that.


Michael’s updated his post with more information from Patrice Calligaris, Jeannot Muller and Bob Keeney.

And he has linked to If Not Nil :smiley: We’re all gonna be famous…

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I missed it in the details, but there’s also a link to Tim’s awesome Lifeboat.


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Xojo is the sort of product I WANT to love actually. I gave it a fair go. It’s smoke and mirrors and unsustainable. [shrug]


Yeah the promise is hugely desirable
And, for a long time many even might have said it more or less got a long way there for desktop
But the wheels seem to have come off that bus lately