Looking for Xojo @ Reddit…

At the end of the page, there is:

unfortunately, that page is empty.

? this page is 10 years old…

The interview may be fun to read considering we know what happened since 2013…

Oh, sorry, instead of “At the end of the page”, I must wrote something like… “10 years ago there was an interview of…”

Looks like Chris has moved on to something else

Chris Who??


That’s some pretty thorough testing :laughing:

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Chris Pirillo

Was very popular as a blogger way back when

Builds on VB and Java ???
VB - OK it was sort of language compatible - not 100%
But Java ???
Thats a serious stretch

Didn’t the first version of RealBasic (or even before it was called that) transpile to Java?

And wow, Android 10 years in the making! Means a lot of people tricked in renewing their license because they though ‘this must be the year Android will be released for sure!’…

I think the “builds on” comment didn’t mean to imply it used Java as a foundation (though I see how that could be inferred), but rather the “language of Xojo” goes “beyond”… (which of course is up for debate as well)

You can find a copy using waybackmachine:

Java was dropped super early… From Wikipedia:

In 1996 FYI Software, founded by Geoff Perlman, bought CrossBasic,[5][6][7] which had been marketed by its author Andrew Barry[8] as a shareware product. CrossBasic got its name from its ability to compile the same programming code for the classic Mac OS and the Java virtual machine (although the integrated development environment was Mac only). A public beta was released in April 1996.[9][10] The CrossBasic name was trademarked by another company, so the product was renamed REALbasic.[11]

Prior to version 2, the Java target was dropped and later replaced with a Windows target and database support.[12][13] The option to compile for Linux[14] was added in 2005 and the integrated development environment (IDE) was ported to Windows and as a free public beta for Linux platforms. The new IDE employed a redesigned user interface.[15]

It made java applets way back when but that was removed (I thought it was before version 1.0 shipped)
That was 25+ years ago so its REALLY a stretch to claim any heritage from that
There really isnt much “language heritage” they could claim IMHO

This one is nearly as long running as “Year of the Linux desktop” :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d literally have to fire up SheepSaver and see as I thought it was before 1.0 shipped but that was long ago & far away
I still have them somewhere on a DVD

Every year is the “Year of the Linux desktop” for me. Pop!_OS is my current favourite.

“Year of the Linux Desktop” has been such a long running joke it’s not funny
Kind of in the Wolfenstein : Forever vein

Yes, anecdotal evidence for some users suggests it has traction as a desktop OS
Widespread adoption as a replacement for Windows/macOS remains elusive though

EDIT : assuming this is even remotely close

Stack Overflow survey has around 40% of developers using a Linux-based OS ( both personally and professionally ).

Most ordinary users will just stick with whatever comes preloaded.

And obviously a bit eccentric… Wikipedia said he named his son “Jedi”…
I feel sorry for that kid!


They are using OO :slight_smile: and have banned @thorstenstueker, I don’t see any stretch :slight_smile:

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fyne.io is working on an own Linux Desktop. It just comes to my mind that the next big thing could be Xojo Desktop. :slight_smile: - probably in pre-testing already.

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Biased sample ?