Known Open Xojo Bugs

This is intended to be a cumulative list of known open bugs so anyone can easily find reports that might affect them
Searching in Xojo’s Feedback is difficult if you dont use the right key word or the same keyword
Add yours a xojo employee comments on a case privately the end user (ie/ not a xojo employee) can see that updated time stamp and no comment Reproducible conjoins headers that RFC says should not be Verified a constant in the font editor tab of the inspector may not stick for some controls Reproducible migration assistant generates projects that are missing what appears to be an entire “VB” namespace Needs Review to a case will cause search results to change whats viewed when you close the case you subscribed to Verified a constant to a class cant use an expression while one in code can Reproducible crashes when TextField.DataSource is misconfigured Verified left and shift right using numbits seem to behave differently (and docs are not clear on how they_should_ behave) Reproducible control instance gets resized events before its open event Reproducible paste of enum that is defined as a type other than Integer drops type Reproducible compile error when me IS defined Reproducible cant tell you when you use paramarray as part of the declaration which makes it ambiguous if you have multlipe declarations you need to inspect via introspection Reproducible control embed within docs or behaviour are wrong or misleading Reproducible will fail if you have columns with spaces in them Reproducible propertyinfo has issues Reproducible can have two open cases but then when you restart none show up Verified opened multiple times in feedback sidebar Verified opening a subclassed control alters inspector behaviour Reproducible methods dealing with menu lists are inconsistent Reproducible leaves IDE in weird state Reproducible cant be overloaded like any other method can Reproducible popupmenu does not get mousedown event when clicked Reproducible script editor doent understand interfaces very well and indents incorrectly Reproducible script editor reformatting incorrectly rips () off of array decalration Reproducible field appears initially with a black non blinking cursor in it Reproducible colors for string are too dark on Windows Verified editor does nto permit fill definition entry like methods & properties do Reproducible column count cannot be set below 1 Reproducible loses selection Verified stops at point where no break point has been set Verified gives very different results in a simple case between windows & macOS Reproducible click extend selection Reproducible searches do not include pre-release cases even if they are visible to the user doing the search Verified doesnt switch into / out of dark mode very well Verified theme changes are cached Reproducible doesnt scroll properly if you use scrollpositionX after adding text in the same event Reproducible to a control on a window are not replicated between same item open in multiple tabs Reproducible a property in the inspector behavior dialog makes the property no longer show in the inspector behavior & means you must hack the saved text file to re-enable it Reviewed or load projects while the IDE is opening 56200 - Shouldn’t be able to create or load projects while the IDE is opening Needs Review Editor entry for first item under Run Remotely shows “Item 1” Verified icons in app icon editor in iOS project are not switching to dark mode nicely Verified misidentifies syntax error on shared factory in super class Reproducible pattern cant be implemented properly in Xojo esp when items are in a namespace Reproducible menu item stays higlighted inappropriately Reproducible for Window missing Reproducible cant find cases with “paste” in summary Verified to 2019 to avoid pinwheel when showing splash screen do not work with large set of plugins Reproducible editor does not support undo Reproducible a class “Profile” results in odd icon for subclasses Reproducible weird error message seems to be linked to wrong order of evaluation Reproducible canvas on windows seems to stall sending paint events when continusously dragging Reproducible when IDE sbugging app and app showed a modal dialog (one I expected to see) Reviewed missing method doesnt create right new method signature when type is inside a module Reproducible being debugged may crash if IDE is inspecting a variable that goes out of scope in the target app Reproducible minimize on a window on macOS raises the minimize event twice Reproducible button missing when filing an automated crash report Reproducible to create a text output stream from a folderitem that ha a query string fails Reproducible mistakes keywords Reproducible with a wide pos and neg range always returns the same value Reproducible set to show item scope behind item text may draw when no row text is visible Verified accessing ui is sometimes raised and some times not - its inconsistent Reproducible behaviour differences between macOS and Windows Reproducible action event is not raised if any segment is programmatically set to be selected Reproducible doesnt update when you add new extends methods Reproducible events issues Reproducible into with newly created window doesnt work Reproducible behaviour cant use constants with the # syntax Reproducible type for method doesnt clean all special chars out Reproducible missing method does not make it the last scope used Reproducible missing operator_xxxx methods on memoryblock Reproducible a while loop in debugger appears to skip entire loop Reproducible msgbox inside the paint event will crash your app Reproducible 10 layout isnt wysiwyg Reproducible gives different results in 32 and 64 bit macOS Verified of item opened in tab can render tab inoperable Verified seems to not read system setting for thousand and decimal settngs once an app is running Reproducible reads long deprecated settings but there is no way to set them IN the IDE Reproducible assign constant to any items in shared settings Reproducible liveresize changes on save Reproducible control layout editor issues Reproducible loop breakpoints occur at odd place Reproducible crashes with unhandled execption that IS handled Reproducible reference search field simply beeps Verified editor no longer colorizes color literals when using custom themes Reproducible editor method level catch doesnt indent code coorectly Reproducible missing method is overly sensitive to spaces Reproducible is not settable anywhere in the inspector as docs say Reproducible OutOfBoundsException in XojoFramework$13043 Reproducible OutOfBoundsException in XojoFramework$13043 Reproducible does not properly implement “canonical equivalence” for string comparison Reproducible rounding when using format Reproducible incorrectly identifies unused local variables Reproducible fails unit tests Reproducible of api2 extends methods not working well Verified the pencil icon when debugging should put focus in the CODE not the method signature in the inspector Reproducible RuntimeException in SpawnCompiler.dylib$31689 Reviewed oct bin do not zero fill to correct size Reproducible and single have no ToBinary, ToHex, ToOctal extensions Reproducible constructor should probably be restricted in some fashion Reproducible gives a very ambiguous error message on select case statement Reproducible with only a single map is not explained very well Reproducible Windows a floating window created by code in a window set with a sheet frame doesnt activate Reproducible NilObjectException in UIManager.ResolveMenuItem%o%ooss Reviewed editor does not refresh when it needs to to indicate set break points of bookmarks Verified differences between macOS and windows Reproducible HasHorizontalScrollbar is not actually read only Reproducible bit debugger just wanders off into the ozone sometimes Reproducible precedence table seems to not be accurate Reproducible skips break points Reproducible may not call operator_convert to perform the comparison Reproducible cannot be used at the outmost scope level in IDE script / Xojo script Reproducible item with shortcut set to JUST tab (no cmd key) does not get called Reproducible script compile error Reproducible rawdata API seems … wrong ? Reproducible will not let me submit ANYThING but Beta bug reports ??? Reproducible near _REALPluginMain Reviewed dialog has no way to influence initial button focus Reproducible doesnt work in a window superclass Reproducible button in macOS apps is placed oddly Reproducible compiled byte code seems to expose entry points that it should not Reproducible being debugged crashes when asked by IDE to view value for variable that has gone out of scope Verified standard case enabled doesnt touch built ins like TargetWindows Reproducible properties that are class instances are not destroyed when app quits Reproducible wont stay hidden when clicking search results Reproducible method lib will not accpt fully qualified name of constant Reproducible to open & update mysql plugin code in Xcode 11.5 crashes Xcode Reproducible, databasefield, and database column cant / wont deal with some 8 byte items from some databases Reproducible appears oddly in editor Reproducible hang on save Needs Review is not flagged as deprecated (nor is it documented) Reproducible should probably not show in the list of methds that can be added to a subclass of a web control Reproducible method _dependencylist should not be in the method list when subclassing xojo script Reproducible near ___CFBasicHashAddValue on non-Xojo thread Reviewed behaviour sets value incorrectly Reproducible a moveable modal dialog visible property behaves different than using Verified reports completely bogus error Reproducible sources rely on missing files that make it unclear whats in those settings and export files Reproducible does not warn of conversion on assignment Reproducible does not force an update Reproducible classes showing in desktop project Verified difference between xojo script and xojo Reproducible causes crash of app Reproducible exceptions cant be caught since no exception types are defined Reproducible cellvalue at inconsistently shown in documentation Reproducible script can crash entire IDE Reproducible compile error that makes no sense Reproducible str function does not support the same types as Xojo’s Reproducible & idescript have no str function for booleans Reproducible menu handler on container control doesnt work Reproducible replacements for deprecated Xojo.Introspection/TypeInfo arent as capable Verified reference window no longer closes when active & you press CMD-W Reproducible add global module to inner private module Reproducible top left right etc have no effect on a selected group of lines Reproducible styled text into go to location field doesnt strip styles Verified build automation script editor does not update to newly selected preferences when the preferences are closed Verified Asset was expected to at least have a default representation Needs Review set the port properties of a TPCSocket using the Inspector Reproducible folding may leave remnants behind Reproducible folding may leave remnants behind in breakpoint indicator Reproducible gets comparison confused with assignment Reproducible documentation is inaccurate Reproducible rect ndoes not use line dash setting on windows Reproducible


and the rest userinterfaceupdate event always passes at least one element array Reproducible still loaded and used but impossible to set in IDE or see in the IDE Reproducible no parameter constructor listed more than once Verified a labels text property does not commit changes made when you click the pencil icon Verified regarding Toggle is confusing Reproducible on exceptions false may not always operate Reproducible shift-return in an IDE script MAY not add lines to close sub etc and put new blank line in odd position Reproducible script editor doesnt indent computed property code correctly Reproducible conversion warning about using integer to access members of an array Reproducible parameterinfo does not include any information about whether a param is optional Reproducible controls added have what appear to be wrong index property value Reproducible does NOT present tooltip that contains superclass interfaces etc when item is at the top of the navigator Verified breakpoint encountered when a script encounters a nilobjectexception Verified xojoscript code, when compiled, gives wildly incorrect error message Reproducible an M1 Mac without Rosetta installed Xojo cannot debug or Build Needs Review are incorrect about rosetta Needs Review page layout editor doesnt seem to relookup constants if they are defined AFTER being reused in a controls caption Reviewed app instance doesn’t seem to be created as subclass of correct super Reproducible Behaviour with computed properties on web control subclasses doesn’t appear to work correctly Reproducible files being left in text projects again Reproducible of move of module to folder does NOT restore project to correct state Reproducible NilObjectException in UniversalLayoutEditor.UniversalLayoutEditor.AllowRedraw%%o<UniversalLayoutEditor.UniversalLayoutEditor> Reviewed cannot honour Using even when protected constant is used Reproducible cannot resolve operator_convert even when there is an exact signature match Reproducible Behaviour won’t “stick” Needs Review appears to have an undocumented Hint property Reproducible LostFocus seems to fire at incorrect time Reproducible visual glitches if you set indicators background color Reproducible Start and End Date fields missing from Inspector Behavior editor Reproducible initial value in Inspector Reproducible Initial value is not validated by the IDE Reproducible earliest & latest date not validated by the IDE Reproducible characters in WebListbox search criteria cause exceptions Reproducible advanced filter does not work with WebPages Reproducible hints fail for induction var named and typed in “for each” loop Reproducible web control onto web page may place it nowhere near where the page was clicked before the paste Reproducible is NOT subclass of PreparedSQLStatement as documented Reproducible invoke does not seem to support or honor optional parameters Reproducible you have a variant that contains an array of UNKNOWN type at compile time there is NO way to iterate the array IN the variant and put the array members into an array of variants Reproducible data source doesnt seem to be very reconfigurable Reproducible differences in string literals between mac & windows Reproducible change event raised at odd times Reproducible IllegalCastException in SpawnCompiler.ResetFeedback%%oo Reviewed does not compile Reproducible doesnt show items in debugger Reproducible editor display alpha incorrectly Reproducible editor refresh Verified shows online reference in spite of selecting to use local Reproducible web text field doesnt always work as expected Reproducible can silently “work” when it seems it should fail or throw an exception Reproducible xojoscript compilation error Reproducible warning when resources file is missing, incorrectly named etc Verified usefully subclass webapplication like you can desktop application Reproducible octal binary & color literals should require SOME digits following Reproducible are circumstances where popupmenu.addrow will not add the row Reproducible values that overflow data type for enum do not generate conversion or overflow warnings Reproducible missing ability to select font Reproducible crash when saving existing project Needs Review for computed property methods shouldn’t show attributes editor Reproducible isnt fully qualifying names when there are ambiguous columns in results Reproducible near -[NSApplication _crashOnException:] Needs Review key bindings Reviewed documentation is missing valid use documentation Verified deprecated interfaces still exist Needs Review


well i was checking in random

which are not bugs
then you deleted them from the list,
so you’re currently checking them one by one ? :wink:

No. But if he get’s that he made a mistake he corrects it immediately. Like it should be.

Originally I opened feedback and set my list to show open reports
I copied that list
and posted it
Someone else pointed out the list included ones marked fixed
So I went & did it again using a slightly different order of what I did in feedback and it gave me a slightly different list (why I have no idea)
So I edited and reported the list to me correct

That list IS only reports I have either submitted or signed on to
I’m far from alone with such large lists

That’s a lot of issues.

This is where NOT having a publicly open list that anyone can see is a hindrance

43575 Window Min Width/Height being ignored in specific case
43704 ListBox Shift+End, Shift+Home incorrect behaviour
43705 ListBox Shift+Down Arrow, Shift+Up Arrow incorrect behaviour
46280 Tab order in IDE leads to ambiguous state
46521 ListBox focus ring with no selection stays when control does not have focus on Windows
46671 ctrl shift end issues
46694 ListBox vertical scrollbar not positioning correctly on resize
47810 Listbox.HeaderHeight returns incorrect value
47811 Listbox with no border causes focus issues
48020 The ComboBox height is incorrect
48898 Feedback Creator Name no sorting correctly
48908 listbox.change event fires repeatedly when required selection is true
49189 Slow debugging lengthy data sets in variable viewer of IDE
49390 IDE caret in code editor doesnt resize when window is moved between different dpi scaling
50232 System.DebugLog doesnt work in App during quit
50261 Copy paste problem after deleting class
50308 WM_ENTERIDLE continually sent by SaveAsDialog
50385 Xojo.Core.Date not showing AM/PM designator
50509 Caret lost when focus is moved from IDE or program and returned
50974 Compiler failed assertion at Structures.cpp:1658
51092 Autocomplete adds As in odd places
51123 Switching between Structures doesn’t refresh structure size after using toggling Show 64 bit sizes
51124 Structure alignment issues in Windows
51195 Caret artifacting in IDE
51209 Moving IDE code editor to start of line doesn’t show if start of line is behind line numbers
51223 IDE Script window doesn’t livescroll
51225 Code moves when making first alteration to an IDE Script in the IDE Script editor
51227 Closing last project also closes IDE Script and the Cancel does nothing to stop it closing
51229 Shift+Enter on a SELECT inside upper portion of IF that has an ELSE adds an END IF not an END SELECT
51331 Caret stays visible when it should be out of view
51360 Caret moves to a different column if moved to a line that has only one character
51418 Unable to scroll to end of debug variable hex view in the IDE
51419 Unable to scroll to top of debug variable hex view in the IDE when adjusting the size of the pane
51459 When selecting text with the mouse and expanding the selection with shift + cursor the new selection move from the wrong location
51471 Autocomplete on a module shows all sub modules at every level
51478 Textarea scrollbar height changes size when the control has multiple screens of text
51479 Extra line added when copy and pasting from and to a textarea
51636 Min Width and Min Height slightly off and snaps back to correct size only in 64bit
51649 Slow typing speed in IDE
51661 Odd caret behaviour when moving mouse
51690 HTML viewer disappears if it goes off the top of the view in the IDE
51704 Caret in wrong position when selecting text
51705 Text selection is removed if mouse clicked twice at the same location or again inside the selection all while holding shift
51706 Text selection isn’t restored after undo
51758 Controls in the IDE aren’t showing with the same background colour as when the project is run
51876 Checkbox and radiobutton look blurry in IDE and the font looks slightly lighter
51877 Checkbox and radiobutton text changes position and size when project is run
51919 Build failed rbappearancepak misleading error message
51964 Content nav has entries that remain after undo
52077 Canvas DoubleBuffer doesn’t seem to be working as expected
52105 Leaving a modal window open while in another instance of the IDE causes problems
52211 Invalid access to memory location when trying to use a pointer to a structure in 2018r1 64bit
52378 Unhandled NilObjectException in StructureEditPane.StructureEditPane.Event_CommitPendingChanges%%o<StructureEditPane.StructureEditPane>o
52483 When the IDE throws an error the message doesn’t show on top of other windows
52574 Graphical glitches when typing in file types in a file type set
52586 Listbox focus showing when it shouldn’t in Windows
52587 Keyboard focus remains on listbox when it shouldn’t in Windows
52824 Window resize during modal MessageDialog causes MessageDialog to resize
52977 Navigator width doesn’t live update all the time
53189 Labels flicker when you alter the size of their container control
53415 HTML Viewer breakpoints program when opening a PDF from local drive
53555 Container control with height over 16384 causes painting issues
53582 SpawnCompiler.GetTargetScratchDir got a non-existent scratch folder after creating it
53654 Add remote debugging host seems to only show one at a time
53704 Moving tabs in the IDE causes issues
53802 Changing something in one workspace causes a view change in another
53846 Inspector slow redraw if its scrollbar has been moved
53955 IDE Shift+End doesnt move the view to the end of a long line
54028 Obtaining a handle via a pictures graphic object stops future access
54030 Double clicking then dragging code doesn’t work if there are parenthesis at the end of the line
54033 Variables view column width issues
54143 Feedback zoom slider issues
54144 DoShellCommand fails if path contains non-ascii character
54155 Feedback creates lots of cefsubproc.exe that don’t close until quit
54197 Feedback Edit>Copy or CTRL+C not working
54354 Inspector scrollbar position isn’t restored
54508 Changing preference closing last window causes missing tray icon and IDE wont quit
54509 If you Cancel the Exit of Xojo while you have Keep Xojo running the tray icon vanishes
54565 Window MouseEnter MousExit fire at different locations
54903 Unhandled NilObjectException in WindowExtensions.GetScreenFromPoint%o%i8i8
55128 Autocomplete double click selected word doesn’t always work
55137 Moving controls between windows causes control duplication
55154 Changing TextArea inspector property causes graphical glitch in inspector
55240 Moving cursor over a line with a single character causes cursor position to move inwards
55241 Unable to remove Class from Navigator, Delete is greyed out
55262 A window opened from a modal window can’t be interacted with
55312 Framework failed assertion at objects.cpp:208
55341 IDE Script code block indent has large gap
55386 Changing or even just dropping down the product version changes the Visible To state of the ticket to Only me and Xojo
55398 Shift+Enter on a nested If with code reformatting causes code corruption
55584 Separate projects with the same app name fail to debug run with no user feedback
55589 Unable to run desktop project after running web project
55618 Lots of paints when updating a transparent control inside a paint
55623 Xojo.IO.FolderItem fails IsAlias check
55624 IDE menu shortcuts editor popup showing on mousedown when it should be on mouseup
55628 system.debuglog in windows not always showing useful output
55656 Compiler failed assertion at CGIA32.cpp:636
55657 Row, column or syntax help under mouse not always updating in syntax help area
55660 Feedback crashes if a unicode 000B character gets into the text
55683 IDE window editor view doesnt update scrollbars when window dimensions are altered using inspector
55727 Size of structure which refers to another structure does not update properly
55729 Undo doesn’t track changes to structures
55856 Window min height/width issue when resizing window
55857 Window can resize smaller than min size only in 64bit
55889 Framework failed assertion at runprint.cpp:180
55925 Unable to set breakpoint with keyboard shortcut during debug
56031 Unable to change property type until caret is moved
56093 Resizing window doesn’t keep up with the mouse
56126 Using navigator jump history ending up at incorrect location
56249 Unable to double click a window to add an event or jump to code after deleting a method
56381 Lots of file access for every key press in the IDE
56429 Navigator scrolls up on every click of the scrollbar
56548 Deleting a control leaves access to it via another tab
56962 Disabled TextField background color is now unusable as its always grey
57149 UX issues, no route to resolve deprecated warnings
57239 Some controls aren’t picking up their correct background color in the ide
57631 Deprecated classes in autocomplete don’t show their replacement
57642 Context menu on code showing wrong help
57699 Broken link at bottom of Arrays in built LR
57704 Hover over error bug icon not always showing error
57728 Searching for EasyUDPSocket.Error in LR shows two entries
57773 Learn more about xojo cloud doesn’t take you to a good landing spot on the site
57957 Clicking on a language reference entry at the bottom of a scrollable list jumps to wrong entry
57958 Language reference scrollbar position doesn’t reset on each search so results can’t be seen
57962 Shift+Enter doesn’t move code view if the caret ends up off the bottom of the view
58235 Framework failed assertion at MediaIOWindows.cpp:440
58264 Deleting a control while in code view leaves you in code view
58357 Button order is incorrect on Save As message box
58545 CTRL+F Find removed/missing from in-built LR?
58563 Xojo IDE doesn’t close when responding to WM_ENDSESSION if Keep Xojo running is selected
58603 Super return of nested inline if expand in incorrect order
58681 Trying to use debug UTF32 crashes the IDE
58754 In built language reference opens a page on with personal information in the URL
58770 Unhandled OutOfBoundsException in RuntimeLockUnlockObjects
59039 IDE hitting the file system on every keypress in code window
59040 IDE hitting the file system on mouse move in code window
59279 Favorite button over text in landscape view on Android
59280 Unable to scroll session info in landscape view on Android
59482 New Window.SystemUIVisible is missing
59626 URLConnection memory allocation issues when using async Send to download a file
59627 Xojo.Core.Timer.CallLater or Xojo.Core.Timer.CancelCall causes ide to drop into debugged with no code
59628 Possible URLConnection memory leak
59656 ByRef isn’t added to 32bit delegate parameters of structures in windows
59760 XojoScript stack overflow crashes app
59938 Deleting event doesnt show newly selected item
59942 WebListBox row reordering during scroll doesn’t update target
59943 WebListBox unable to select row when allow row reordering is enabled
59944 WebListBox moving a column to the same location adds a blue border
59947 Unable to tab to WebBreadcrumb
59949 Unable to tab to WebPagination
60045 WebListbox DrawReorderRows doesn’t fire if you drag into dynamic content
60248 PDFDocument fonts only encoding as ANSI
60362 Structure Alignment information different on different pages of the docs
61269 WebListBox header doesn’t extend over scrollbar
61271 WebListBox a pixel out after scrolling
61300 Some DragItem properties are incorrect in documentation
61368 messagebox doesn’t stop timer different between windows and mac
61369 ProgressBar MaximumValue is limited to 65536 under windows but not on the mac
61372 When you doubleclick the error XYZ implements the event ABC take us to the control not just the container
61383 WebTextfield.Value is sometimes missing
63421 Unhandled NilObjectException in RBSourceUnit.=SLSetSource%%oi8s
63423 Code corruption when using code reformatting, split lines and undo
63424 Issues when splitting lines when using a code reformatting script
63425 Selecting multiple items with a different value in inspector sometimes causes the entry to vanish
63426 Double click window to add events stops working after first time
63427 Text selection in TextArea is wrong color
63429 API2 Database SelectSQL raises error when it should not if an error occured with an old database method right before the API 2 method was called
63431 MoleMash hangs if the game is unable to find a space to place a mole
63464 Timer is kept alive after closing window in 32bit but not 64bit leading to NOE
63528 RadioButton’s keyboard input only works after you’ve click a RadioButton in Windows
63529 RadioButtons in groups don’t follow windows standard behaviour
63558 Canvas reverts to transparent in IDE
63634 Pasting into a controls property doesn’t always store the value
63635 Changing format property doesn’t update layout view
63636 Clicking into a control that has Format set can place the caret in the wrong position
63637 A TextField that has Text when a window is shown isn’t correctly highlighted if is has focus
63642 SearchField Tooltip doesn’t work
63644 SearchField is one pixel too short
63645 TextField Allow Focus Ring doesn’t turn off when set to False
63646 SearchField Allow Focus Ring is off by default
63649 Unfocused SearchField border color is incorrect
63651 Navigator opens context menu on mouse down
63652 Menu shortcuts contextual menu opens on mouse down
63653 Closing Options with multiple projects open causes every project to come to the top
63665 When you alter the size of a window/control in the inspector is doesn’t update the size of the layout
63696 Menu draws incorrectly when a particular menu item is selected directly in the navigator
63697 Listboxes in preferences don’t show keyboard input when you tab to them in the IDE
63698 Unable to use the keyboard to navigate IDE Options window
63720 Window.Activate fires even though the window doesnt have focus in Windows
63721 Format output errors with certain formatting
63751 ComboBox doesn’t fire Change event even though the selection has changed
63810 Debugging a structure containing WString causes crash
63871 Code selection in gutter is not always as indicated
63872 Show/Hide Toolbar causes all open windows to come to the front twice
63874 Navigator drag and drop onto same location places item at end of navigator
63974 Able to resize control when locked
64021 Moving the debug tab to the left side and closing it causes the IDE to enter a crashable state
64036 Switching views in IDE causes memory usage to increase, possible memory leak
64111 Line changes position when in a DrawInto
64112 Multiple issues with controls not working correctly with DrawInto
64169 Unable to assign a variable when using Global
64184 Adding an event with another navigator entry selected sometimes causes both views to expand
64185 Selecting a category in Choose a Project can show no selection
64186 Causing a navigator update changes the selection and title of unrelated open tabs
64187 Undo leaves tab showing old entry
64188 Artifacts while scrolling inspector at fractional scaling
64189 Unhandled NilObjectException in DocumentHelpers.$DecodeLocation%s%os
64190 Selecting an event with the keyboard then shift clicking to add a few events causes an error in the selection
64198 Show Dark/Light Mode in incorrect state with tabs
64200 Changing Library from large to small icons when scrolled to the bottom causes issues on Windows
64231 Search Field Opening / Closed events have no description
64232 Search Field IDE UI and document/code names don’t match up on some properties
64233 SearchField.Hint missing from docs
64236 Open file filter All Files not working
64246 Code entry slows for every workspace you have open showing a window
64247 Resized controls across multiple workspaces don’t redraw
64260 Autocomplete doesn’t work correct for Screen.ScreenAt and Screen.ScreenCount
64270 Conflicting shortcut alert isn’t shown until you look for it
64280 Problems with line control
64293 Help Icon/Language Reference menu takes you to a blank page on Mac
64294 When the LR opens the Filter is blank even though the list is being filtered
64296 Some menu entries are missing their icons
64298 Restart button is clickable during upgrade download on Mac, closes IDE
65106 Large control values cause large performance hit on the IDE
65295 WString and CString don’t change size in the IDE when changing architecture
65326 Escape key doesn’t clear navigation filter in IDE
65327 Moving binary enumeration out of a module causes a syntax error when project is run
65328 Continuous mouse movement stops the cursor from changing or registering its location around the code view
65330 Block comment can move/remove breakpoints and bookmarks
65333 Selected controls are drawn twice in the IDE when in a page panel or tab panel
65335 Flipped and mirrored control can’t be moved with the mouse after it goes outside its container
65336 Unhandled NilObjectException in Document.Undo%%o
65337 Attributes don’t update on undo/redo
65338 Compatibility flags don’t update on undo/redo
65341 Code view doesn’t fully redraw after changing new line number in gutter checkbox
65353 WebListBox dynamic data not always shown after scrolling
65362 Unable to add Desktop Color Group if it is deleted
65363 Single and Named are selected when adding Default to Color Group then Named vanishes
65365 Color Group Web is missing from IDE
65366 Unable to click autocomplete entry on Go To Location
65376 Copy a ColorGroup from Web to Desktop and you can no longer add Desktop
65377 Creating a ColorGroup doesn’t add Default but add’s the platform specific name
65378 New ColorGroup on Web project shows an arrow
65379 ColorGroup dropshadow error in IDE
65381 Feedback file selection highlight makes text almost impossible to read
65387 Reformat code script still runs even after it has been deleted
65412 Multiple selected controls with differing lock status confuses IDE
65415 failed to find the right method group row
65416 Drag select fails if you have a locked control selected
65417 Default keybinding for Delete has changed to CTRL+Del in Windows and isn’t checked in most places
65419 Unhandled NilObjectException in ControlSetPropertyEditor.ControlSetPropertyEditor.Event_CommitPendingChanges%%o<ControlSetPropertyEditor.ControlSetPropertyEditor>o
65424 IDE save changes on close window isn’t modal causing problems
65425 IDE save changes windows buttons focus change with application focus
65536 Undo then Redo after inserting a Window breaks the Window
65540 Inbuilt language reference no longer opens with focus in the search field
65552 Module not shown in autocomplete when it contains a usable enumeration
65610 Super return on inline if adds extra space
65678 App unexpectedly exits in 32bit but not 64bit
65691 Layout vanishes from tab, unable to view window layout in that tab using navigator
65692 Last line in property comment doesn’t have a line number
65702 Window.ConstructContextualMenu example doesn’t work
65727 GotoURL documentation error
66178 TextEdit.CharacterPosition is wrong in Windows
66208 Shell.Execute breaks when using quoted strings
66210 FolderItem.ShellPath fails to return short path if the filesystem doesn’t support short path but the file actually exists
66322 Feedback crashes when limiting by status after changing column sort order
66323 Using the app menu key while editing code allows all sorts of problems
66324 Renaming a control set causes issues in the navigator
66368 A method with the same name as a Delegate causes the name to vanish in the navigator
66388 Desktop and Web graphics are working off a different coordinate system

This is insane :scream:

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Someone should make a Xojo equivalent of Open Radar

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yes but that’s mostly IDE bugs,
the end user doesn’t care about the IDE

Bugs are bugs, please don’t derail this thread with excuses. We know you love Xojo and that’s great. Please don’t derail anything criticizing Xojo, this isn’t the official forum.

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no the “end user” [the person using the APP created with Xojo] doesn’t care… they don’t care about Xojo bugs, be they IDE or otherwise… to them a bug is in the APP they are running, and THAT is the pervue of the developer.

Who DOES care about Xojo bugs… ALL bugs including the IDE is the developer, as it is he/she that has to expend extra time and effort to compensate for things that should NOT be issues

Mostly…43% (117) aren’t IDE bugs or to put it another way, 57% are bugs in the product people interact with every day and 43% are there to mess with your product.


The saddest bugs are the obsolete ones:

1.5 years later the bug still is open.

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Totally agree Beatrix, there’s a lot of stale cases which doesn’t help things. If you click the Status: Reviewed at the top you can ask for the case to be closed, I think this shows up more obviously for Robin (and others) to see.

i checked this one yestarday, because i was not sure i undestand it properly, but I did.
you even posted a video, you like posting bugs !

honestly, this is far it can gets to the definition of bugs, maybe not even a quircks. plus i’ve seen this behaviour elsewhere, maybe even in my apps (a rounding problem?) whatever

maybe you expect too much from a company like xojo inc.
xojo inc will NEVER have PERFECT native ide behavior because xojo inc is not Apple or Microsoft.

and on windows side what are the concurrent of xojo ? is delphi or else still alive ? except B4


No fishing for me today, another thread getting derailed.

a) Delphi has more customers than Xojo and makes a turnaround of more than 27 Million Dollar. That is much more than Xojo,inc has. So I guess that discussion is ended at that point

b) a programming language which has big errors in math is not usable at all. One thing a language and a compiler has to be able to do is math

c) B4J, Java, C++ are all still alive and quite bigger

No one expects perfect
They do expect that reported reproducible bugs, ones that should be the easiest to identify because the situation CAN be reproduced, ARE fixed

Thats not happening very quickly

Instead we get renamed desktop controls, renamed events and properties breaking years of code