Java & B4J Questions

I apologize for the length. I am a programming hobbyist. Well over a decade ago, I programmed several simple games on my Mac in Java using Code Warrior (which was overkill for my needs), creating applets that I placed on the web. Over the years, those applets no longer continued to work in modern browsers.and, in any case, I moved on, concentrating on desktop programs using RealBasic/Xojo and MySQL and occasionally PHP and Javascript for the web. Now I wonder if I’d be better served by moving away from Xojo since it has never met my needs for the web or mobile. While I will continue to concentrate on desktop programs, I would also like the ability to create simple mobile apps as well as web based apps. Is Java or B4J likely to better serve my needs. As a starting point, I give B4J a minus since it seems it can’t be run on a Mac without virtualization software (like Parallels) which I’ve never used or understood. I certainly don’t want to get into partitioning disks, etc. I just want to write my programs (I prefer linear to object-oriented) and use them in as many ways as possible with a minimum of fuss. Should I return to Java? Xojo was certainly better at helping create interfaces back then, is that still true. What does Java offer nowadays in place of web “applets”. If I go to Java, is Net Beans the best tool for a hobbyist? Needs: quick/easy UI development, simple programmable canvas-type graphics, connectivity to MySQL.

Complex. Netbeans is a Great ide for desktop and mobile. With the codenameOne plug-in you can also design and write mobile cross platform. Starting with free for until 8,5mb jar size you can develop iOS and android with build service by codenameOne. For 20 bucks per month you can have it for unlimited jar size iOS and android builds.

Coming to web. Vaadin is possible but expensive if you need visual designer. Jmix.Io is nice for complex applications.

Netbeans runs on macOS.

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