I have silenced Markus

I don’t like having to harshly moderate this forum. I had hoped when creating this place years ago that it could grow into an alternative space to the official Xojo forums for discussions related to Xojo and other languages full of civil members.

Markus Winter has repeatedly violated general good civil behaviour. I have had countless complaints about his posts. He is intolerant of others, beligerant and down right rude. I have therefore silenced his account for three months and asked him to reflect on the effect his words have on others.

I don’t want this to descend into some sort of “Garry is an intolerant tyrant” thread because I am not. Markus has been warned for months and months and continues to disregard the other members of this community. Quite frankly, good riddance.


Dear Garry,

You are correct in silencing Markus Winter’s account. You indeed created a nice place to visit and communicate with other people about Xojo.

Thank you for your correct moderation.



Realizing how many people are happy that Markus is silenced makes me a bit shocked. I see that comments are blended out when flagged and good is. Yes, Markus is hard on the border. But I believe that silencing him is not the way INN should do. Possibly I am wrong. But as far as I know it should not be so that people get banned form this server. Silencing is the same like a ban. I have to rethink a few things under this conditions. I feel sorry for the reaction.

I don’t think that anyone is ‘happy’ about it, relieved is a more appropriate term. This forum has terms of service and moderators have shown much patience and restraint.

That isn’t the question. According to Norman which said that this is the place where we will not have bans it shows what words are worth of being spoken. / written. The rules of the community are rules the founders made.

It is a suspension, not a ban. Taking Norman’s word as the right to relentlessly attacking and insulting people in this forum may be a very overstretched interpretation and an abuse of his good intentions.

That is not a suspension if somebody will possibly get in far future again access. THAT is A BAN. Only for remember: it works the same way like with Xojo Forum. He can’t write anymore. Wow.

Let’s keep things straight: the far future is in 3 months (ref. OP). A suspension and a ban are two different things.

Everyone is at liberty to set up their own forum with their own terms of service.

Makes no sense in my eyes. This forum is anyhow not that big. More are not helping to concentrate.

Well, this brings us back to being a member of this forum and conditions that apply:
Terms of Service

looks like you want me outa here. I can’t help but it strongly looks like that. Wow.

This is an assumption. I will stop here because it now turns in circles.

Please refrain from sending me private messages. If you have something to add, do it here in public.


Sometimes it is better not in public and you know that. On the other side: I did not violated anything with the message. Do not answer me at all anymore. End of Discussion.

Remember IGNORE works REALLY well on Discourse

If there are people you wish to NEVER hear from IGNORE makes that happen very easily

It’s impossible to run a forum without bans. Rules are necessary. If you have no tools to enforce the rules, then they mean nothing. What happens if Markus comes back and pulls the same shit? Another 3 months? How many suspensions until it becomes permanent? What if somebody repeatedly posts illegal content?

I appreciate that the moderation team tries hard not to silence anybody. But it’s impossible to say that users won’t get banned.


Certainly civility is desirable. Markus once insulted me in another forum. He likened me to Homer Simpson. This mostly rolled off my back, since it was (sort of) funny–and, frankly, I’ve been called worse.

Having said that, having read much from him for years, and even seeing a dry sense of humor compatible with mine, I think I like the guy, and believe that, in person, we’d get on fine. I will be pleased to see him back. But no more Homer Simpson :slight_smile:


sadly it is not possible to deliver without Homer Simpson. Exactly that is the problem of the community.

At this point I’m regretting having unsilenced him prior to the 3 months expiring

For the EXACT same reasons

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When he feels he is arguing a matter of principle, he does not know when to stop unfortunately.


I’m not REQUIRED to let him be this way to anyone here

If he visited my home and was this way to other guests in my home I’d ask him to leave
Same principle here

We’ll see where this goes but I’m not amused