I have silenced Markus

Naaa, that is an actual troll just feeding

Having seen his posts for almost 20 years, i know that is not his motivation, even if it looks that way. As I said he just does not know when to let go.



I get that sense also, though I have not seen his posts for nearly as long obviously. I know someone who has a monster-in-law like that, she is smart, funny as hell, but when she gets wound up in a certain way she goes ape sh_t on everyone and burns all sorts of bridges and she has heavily damaged the extended family dynamic as a result.

Understanding that someone isn’t all bad or inappropriate all the time doesn’t equate to zero consequences or free rein, though.

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It was a surprise to me that Markus Winter was again allowed to participate in this forum. Regretfully, it didn’t take long to be silenced again which was to be expected. His only intention is to raise his self-esteem by humiliating others.

Believe me, the INN forum is better without him. I like this forum so much, but I do not like the fighting or personal attacks to people.

JUST to be clear he hasn’t been silenced
That he hasn’t posted/replied is curious
But its not because he’s been silenced