Hiring: Xojo without Geoff

Underwriters Technologies is seeking a skilled Contract Developer for project-based work. Our firm specializes in advanced software solutions for the insurance sector, focusing on streamlining underwriting processes and enhancing risk assessment through technological innovation. The ideal candidate will have a strong technical foundation and a commitment to high-quality software development, working alongside our team to improve our product offerings.

Core Requirements:

  1. Expertise in Xojo API2 for Web: Demonstrated experience in application development using Xojo API2.
  2. PDF Generation Skills: Proficiency with PDF generation, particularly Monkeybread/ PDFlib.
  3. ORM Tools Knowledge: Experience with Object-Relational Mapping tools, ARGEN preferred.
  4. Web Technologies Proficiency: Solid understanding of web technologies.
  5. GIT Knowledge: Competency in using GIT for version control.

Desirable Skills:

  • Interest in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Learning Management Systems (LMS) is advantageous.

Role Expectations:

  • Code Quality: Adherence to established UT coding standards.
  • Availability: Required attendance at daily briefings every weekday at 9:04 AM. (US Central)
  • Work Ethic: Given our fast-paced environment and client-driven deadlines, we expect dedication and a commitment to deliver under pressure.
  • Fun: We have a little patience for people who don’t enjoy their work.

Contract Details:

  • Duration: 120 days. With potential for long-term expansion
  • Location: Worldwide. (if you were in Austin, Texas we have space for you here in the office)

Application Process:
Candidates should submit a resume and cover letter detailing relevant experience. Include links to GitHub repositories or portfolios. Candidates meeting our criteria will be contacted for an interview.

Contract Offer:

  • Opportunity to work on innovative projects.
  • Support and flexibility within the role.
  • Chance to enhance your technical skill set.

Application Deadline: OPEN

How to Apply:
Submit applications to edward@undtec.com

For questions regarding the position, contact Edward Lloyd at edward@undtec.com


Fun: We have a little patience for people who don’t enjoy their work.

This has a dystopian vibe to it…

I kind of find it ironic to post such a position on a forum that was created by and for people who had had enough of Xojo.

Plus… there is no such thing as “Xojo without Geoff”.

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So don’t apply.

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Ooof! Vibe verified.

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It is at least a job proposal for someone who has invested time in learning Xojo and API2.
The ‘fun’ requirement says that ranting all the time about Xojo while working with the team isn’t adequate.


If you are open for international applications it may be helpful to indicate the time zone or define in UTC.

Nice catch. Updated. Thanks (didn’t do it UTC but if an applicant can’t can’t figure it out from there…)

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Having worked for Jay in the past I’d say that it is indeed a fun place to work and his description IS quite accurate. It is fast paced, challenging, and there is a wide range of skills needed

If I had to summarize it I’d say his attitude is

Work Hard. Play Harder.

The “vibe” you’re suggesting isnt there in my experience


@jay I don’t the get the title.

If this were 6 months I’d apply, even though I don’t meet the criteria. 25 Years of RB/RS/Xo but that’s all API 1.0 and some Web 1.0.

However I’ve thrown myself at Swift, SwiftUI and right now learning marketing.


…and with this you show more management quality than “our stable genius”

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Cheerfully withdrawn

The title is to catch attention, to make sure more people are reading. If Jay would have written “Hiring” it will attract less attention.

I have not the necessary skills, however, we should respect this job opportunity. It sounds perfectly valid to me.