Has anyone ever been asked?

Curious if anyone has ever been asked why they did not renew their license for Xojo if they let it lapse

Not I

I did one year and no one asked.

Over the last decade or so I’ve come and gone many times. Some years I renew and some years I don’t. I’ve never had anyone reach out to me to ask why I didn’t renew. I always thought that was a bit odd especially as it’s always easier to retain your existing customers than find new ones.

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When I worked there I frequently asked if we did this at all and if not why not
The answers I got were never, in my opinion, satisfactory
But they certainly seemed to indicate a lack of interest in knowing the answer to that question

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iOS too basic and not available on windows. Web 1.0 not improving.
It would have been a waste of money to have continued paying the pro license.

But, NO, no one asked.

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no, which is obvious.
there is a guy at the top of the tree who would seem unable to understand what any one using the product knows.
he does not care at all, absolutely zero, nada, completely unconsidered, a point of view that does not meet exactly his own.

it’s like a cult, you don’t match the leaders point of view you do not matter.

whatever anyones point of view about the tool we all love, its direction, stupid ideas applied, ignored bug fixes, incomprehenseble u turns and knee jerk changes of direction are all completely under the direction of one man, Perlman.
he has enough percentage of the company votes to eliminate any real input from anyone and completely screw then whole package.

oh shit! he has already done that, oh well, it’s not going to change until Perlman is gone, he is the issue so its downhill to the end, and no one will ever bother asking because the reason is not important to him, the users are utterly unimportant.

so that’s my uninformed and entirely personal opinion of the situation shown over my several years of involvement with the product, its got worse in the last 2 years, must be a lot more pressure going on to succeed, well that’s not working.

thank goodness I don’t have an opinion that matters and a fast reducing inclination to care.
obviously there are reasons why no one is asked, one person does not care what anyone thinks and one persons opinion eventually is the end of the product.


great question by the OP.

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And the other side of the coin:
‘What would Xojo need to do to tempt you back into renewing’?

Although iOS is overpriced, (and a massive financial adjustment might work for that…),
Personally, I would be saying
“Stuff API2”, so that the community can still benefit from 20 years of documentation and experience, for example Bob Keeney’s extensive library of tutorials.
Add more controls / functionality.
Finish iOS - add a lot more native controls so people don’t have to mess about with libs.
If B4i can do it, Xojo has no excuse.

They’ve changed the IDE twice - how many customers actually wanted that?
Surely our concern is our code and the abilities of the apps we can create.

I have no idea why they bothered with a Pi target.

Although there was a ‘mini clamour’ for Android, it’s hard to get Android users to pay money for apps - so in the end, is it mostly hobby coders that want it?
Certainly (unlike iOS) I’d be wanting Android to be able to ‘simply use existing code’ - at least the business logic.
And not be $399

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No, I do not recall.

IDE Change:
I forced my mind to use the first change (2005; I paid the upgrade), and this tooks me around one year.

I recall I get a mail about moving from a free demo for upgrading, very long time ago.

BTW: REALbasic 1.0 cost was $99.

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You can do a lot more on B4i and is just $59. :upside_down_face:

Well, Now B4A is FREE, and Im pretty sure that xojo android is not going to have half of the features.

There is another one in the road map just after android :rofl:

Is that the same “roadmap” filled with DETOUR signs?

I think there’s a certain number of professional devs who want to be able to provide a web app, iOS app and Android app as part of a “solution”
That seems to be a common requirement

Actually, yes, I have received twice what appeared to be a general email directed to many asking why. Last time (three months ago) I got follow up private emails from Alyssa (not sure of the name, but it was not Dana) asking for more details of my main reason to see if they could do anything. They couldn’t, (the engineer said it would be too much work) but she tried.
Don Jungk

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Nice to know you did het replies

This is kind of a disappointing reply but without knowing what more details its hard to say much more than that

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I’m sure they really can’t do it. I’d spoken with them before. With all Linux distros using one of the simple desktops like MATE or XFCE, the code:
g = openprinter()
causes an immediate crash, the app disappears. This is true of all apps (that need to print) made with 64bit Xojo.
This leaves printing through a Xojo helper app that needs 32 bit libs, or writing print code manually in Postscript and printing with LPR or writing svg and printing through something like Inkscape. I’ve used all of these.
For the small number of apps that I write each year, and since I no longer write apps for anybody except myself, I’ll stay with 32 bit Xojo until I can’t.


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I’ve come to the conclusion, that the reason Xojo doesn’t ask some of its customers, is because they already have an idea of why that customer has left, and they either think they’re better off without that customer, or they have an idea of what they’re going to do, which may make that customer reconsider.

I would guess that Xojo are expecting the ability to make ARM Mac apps, is a reason for customers to renew.

For me personally, I would happily renew if I knew that several of the issues/requests I have would be taken care of, like I assumed Xojo would do last time I renewed, instead what I wanted/needed didn’t happen, and we got a language change that didn’t provide any benefit to me what so ever, it actually created a hindrance to my ability to use Xojo.


Yeah. but if that customer doesn’t KNOW, that they KNOW, then that customer will assume that they DON’T know, and move on…

And ARM isn’t a reason to renew, unless and until they have no choice (ie, they get an ARM machine, and the current Xojo no long is functional ) [note: I use the work “functional” lightly :slight_smile: ]

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Agreed. In this context, it would help make the customer feel like Xojo cared, for them to be asked.

ARM maybe is the wrong reason today, but in two years or so, it will become more important, and in 4 years when Apple disable Rosetta 2, it will be critical. Then in 6 years when Apple kill all macOS apps, everyone will be rushing to convert their apps to iPhone, so they can still run on the Touchless iPads that Apple will start selling this year.

That in itself would be useful

Actually asking folks would be way better than guessing at why someone hasnt renewed

Although, for this forum, where its “all the Xojo complainers” (or so I’ve been told its perceived that way) while they might visit & read I really dont expect they’ll DO anything with whatever feedback they glean from here

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And don’t you find it strange, that the population of THIS forum “Complainers, Inc.” is GROWING in size, yet Xojo seems to be taking that attiude, of “Shit, we didn’t need them anyways”… which in turn causes more to leave, which adds the their arrogant attidute which in turn… well you get it… after all we all know about recursion :slight_smile: