Get Started with Xojo Lite for Only $99

Very light, indeed.

No version control, another Genius idea of how to make most of the serious users look away.

Other than that, Single target is what most users do, if the Lite had database access it could be a really big thing to make new customers and keep current ones current.

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Odd that the price increased by 50% and now reduced back down.

When they got called out on that they were pissed, but didn’t seem to care.

Maybe they care more now…

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The JCPenney approach to selling clothes. High prices with constant sales.


Get started with netbeans for all platforms for zero bucks. Or intellijidea CE also for zero bucks.

Connectors for all databases, free mobile, free web,free desktop, free command line. Unbeatable ecosystem for free and comes with incredible threading.

From Xojo’s blog, hailing the Lite license:

Lite licenses do not include technical support, are limited to SQLite when it comes to database support and do not currently include version control.

No Xojo license, including ‘Pro Plus’, has version control.
For licenses more expensive than ‘Lite’ this suddenly changes to ‘version control ready’.
Xojo’s marketing stinks.

It’s odd that there isn’t a way to get version control, database servers, and console apps for one target.

If you just want Mac, you gotta buy other targets to get that stuff.

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Poor Marketing… you NEVER say what it doesn’t have… you alway talk about what it DOES have


This is a way to make potential customers think that a more expensive license does include version control. It is a cheap trick.

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Sure but you’d have to be willing to chase the principles Walmart had

Dont sell one & make millions on one
Sell millions and make a buck on each

Volume has never been something Xojo chased
Lite with version control & full db access would definitely change that

Before selling it, Xojo will have to build VC functionality into the IDE. Currently it has none, thus money can’t buy it.

Maybe not millions of users but many who want to try but dont want to waste money in targets not used.

Same bad perception with the new “Mobile/Web” Web is becoming usable, but why waste money on mobile?


even Lite using JUST version control format (which isnt nearly as awful as folks seem to think) would be better

personally I dont find having/not having the VC functionality right in the IDE to be a show stopper
is it nice ? sure
required ? hell no

I’ve lived with external SVN & git tools for 20+ years or so
It just isnt required IMHO

Oh sure I think they REALLY need to rethink how they think about their “product”

Make lite be “one project type for one OS” - $99

A middle tier that is “one project type that can be cross compiled for all supported OSes” - $199
So if you pick WEB then you can build & deploy to Xojo cloud if you have an account

Pro - any project type for any OS - $699

And ALL can use any project format for the type of project they are licensed for
For unlicensed they remain binary maybe ?

Dunno if pro+ has a role unless they have guaranteed fast fixes and maybe some other goodies

Consulting leads are not valuable - there just arent that many any more
Pre-release access isn’t either (esp since they say you get it with a license then separately can revoke it and dont see the issue with that despite the implied contract)

My question to this, where else is this “Promotion” being marketed. It looks like they’re targeting the Xojo faithful, not newcomers. Xojo desperately needs to grow, if it is to last another two years.

But trying to sell your cheapest product to your existing customers, who a significant chunk probably already license Pro or Desktop, is not helpful IMHO, unless I’m missing something?

I think it would have been better to discount Desktop or Pro, encouraging those who’re using Lite to upgrade to the higher tier (and who might then stick with the higher tier).

I’m no marketing genius, I’ll happily tell anyone that I’ve only been studying it for a few months. Because this looks short sighted, I’m keen to learn more as there should be a part that I don’t realize with my inexperience.

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No idea since I almost never see their ads anywhere

Sometimes I see them on LInkedIn
Like this one

But they are NOT that common

The rule of thumb with social media is 1% of your followers actually see your post, sometimes I can get as high as 2% on my own, but it really relies on reposts by my followers who have large follow counts to push that up.

Out of that 1%, click throughs are about 10%, so about less than 0.20%.

That Xojo post on LinkedIn, got one or two clicks.

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I remember a couple polls where they asked for the target platform. Most xojo users use it for windows only. I use a 2019 release but in windows you can use a very old one, no one force you to upgrade. Xojo really need to make good new features and extensive bug fixes to be worth the money.

Maybe Im not the only one NOT purchasing every year and they need money…

Without Databases, I dont think Lite will have much of an impact.


< cough >
mbs plugins + lite can access any database IF you avoid the MBS classes that are subclassed from Database and such
< /cough >

The MBS SQL alone is $150. the “database acces” ends being 50% more expensive than the whole xojo lite lol

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