FYI - New Xojo docs

Uses google analytics to track your usage

You might want to consider using a browser that can block such trackers or a tool like little snitch to disable the tracker from operating

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So Geoff has been reduced to using shady techniques to enchance the revenue stream?

For Firefox I recommend NoScript. I use it myself, and it’s quite capable. You can block scripts by domain, so it’s possible to block googletagmanager (analytics) but allow jsdelivr (needed for search).

It’s also “fun” to see how many websites are so poorly designed they require javascript to even render correctly.

The only reason I block google analytics is because they are just a bit invasive for my liking. I do think it’s fair to want to know how your visitors are using your site. I employ google analytics on my network of sites. You are welcome to block them on my sites, but I do like to know what people are most interested in.

The interesting thing is if you install the docs locally it too includes all this same stuff
Thanks to BBEdit for quick removal

Just block the right domains…

with the local documentation it took about 10 seconds in BBedit to remove the tracker stuff

oh and

is why I said

Safari is blocking it.
Doesn’t look great that Xojo uses that stuff.


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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

and use

i just looked at doc:

nothing scandalous

First I would tend to ask you for being more friendly. Second: using google analytics MUST be declared. Nothing more, nothing less. And it is not common to use it in a Software Documentation. it is common to use it for Web Sites. But here we speak about docs and not a marketing Web Site.

What ever it changes in my view the perspective how to look on it. We can discuss here about whining but I see also that nobody was informed about using google analytics. That is in my perspective not okay without declaration, in Europe you have to inform about by law so it would here not even be a question.

So I can’t understand the blaming you start again against people in this Forum. Therefore I flagged your Post.

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I certainly wasnt expecting it and was surprised when Safari told me it was blocking it

maybe their docs showing it, Xojo docs are not. And even sphinx shows it only if you dig for it. So in my opinion not rule conform. Nothing to laugh in your like always aggressive wise.

Xojo doesnt say anything about google trackers etc as far as I can see

dude i did nothing than load sphinx doc

both my post have been hiden i’ve flagged dave’s one because it’s offensive, but it doesn’t mind the admin to say stupid sh1t about goeff P

shinx neither

First: I am not dude for you. Second: feel free to flag Dave’s post. But saying anybody is a hater and so on: that is massively against the forum rules. And I guess many people want INN to be a friendly place. And you left that path definitely.

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this is so funny, the people that constantly whine about censorship of the TOF do worth ?