Forum Hell

Took only a minute for Xojo to remove my (link-less) post suggesting that there are alternatives…

You should know by now that Xojo and its management DO NOT LIKE PEOPLE TO MAKE SUGGESTIONS!!!

so stop it :smiley:


I’ve just posted in that thread. Didn’t mention INN by name or link. I suspect they’ll ban me for it.

Neither did I, I “hinted” at the name, but they still just pulled the post almost immediately. I should have screen captured it.

It’s so weird. This community has just as much value to add to the Xojo community as a whole in addition to the chat about other tools. Hence why I chose / choose to post here first when I have a technical question.

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Just stop posting on the official forums. Post here instead.

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With any luck, that is what will happen with more and more people.

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If @DaveS can just quit scaring them off! :rofl:


So my post on that thread has been silently deleted. I made no mention of the name of this forum or how to find a url to it. I simply said there are alternatives to the official Xojo forum that are supplemental that use more modern forum software.


It’s fucking Orwellian.

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yeah it didnt last long

yer on the “foes” list or something

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couldn’t agree more and I’ll be posting a bit more here now, I have to get some straight answers and it appears you don’t get them over there.

Glad you guys liked the post and sad to see they delete unfavourable replies.

I’m not a huge fan of this BB Engine as well, I use it in a couple of other areas and … ergh, anyway.

See you guys around the traps :slight_smile:

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Welcome @DaveM
Discourse isnt perfect - but it IS maintained and has a lot of add ons

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I found this comment from Dana on the other forum to be hiliarious!

Thanks for your comments. I absolutely agree! And at this point, we do have a pretty clear idea of what our users need

They have no idea what the users “need”, they can’t even figure out who their “users” are

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Why is this funny? I’m sure DaveS is a capable developer but his approach is very brash and from reading his posts it’s clear he has a real bee in his bonnet about Xojo. Not sure why this is the case but it does somewhat detract from the otherwise excellent content on here.

If you want people to post here then you have to be prepared to control those who belittle others with such aggression as DaveS does. That you find this funny says a lot about the approach on this forum.

You just can’t help yourself can you?

You are so bitter it is obvious that whatever they do will never meet your high(impossible?) standards.

Let’s keep it civil please.

If only they meet current industry standard intead of always be so late :frowning:


INN exists for several reasons

One is that any sort of discussion of other tools cant be had on the official forum
It can here - you’ll find many such posts

Secondly posts that Xojo dislikes for whatever reason get removed
They dont here

Will everyone agree with every post ?
No. Thats not expected or reasonable.

We try to NOT have to moderate or remove people or posts - and so far that has been successful
Discourse does have an effective “ignore” mechanism
So you can ignore posts from anyone who you find objectionable

And lastly - welcome


Pot. Kettle.


The irony is that you do exactly what you complain about in others … :roll_eyes:

What I appreciate here is that you can have open and frank discussions (which suits my German upbringing). And yes, I occasionally stepped out of line - just ask Garry - and was asked to reign it in. So I step away from that topic for a few days until I‘ve calmed down - not a problem.

Compare that to Xojo Inc‘s approach of banning me for a thousand years for sending a sarcastic „well done“ to Dana and Anthony in a pm for closing a thread that did NOT break any forum rules but which they did not like because it was critical of Xojo.

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The basic premise here is ACT LIKE AND ADULT and you will get treated as one

Or “Dont be an ass”

The Xojo forums are just getting way too many rules
Can post links and quote material cant do … the list of disallowed things grows & grows
Just go read their TOS
I’d post a link but thats disallowed :stuck_out_tongue: