Experience survey

This showed up when I was reading #xojo tweets
No idea who the original tweeter is (not a handle I recognized)

Experience Survey 2021

looks like Xojo inc, too many precise question, plus “will you use android support” question
marketing survey

I can assure you this is NOT run by Xojo

It IS a facsimile of the one they just sent out a few days ago

I filled it out!

It is actually nice to see what a Xojo survey looks like. Beyond the ‘one-question’ survey ‘Would you recommand Xojo?’, I’ve never received one. Not that I would have much positive to say (hence feeding the marketing machine), but still.

!!! not by xojo inc ??? somebody hacked the survey ? why?

who made that one?

No need to “hack” anything. If you can read & type its easy to make one that has similar questions
Why ? Because results can be 100% shared
No filtering
And its completely anonymous
No emails
No tracking links

What does it matter ?

because you did ? :slight_smile:

i don’t find it in twitter

Well, if you fill out the survey from Xojo Inc. and they analyze the results, they will act on it.

Change priorities for some cases, have an engineer look on issues and provide help.

If you don’t use this to voice your problems, it may not lead to improvements.

And I’ll ask Dana for results. Maybe a blog post could summarize it.

I didn’t receive the survey, nothing in spam folder and also didn’t receive it on another account I used a long time ago for testing something. Where did the survey originate, maybe I can check my mail server logs to see if it was even attempted.

if you check in twitter for the #xojo tag its in there
latest tweets in that hashtag I think

The Xojo one would have come from Dana at xojo dot com

Hmmm, I definitely get those emails as I got the 2021R2 email on the 22nd, interesting.

PLEASE STOP CALLING THEM ENGINEERS unless they are registered prof engineers in the state of texas or their respective home state (Not sure which one applies since Xojo is based in Tx but the developers are in other states)

This has ACTUAL legal ramifications for them and their staff
I’ll quote the relevant statutes if youd like

It is very good that they do this survey, but it should stay inside and hopefully be acted upon. One can predict beforehand this summary blog post would not reflect the full reality and would be some kind of ad. Perfectly understandable but it doesn’t help anyone. The results of the survey should be reflected in the next releases they make.

Well, if they go through the results, which may take weeks to read all comments, they may change priorities. But we from outside have no idea whether something they do has been on the plan for a long time or just got there changed because a couple of people complained about it.

Christian… I wish I (and others) shared you overwhelming optimism… Because I feel (and I’m supported by history here)… that these surveys (either the offical Xojo one, or even the combination of both of these) will do little (if anything) to change the interia (or lack thereof ). These are published with the sole intent to give the illusion that Xojo in fact cares what it’s customers think… and again, history supports the opinion that they do not.


I’m with you Dave. These are no different than placement ads. Wonder if they are even targeted, where some customers get different questions just to make them feel better. - Hey there’s an idea G will jump to with his savyness for marketing

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